Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CNET And iJustine Review The Apple iPad

Both of these videos came out a while ago (May 2010 I believe), but both are actually good reviews of the Apple iPad. The CNET review is done by Donald Bell, a senior editor at cnet.com who explains the iPad in a non-techy manner that those unfamilar with the device can easily follow. He also shows how to use the Apple iPad's apps and tells viewers about how including iTunes and the Apple Apps Store on the iPad make it a great tablet.

Another look at the Apple iPad is given by iJustine on her ijustinereviews, her channel where she offers reviews of various tech products like the ipad. She mentions towards the end of the video that she was going to review some of the apps and you can find that video here: ipad apps review.

IJ also mentioned that the iPad unfortunately doesn't have a camera, but since she released this video it looks like the next version of the iPad due out in early 2011 will have one.

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