Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poor iJustine's Got A Bloody Eye: Don't Look If You Get Queasy Easy

One of the reasons I love watching iJustine is because she's, well, just easy on the eyes. She's quirky, goofy, and fun. IJ had a mishap while at her parents and she's a little self-conscious (IJ? Never!) and hesitant about showing her subscribers, but here she is. If you get queasy about blood, you might not want to watch:

It's just a broken blood vessel in her eye (known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage) which is a lot more common than you would think, but the poor girl's obviously a little self-conscious. I think I detected her blushing slightly when she shows us the eye. A teacher of mine in high school had the same thing happen and recovered quickly and iJustine will too, probably just in time for Christmas.

In the meantime IJ feels the need to hide her face behind a lock of her hair and hasn't been putting up videos because she thinks she looks "hideous" which is crap. Even if she gets the nickname Justine "Bloody Eyeball" Ezarik (sounds like a cool mobster name for IJ), she still maintains her hotness factor - even with her mutant eye. Hopefully she gets well soon, because I need my iJustine fix almost every day.

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