Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Sammah Claus With A Christmas "Do It Float?"

Haven't you always looked at Christmas decorations and been wondering about whether it floats or not? No? What about garland? Surely you must have wondered about garland? No, I haven't - and stop calling me Shirley. Well, Sammah has been doing some tests and in his best Sammah Claus getup, he brings us a Christmas "Do It Float?"

The result? You have to watch Sammah's video to find out. One question I have for him though is what his water bill must be. The water company must think he has a terrible water leak in his pipes or he gets nasty dirty a LOT and requires a lot of bath water.

Make wure you sub to Sammah at the link above. And I noticed the Bradshaw's Blog Facebook page received Sammah's vote of approval - so if it's good enough for Sammah to join, why haven't you joined the Facebook page?

And if you liked the Christmas Do It Float, check out this earlier episode where he tests one of Red Bull's fine beverages:

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