Thursday, December 16, 2010

Josh Sundquist Preps You On Twitter For Math Nerds

I was just on Twitter frittering away some time that I should have been using blogging or something equally unconstructive when I saw that iJustine had tweeted that her followers "should check this funny video out" and I, the dutiful IJ fan, quickly clicked the link for the video below called "Twitter For Math Nerds". You should check it out too because it is good.

The video is from JoshSundquist and you have to agree that it is clever. I don't know how but I somehow started following Lady Gaga. You better watch out or you'll be next!

I was going to reply to iJustine right away saying that the video was great and thanks for tweeted the link, but according to Josh's charts that would be super creepy. So thanks Josh for helping me out from seeming like I was macking on IJ. I already have enough court orders, cease and desist orders and restraining orders, but I digress.

I wasn't familiar with Josh or his Youtube channel (follow the link above to sub), but I found out he's got 58K subscribers and he posts alot (about 5-6 times this past week) so for that kind of effort and because I liked this video, I'm subscribing to his channel. Maybe he'll have some sort of tutorial soon about how to pick hot blonde youtubers. Oh, there I go again. I can imagine IJ already filling out the restraining order paperwork. If you want to follow Josh on Twitter, his account is @JoshSundquist and if you want to stalk, er, follow IJ, her's is @ijustine (but you didn't hear that from me).

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