Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tobuscus' LazyVlog Tour Of DeFranco Studios

Tobuscus (Toby Turner)
wandering the halls of
Philip DeFranco's studios

If you're not subscribed to Tobuscus' TobyTurner's channel this video may leave you a little confused. "Intro of darkness, then reddness, the whiteness" What? That is of course how Toby opens and closes his lazy vlog where he walks around (with Steven his aide-de-camp, gopher, cameraman, invisible friend). Toby doesn't say much in his daily vlog but does use a lot of words while doing so and it is usually done outside on the street where he easily gets distracted by planes and flowers (with a half-finished caffeinated beverage in one hand and the audience in the other).

Of course trying to get you to watch his lazy vlogs is difficult if you are unfamiliar with his somewhat unique style although I am preaching to the choir for many who watch daily hoping to win a Tobuscus t-shirt, game or toby-related swag (annotated at the bottom where the most recent winner "congrats to telboy1992" is shown - for a split second I thought it was my Youtube name (DellBoy010) finally listed there but no dice. Only the cool kids get a free Tobuscus shirt.

So what is Tobuscus doing wandering around Philip DeFranco's studio? Well, like a bee drawn to honey, Toby is there because there is a Maxim photoshoot going on ("Hot,hot,hot,hot,hot") for the Maxim's Hometown Hotties (that link takes you to lovely Caitlin O'Connor's pictures so you can vote for her. And follow her on Twitter @Caitlin_OConnor).

Toby wanders through the halls of DeFranco Studios where they apparently have a break room for the interns so they can play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and other stuff. And he passes Philip DeFranco who of course is on his phone. Is it weird that I wanted to see Caitlin lying down on some of DeFranco's monkey posters? It is? Is it also weird that I want the monkey poster she lay on? That's weird too? Okay.

Finally Tobuscus shows us a little more of Caitlin's photoshoot (thank you Toby and especially Caitlin) before ending with his standard outro ""darkness, redness, whiteness" and then "do, do, do, do, do, sub-scribe! BOOOP!" Like I said, he does have a rather unique vlogging style.

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