Monday, December 6, 2010

Kitties Mama Hit 1,000 Subscribers And Say Thank You

I love these kind of videos that feature the kids just going through their day. This one is from a new channel that I just subscribed to that you may like as well: KittiesMama. Mom films the children buying and decorating a cake to celebrate hitting 1,000 subscribers (they now have 1,170 since uploading the video). If you like this video, be sure to sub to them and try to get them up to 5,000-10,000 subscribers.

The music was a nice touch, kinda Christmasy and sort of reminded me of the music running through A Charlie Brown Christmas. The kids are all cute and they should make more videos! Maybe not as many as the Shaytards, but they should upload at least once or twice a week. The kids names are Emma, Jonah, and Noah and the Mommy of the "KittiesMama" name is behind the camera, trying desperately to corral 3 rambunctious children and 4 kittens. Little Emma apparently wants to be a Youtube makeup guru!

Check out this other video they did of the kids making 100 Faces In One Minute.

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