Monday, December 27, 2010

Shaytards Christmas Extravaganza: It's Shaytastic!

Here's the long-awaited Shaytards Christmas Special. It clocks in at a whopping 37 minutes, but for fans of Shay Carl, Katilette and the various tardlets, it is just the right length for a Shaytards video. Come spend Christmas with the number one family on Youtube:

Shay was promising this extra-long Shaytards video for a few days now and it was definitely worth the wait. Loved the parts at the skate board ramp/gym with just about every tard bouncing and jumping all over the place. I was also impressed by Shay and his brothers and sister with the handstands. Gotta give kudos to Casey for holding his hand stand the longest. One thing I like about these videos is that the whole family gets involved, even Grampa and Grandma tard. They all seem to be having fun and it is good exercise for the entire clan.

Liking the tradition of everyone wearing the same pajamas too. The kids looked too cute (as well as Mommytard and her sisters-in-law), but the guys took the cake.

I think I want one of those paper jamz
that Sontard got - just too cool for school. Loved seeing all the kids so excited about their various presents.

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