Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sexy Karen Alloy Teaches You How To Flirt

Love the latest video from Spricket where she teaches girls how to flirt correctly. Of course by the end of the video all the blood left my brain and I passed out, but what can you do when confronted with this red-headed vixen?

Karen can flirt easily with just a little flicker of an upraised eyebrow. Don't want to gush, but dang, she's so hot! Funny, pretty and sexy - Karen's got it all wrapped up in tasty little package. Okay, I can stop drooling now. I've been subscribed to Karen for awhile and also stalk, I mean follow her on Twitter (@KarenAlloy) where she's closing in on 30K followers. She just hit 20K last month I think.

You can find her Youtube channel at the link at the top. Karen also is approaching 200K Youtube subs and I think she will probably get a bunch more with this video - especially the part about "Good Dental Hygene".

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