Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CTFxC: Cookie Thieves FTW And Charles Trippy Mentions This Blog!

Me: "I think I'll check to see what new videos have been posted on Youtube. Cool! A new CTFxC video!" And about ten minutes into it, it gets a little weird as Charles starts talking about this blog he found that shows the Top 100 from August 2007 and there on the screen is - this blog! I'm like "Hey! That's my blog! That's Bradshaw's Blog!"

The vlog starts out with Charles discovering their credit card number had been stolen (bummer) but they got that mess straightened out fairly quickly. Then Charles points out that Alli is all bandaged up with various aches and bumps and bruises (she still looks good though). After a little sojourn into the toy store to get some props for the CTFxC Movie Club (check Alli's channel for that), where Charles was in his glory as usual, they go outside where he shows Alli beside the sign saying "No Stopping Anytime". All I could think about was the video below by ExplosmEntertainment.

Later we get to see Zoe & Marley catching cheese in super-slow motion Charles talks about this new CTFxC Movie Club which they just started (you missed Spaceballs on the first one) but you get a sweet deal by going to Netflix.com/CTFxC and uploading video responses to Alli's channel and some will be featured in their videos. I'm tempted to post a response to some of their choices. Upcoming movies they recommend include:

8/23 - Shutter Island
8/25 - Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
8/27 - The Crow

So if you love any of these movies you might want to post a video response when they watch these films. Charles goes on to mention about how he started on Youtube back in the day responding to the videos posted by bigger names on the website and how his channel has grown from there to what they do today (they have over half a million subs on CTFxC, Charles' own channel has 738K subs and Alli's has 228K) so from that tentative beginning you have to say they've done very well.

Charles later mentions "this blog I found" that shows the Top 100 from August 2007 which is the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago. And then shows my blog (yes, I became a giddy fanboy for a second, lol) and says some awesome things about the post. Needless to say, my lame little blog was flooded with CTFxC fans (he also tweeted about the post).

I never expected to see any mention of my blog in any CTFxC videos or anyone else's on Youtube so I was shocked when a prominant youtuber like Charles took notice. This is why you should do video responses of your own to Chales and Alli's movie club as well as others on the website. You may get noticed and found by audiences you might not otherwise have reached.

One more thing I have to state categorically: CTFxC FTW!

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