Sunday, August 28, 2011

iJustine Spanked By Youtube For Copyright Infringment

Apparently, iJustine has run afoul of the powers that be over at Youtube because of her use of copyright material in one of her latest videos which was promptly taken down. If you want to see the actual video she includes it inside the video below (although speeded up so quickly you cannot get the jist of it) but she has also posted it on her website and here's a link to her Steve And I which was removed from IJ's Youtube channel after having been up only a day or so.

Whether you saw the video on Youtube prior to it being deleted, copyright infringement is an important matter which can lead to the closure of your Youtube channel along with other more serious ramifications. She sang a song dedicated to Apple CEO (now the former CEO) Steve Jobs and his recent resignation from the company presumably for health reasons. The most likely reason for the video being pulled was that the song was reworked from one sung by Lady Gaga.

If you have followed iJustine on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or any of the many platforms she has a presence, you know that she has been a longtime fan of everything Apple-related in general and Jobs in particular and considers him as a role model/inspiration. Many admire the work Jobs has done especially since he returned to Apple after being ousted by shareholders many years ago and guiding the company to the prominance that Apple enjoys to this day. IJ has long been an early adopter of each of the various Apple products as they have come to market and wears her Apple fanaticism as a badge of honor. You can see that she seems genuine in the video below where she first addressed the Jobs resignation announcement.

There will always be those who criticize her, saying she has too many Youtube channels and always trying to get more views and therefore more money and they are entitled to their opinion. I read somewhere that someone thought she might have posted the Steve Jobs song video knowing it would be taken down in order to create some controversy around herself, but I don't see it that way. I thought the song was sort of silly, irreverent and just something she felt like doing at the time to show others how she felt. It was typically IJ.

You can love her or hate her but she is after all just another personality on Youtube and the Internet and you can always choose to change the channel. Like many who watch iJustine's videos we find her first because she is very pretty but most stay because she has that offbeat sense of humor and personality to back that up. Yes, I think she is very pretty, but I find many women to be pretty and unless they have something to back that up with, interest wanes fairly quickly. She does, and that's why I watch her videos.

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