Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Youtube News: A Chinese Youtube Clone, Bieber Speaks To Fans And Some VidCon 2011 News

Chinese Youtube Company Called Youku Takes A Step Into The U.S. Market

News just came out that a Chinese company called a "clone of Youtube" just had its initial public offering and the shares of the company shot up from what they expected to raise. What that means is there's a Chinese Youtube (called - how clever) that is setting itself up to be in competition with Youtube.

The company itself is comparatively tiny when you look at its numbers against Youtube's, but you have to remember that China is the 2nd largest Internet market in the world and if this company has little in the way of legitimate competition (think in terms of advertising dollars), it has, and will continue to grow by leaps and bounds, sucking in viewers in the far east and around the world.

At that point it could pose a legitimate threat to Youtube's pre-eminence. That could take years, but you can bet the furrowed brows at Youtube HQ have noticed this new player in the game. Hopefully they will take quick steps to ensure they can retain their spot as the top dog in video etc.

If you want to take a look at the technical news article it is at:

There's also news about another Chinese company being set up to compete with Amazon.

Justin Bieber Apologizes To Fans

Justin Bieber apologized to his fans about not having posted anything new to his channel for some time in the short (0:47 seconds) video below. Hey, livin' the pop star life, winning all those AMAs and looking ahead to the Grammies which he hopes will see a similar result has been keeping the kid from Stratford Ontario hopping.

Is it just me or is Bieber's voice finally dropping a bit? He's doing this video to announce he is in a contest called "MyYoutube" and even if you hate Bieber, you should still take a look at it. The Youtube channel you need to go to is:


It says "Visit the MyYouTube channel to subscribe to your favorite artists, help them score points, and enter for a chance to win over 250 prizes." Prizes? What prizes? You have to go and find out.

Looking For Info About VidCon 2011? Need Tickets? Yeah, Now I'm "Bradshaw the Scalper"

Lots of people are looking for information about VidCon and if you don't know what/where/how much/why you have to be at VidCon 2011, I've started putting a bunch of pages up around the Internet for folks to find out.

You can check the discussion board on the Bradshaw's Blog Facebook Page where I've got some information about tickets and prices as well as some other links if you need more information about VidCon.

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