Sunday, December 19, 2010

Olga Kay And Exotic Jess Doing Some Car Singing

This video starts with Olga Kay after just waking up explaining that she and her friend Jess (aka exoticjess) had a minor spat because Olga wants to go to the gym and Jess feels she doesn't look as good as Olga and needs to get her face on. First off, BOTH are gorgeous. Why do pretty girls always feel that they don't look good without makeup?

I'm guessing that Nadine (naders07), Olga's roommate for about a month or so finally made her way back home to Vancouver (I'll have to check Nadine's channel to get an update on her) and Jess and Olga are trying to stop any rumors before they start about them being a "couple".

That would be our loss guys as either one is a fine specimen. Just look at them in the car singing "Imagine" by John Lennon lol. Neither seems to know the words completely (or be able to carry a tune) but I dunno if it's the lighting but they both look very nice. Maybe it's just because they're singing with abandon. Nothing wrong with that though. Nothing is more fun that bellowing out a song in the car with your friends.

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