Sunday, December 19, 2010

Katers17 Plays Left 4 Dead 2 with Her Dad And Shows Some Pictures

This is the kind of vlog that I really like: an interesting person (Kate17 or Kate) doing a personal vlog in different locations and sharing images and memories from their past.

I've been subbed to Kate for a while and always enjoy her videos for some reason. It may be the accent - English and other european accents always seem to be so hot. But that's not the only reason I watch her videos. It's the little clips like the shot of Left 4 Dead 2 "You are so getting played tonight" and then immediately switches to a blingy watch. And it is the little things like that car that shocks her and the annoying door. Little vignettes that are interesting.

But it is when Kate is with her father showing some pictures from her childhood (I thought she was going to cry a bit when she mentioned her cat) and it was nice seeing how proud she is of her dad. I would have never guessed that her father was from Alaska until Kate mentioned that he was half native Alaskan. And then she introduced him to the wonderful world of video games. Seems like it was a nice night.

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