Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer In The City 2011 Gathering In London

If you missed it, here are some videos about 2011's Summer In The City Youtube Gathering which took place August 12th to the 14th in London, England. According to their Facebook page, over 1,800 youtubers from around the UK were planning on attending the three day event making it one of the largest, if not THE largest UK Gathering. Just about anyone who's anyone was there again this year which was the third year that the event has been held. If you can attend in 2012 you might want to vlog about it as I will try to post whatever footage I can find here when I see it (don't know if I will be able to get over to London or not at that time next year cuz busy Bradshaw is busy).

This is a list of what happened:

FRIDAY - Icebreaker day; Meeting in Hyde Park near Rotten Row at 1pm
FRIDAY (pm) - Open Mic Night, Imperial College Student Union, 7:30ish
SATURDAY - Main gathering day; Regent's Park, 1pm
SATURDAY (pm) - Gig Night; South Bank Uni Student Union, 7:30ish
SUNDAY - Chillout/Goodbye day; Jubilee Gardens, 1pm

Some links to keep up to date for the 2012 Summer In The City Gathering:
Facebook page: SiTC Facebook
Facebook Group: SiTC Facebook Group
Twitter: @SummerInTheCity

I just saw Alfie from PointlessBlog's video of pictures from his perspective. In case you're wondering who sings the song it is Sum Me Up (available on itunes) by BriBryontour<--that a link to him playing the song - sub this guy!) Here's another video showing some of the event posted by jessieHORRIFIC to whom I'm also subbed.

If you're interested in going to SiTC 2012 (when announced) use the links above for more info. I'll also post something before the event next time.

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