Friday, August 5, 2011

Under The Radar: 50 Youtubers About To Cross The 100K Subscriber Level

I am always on the lookout for Youtubers who may not have quite made it yet and below are 50 Youtube channels that are on the cusp of breaking out in my opinion. If you come away with anything you should probably take a look at number seven, JckSparrow (Hilly Hindi's channel) where she does an excellent Harry Potter parody for Deathly Hallows Part 2. There are a number of channels devoted to makeup, game commentary etc., which I don't personally follow for the most part but I know they are very popular and fans are always looking to sub to the best of the up and coming ones in those genres.
There are some that I have little or no interest in supporting (mostly the corporate accounts) but they are getting subscribers so they are listed too.

Each of the 50 listed here are about to, or may already have hit the 100,000 subscriber mark but you may not be aware of them and each is linked back to their Youtube channels so you can subscribe to the ones you are interested in after reviewing their videos. Also, I included some videos from some of the fifty (can't do all at once or this post will never load). Check out some of the videos here or go to their channels.

1 Guitarmasterx7 99,981 Game commentary. Funny.
2 EmilyOsmentsChannel 99,884 Emily Osment's music
3 mismag822 99,758 Card tricks. Lots of them.
4 SimplePickup 99,687 How to pick up girls. That pretty much explains the channel
6 JustinBieberY0UTUBE 99,623 Sorry, but the world does not need yet another Bieber fan channel. I'll pass.
7 MilitaryChannel 99,429 "You like tanks?! We gottem!"
8 macNC40 99,283 Makeup guru. Not for me but you might want to do a little work on that foundation.
9 JckSparrow 99,261 This is just AWESOME! Watch their video all the way through to the end credits. I am now subbed.

10 kylesnexusone 98,524 Kyle from LiveLavaLive
11 TheCampingTree 98,243 Surprise! Gamer commentary.
12 digitalfilmmaker 98,209 Ask A Ninja. Do you have a question for this ninja?
13 4oDComedy 98,098 Comedy.
14 WilliamsShamir 98,078 Speed Paintings by Williams Shamir. Really, really well done!

15 iwanted2c1video 98,065 awesome makeup! Check out the costume makeup.
16 universalmusicjapan 98,031 Music via Universal
17 kuuipo1207 97,650 Makeup Guru
18 TheFineBros2 97,526 Love the Fine Bros.
19 jeffreestar 97,466 Jeffree's World - Enter At Your Own Risk!
20 filmriot 97,000 DIY filmmaking tricks and tips. Good stuff if you want good tips.

21 MrArturoTrejo 96,850 Goofy fun. Mostly vlogs. This is better than most.
22 IsaacNewton25 96,801 Karaoke instrumentals accompanied with cool original vids
23 JaySeanVEVO 96,447 Tunage from Jay Sean
24 HiddenMasters 96,444 Fun gamer channel
25 elprogramademorfo 96,421 Freddie Wong Mexican style?
26 uke3453 96,374 Awesome little dude who plays the uke with wild abandon - the next MysteryGuitarMan?

27 VictorVTV 96,316 778 Victory Records' channel. Almost 800 music videos uploaded.
28 WiggleVision 96,223 Skits, music and just about anything that comes to his mind (I liked his "50 Youtubers Impersonation Game" video)
29 azuritereaction 96,130 Video game commentary.
30 SteveVaiHimself 96,018 Guitar GOD Steve Vai. Nuff said.
31 vkgoeswild 96,000 Vika does excellent piano covers... and a deadly accent. I could listen to her talk all day let alone her piano-playing.
32 TimsBakery 95,949 Timothydelaghetto's sneaker channel

33 victoriajustice4all 95,823 Victoria Justice from Nickelodeon's "Victorious"
34 fcbarcelona 95,787 Football, footie, soccer. All FC Barcalona.
35 darksydephil 95,776 Phil's game archive. Tutorials/New and older games.
36 whatstyleistonickel 95,688 Male makeup guru Richie Nickel
37 LisaScinta 95,478 Lisa Scinta is an amazing singer/piano player and damn easy on the eyes. See the video below. She had me right from the little smirk at the beginning of the video.

38 5secondfilms 95,424 2 seconds of titles, 5 seconds of film, 1 second of end titles
39 Macfra84 95,441 My Polish language skills are sadly lacking for this channel.
40 giancarloparimango11 95,328 If you're into Pokemon trading cards this is your nirvana
41 realitychangers 95,248 All I can say is Alexa rocks! Sub these guys!

42 OPRAH 95,185 Meh
43 alexander 95,182 Alexander Sascha Koslowski does a german language vlog but hasn't uploaded anything for about 6 months as of this post.
44 hoiitsroi 95,120 Odd skits with Roi & Alex - see below.

45 BlackVeilBridestv 95,081 In case you haven't had your metal fix today here's Black Veil Brides (Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jinxx, Jake Pitts, Christian Coma)

46 JakeBruene 95,030 The metal guys scared you? Try something a little safer with Jake Bruene (with Clara C and others)

47 PS3OpTic 94,991 Game play commentary
48 TheSecondCityNetwork 94,900 Improv from some up-and-coming comedians
49 CopaAmerica 94,646 Soccer (aka football) is undenable. Great players and awesome fans.

50 Junkyard129 94,413 Another new gamer channel.

Like I said, I am always looking for new Youtube channels to recommend and I list them on this blog from time to time along with links to videos from established Youtube channels and others that catch my eye so you might want to come back from time to time (you can also "like" my "Bradshaw's Blog Facebook Page" listed along the right which shows new posts when uploaded.

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