Monday, December 6, 2010

Zarmckim Gets Some Stitches: Don't Dance On Couches!

I subscribed to zarmckim (the very cute Sara McKim, even with the burn mark on her mouth) after watching her and her boyfriend Tim (timjdeegan) going to the Toronto gathering, see: Shay Carl And Wheezy Waiter Behind The Scenes.

Sara tells us about her mishap while bustin' a move on her couch and requiring stitches (thought for sure she was going to show her stitches, but luckily she didn't) and her first attempt at the vlog. After subbing to her I sent a message telling her to do more vlogs and she is which is great.

Tim also does vlogs and videos and you should go sub to his channel (link above) and get these two some more subs! I'd like to say that all of us Canadians look like these two and that's why Canada is sending Hollywood all of their best looking people, but I'd be lying lol. We do have a lot of hot girls and good looking guys in Canada, but we also have others that look like they were hit in the face with a shovel. Probably why I blog rather than vlog myself. If you doubt me, check the "About" button at the top.

Also, if you want to find out how she got the burn at the dentist, check her video. One more reason to hate going to the dentist I guess!

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