Friday, August 12, 2011

Brigitte Dale's Kitten Updates: Be Warned! Uber-Cute Kittens!

I have been subbed to Brigitte Dale's daisytree1 for a long time now (I think she may have been one of the first few that I actually subbed to back in the day) and she always makes interesting videos that are visually pleasing (she's also damned cute herself but that's beside the point) and with a certain intelligence which I like finding on Youtube channels. I have always thought that Brigitte deserved far more subscribers than she has (right now she's got 24,580) and lately she's been posting some videos about two kittens she is looking after that had been abandoned. They have been dubbed Mabel and Oscar and they will be up for adoption when they get to be 8 weeks old.

In this video Brigitte mentions that the two kittens have an Amazon wishlist, so if you would like to donate some food, bedding or toys you can follow the link -> Mabel & Oscar's Amazon Wishlist

The top video was posted in late July and since then Brigitte has been keeping us up to date on the progress of Oscar and Mabel with the two videos below. Like the title says - watch at your own risk because you will be inundated by kitten cuteness.

Oscar and Mabel: Week One

I liked that Brigitte included information about the proper feeding of newborn cats in this video (I didn't know about the wiggling ears).

Oscar and Mabel: Week Two

This video was just posted by Brigitte. Loved seeing Oscar getting cleaned up. He looked like he was trying to box and keep the paper towel away. If she keeps posting once a week, that means there are at least 6 more videos featuring this kittens. Big time kudos to Brigitte for doing this.

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