Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sxephil: WikiLeaks, Ruminations On A Tubby Kevin Smith And Phil Is A Misogynist Pig?!

Just finished getting my daily fix of Phillip DeFranco and he covered some of the big news stories we need to know about. I have been following the WikiLeaks story since it broke and it does seem that "someone" has it in for Julian Assange after he handed over information the U.S. government deemed potentially damaging to foreign relations. And now Assange is in jail without bail on a charge that may or may not have merit. Hmmm....

And as far as the Kardashian story, all I can say is why didn't the celebs just kick in some money if they believed so strongly in the charity? It is an excellent charity and deserves lots of support, but it seems Kimmy and her cohorts could have remedied the situation by simply tossing some of their own long green bills behind the charity rather than coaxing a rich pharma-dude into parting with his money.

I agree Kevin Smith needs to re-assess. Smith is all kinds of awesome, he makes funny stuff (not always but more than most) and when I found out he likes hockey, that made the man golden - I'm Canadian so if you are original AND funny AND share and share my affection for the best sport in the world. He does unfortunately cheer for the New Jersey Devils and on the Canadian side has an unhealthy appreciation for the show Degrassi but you have to overlook some character flaws and foibles to make the relationship work. Check out Kevin Smith on Twitter.

Phil DeFranco Explains Why He Posts Hot Girls On

Phil must get a lot of comments from women complaining about some of the pictures he puts up over at his blog ( for the uninitiated) and they say he must hate women because of the pictures he puts up. Here's Phil explaining:

Hey, I have no problem with the pictures he puts up. Sure some are gratuitous, and just steamy, hot, barely dressed... hot... oh, sorry, I was distracted there. All I can say is if you don't like the pictures - don't look at them. There is a lot worse posted all over the Internet that I (and you) should have a problem with rather than some cheesy pictures of pretty girls, wearing... hot, girls...

Phil's girlfriend, the lovely LinzLoves (check out her channel) is okay with it, and seems to trust him, so maybe you should MYOB. If you don't like it, don't look at the pictures. With all the stuff online, getting wound up about these shots is just counter-productive.

As far as Phil girlfriend, Linz, she's been uploading videos on her channel about her trip to Italy and I was going to post something about her trip, so expect something in the next few days (or just go to her channel and watch all her videos).

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