Thursday, December 9, 2010

John Green's Zombie Apocolypse Novella And Project For Awesome Prizes

Just in case you didn't know, John Green of the Vlogbrothers is a best-selling author when he's not uploading great videos with his brother Hank. Check it out on John Green's Amazon author page if you want to see more of his writing.

In this video, John reads one page from his "zombie apocolypse novella":

I'm not sure about other zombie apocolypse literature (other than the Walking Dead graphic novels and television series), but I liked John's one-page treatise with his character trying to be a rebel and "rowing against the current" and not become "z-eed up".

If you are a fan of the vlogbrothers you know that John sometimes reads passages of his books like this and I for one like his writing style. I may have to turn in my membership to Nerdfighters, but I haven't had a chance to read any of his books yet, but I like what he writes.

The cool thing is that you can be the proud owner of the only copy of something that John has written because his zombie apocolypse novella is only one of "many prizes" being raffled off for the "Project For Awesome" which is a project where thousands of members of the Youtube community upload videos all at the same time (noon pacific time December 17, 2010) with each video made in support of the uploader's favorite charity. See? Awesome.

The next day, December 18, 2010, there will be a big Youtube show in Los Angeles that will be on Youtube live. So it is a big win-win, with great charities getting some acknowledgement and a fun Youtube shindig and a raffle for cool prizes.

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  1. In case you missed it, in January 2011 John did a BlogTV show where he continued reading from his (as repeatedly stated again and again) "really bad" Zombie Apocalypse novella. He also gave away copies to anyone who donated $25 to charity. That John Green - always setting the awesome bar just a little higher.

    John does these BlogTV shows from time to time and to find out about them you need to be subbed to the vlogbrothers or follow him on Twitter. He's @realjohngreen, but if you're a true nerdfighter, you already knew that.


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