Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Philip DeFranco's Take On The London Riots

Map of London and area showing how the rioting has spread

"There is no moral high ground about wanting to steal Air Jordans."

Kinda says it all in a nice, neat package. This is a good video by Philip DeFranco where he describes what is currently going on in London, England and cities. In case you don't know, a man was shot and killed by London police (see the First Night of rioting which gives some info about Mark Duggan).

Watching what Phil says about the rioting I was taken by the fact that he was talking about something important that needed to be said and viewed by members of his audience. Where others are posting videos about "awesome mullets", DeFranco is shedding some light on something that matters and making people aware of what is going on in the world. Don't get me wrong - I did watch (and laughed at) the video RWJ posted about the Mullet Guy, but that's the difference between what they do. Ray is cheap laughs and Phil does informative stuff. Sure DeFranco has videos featuring dumb people doing dumb things and hot girls (yes, thank you, may I have another) but he includes information like this which is actually important.

News reports of the rioting which has lasted three long days. Apparently a man was killed.

Some video of people trying to bust into a shop and the police tossing them in a van along with shots of the aftermath.

More video of buildings ablaze.

To see more coverage of the London riots I would encourage you to go to Youtube and search "London Riot". There is a lot of videos being posted that you might want to see.

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