Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Missed Out: Philip DeFranco Does A Live Vlog On Vokle

Just finished watching Philip DeFranco doing a live vlog via Vokle. Sorry, but you're too late to see it but it was pretty good. Just Phil kicking back and answering some Twitter question (he answered mine), text questions and some video questions. Most of the video questions were from PhillyD fans shocked that they actually got through to him and there was some gushing fan shots but Phil handled it very well and answered as many questions as he could. He was on for quite a while and the lovely LinzLoves (Phil girlfriend in case you didn't know) returned from the gym but refused to come on camera but she made comments in the background. Don't know what it is about hot, sweaty women not wanting to be on camera.

Unsure about why DeFranco was using Vokle rather than Ustream or BlogTV. I was unaware of Vokle until now but I will check it out. Phil mostly covered a lot of familiar ground - how he got started, etc and was asked if he thinks he would be in the Top 100 again if he were starting on Youtube today. he replied in the affirmative if he had the knowledge he has acquired since he started back in 2006. He also was asked about the economy and his take on the current stock markets from a German viewer (not Phil's usual area of expertise) but he mentioned he had been invested in Netflics but had jumped out of the stock prior to the recent downturn. He said he was not really the stock market type and only invests once in a while and usually in a single stock at a time.

One interesting answer DeFranco gave was to overseas sales of DeFranco swag. A British lass asked him about how she could acquire a Philip DeFranco t-shirt in the UK. Personally, I want to grab one of those monkey t-shirts. Phil mentioned that they should be available through (but the shipping to the UK would probably be insane) or possibly through District Lines.

I tweeted a few days ago about doing a Bradshaw's Blog post about all the various Youtube merch available so expect that in a few days or so. What I found interesting about Phil's response to the UK question was that he mentioned that they were going to have a UK warehouse but "not for 9-10 months or so" meaning they are planning on expanding the operation overseas which is cool for those living in Europe.

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