Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's This?! Charlie McDonnell Chopped Off His Red Hair?

Yes, Charlie McDonnell has let down the vast female membership of his viewing audience by losing the red mop top he has had for about 10 months now. He originally dyed it red on a dare and has been stuck with the Weasley-esque hairdo ever since, but as he mentions, he had enough of the jokes about "Ron Weasley Is So Cool Like" and "Charlie Weasley" so after growing it out he's finally chopped it off.

As well, Charlie is all wide-angle with his new camera. It's a Canon 60D with "a big lens thing and a road video mike" for about 2 thousand pounds (that's about $3100 U.S. dollars - quite a sum) but you can see that the picture is vastly improved on his old Sony HD SR10.

Must admit I liked his "tribute" to his now missing hair that's "now in the bin". Just in case you haven't seen the video where he dyed his hair, here's that video:

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