Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Did You Hear Jersey Shore's The Situation Will Get $5 Million This Year?

Wow, there is definitely something wrong with THAT picture. Mike Sorrentino aka "The Situation" is gettin' PAID! According to TheYoungTurks he's supposedly going to earn up to $5,000,000 this year because of this idiotic show on MTV show called Jersey Shore. Personally I've never watched the show. Wait, let me correct that. The night the first episode aired I saw the first 10 minutes or so of the this really lame excuse for a television series as all the girls and guys were introduced and were hootin' and a hollarin' about the fact they were heading for "The Jersey Shore" and they were gonna meet hot ginos and hot girls etc. At that point I switched the channel. But it is apparently a big hit in the ratings.

And The Young Turks are saying that Sorrentino is making some big bucks out of this and there's another story that he might be asked to appear on Dancing With The Stars. See this article: 'The Situation' adds 'Dancing With the Stars' to his GTL 'Jersey Shore' schedule.

I did like the part where Cenk Uygur announced that he would now be known as "The Conversation."

I have to agree with co-anchor Ana Kasparian that it is extremely unlikely that I will ever buy any "vitamin water" or any "supplements" of any kind from this dude. And as far as a so-called biography, I'll pass on that as well. Of course some folks will be thinking that this is all the coolest thing ever, but after his moment in the sun passes and he slithers back to Jersey he'll fade from our memory.

But of course he'll pop up from time to time for those "ya remember when I was a somebody" interviews like on that show "Whatever Happened To so-and-so". In the meantime I'll continue to try to ignore this "situation" and all his Jersey Shore castmates.

Hank Green Makes A Make-Up Tutorial For The Vlogbrothers

Okay, I am sort of dreading this video from the vlogbrothers as Hank Green, as a stated punishment is required to do a YouTube makeup tutorial. Yup, full on makup for Hank.

First there's the prep work - shaving and preparing his canvas for the application of the make-up. Lol, at "So I'm going to start with my foundation..." I don't know how he kept a straight face. "What I'm going for is a district 12, smoky but sultry look." I'm going to include links to makeup on Amazon in case you want to capture the "Hank Green Signature Look". He starts with silver shimmer eye shadow I think the stuff he mentions next is Maybelline New York eye shadow, but I'm not 100 percent sure lol.

All I can say is Wow, Hank is one fugly looking woman lol. But he did go through with this and you sorta gotta respect that. But of course, if you are more interested in the books he mentioned in this video than the, ahem, makeup tips, he talked about the following books:

Hunger Games and MockingJay both by the author Suzanne Collins and Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi which can all be found at Amazon.

Actually I found a trailer on YouTube for Mockingjay which it says comes out soon, so take peek.

And for those Nerdfighters out there, be sure to be on hand to shower John Green tomorrow with lots of Birthday wishes as Hank says August 24th is John DOB.

Shaytards: Rocktard's Getting Blessed & The Secret Life

Little Rocktard seems a little nervous as the Shaytards prepare for a church function. I think it's some kind of naming ceremony where the whole Shaytards clan gathers at their church and then comes back to Chez Carl (wasn't that clever? I used Chez which means "the home of" and rhymes with Shay - ok, well I thought it was clever lol), for some vittles.

Have you seen the video that Shay mentions? It's called The Secret Life and I saw it yesterday because Charles Trippy also was watching it. I included it in my post about a few days ago about the CTFxC video called CTFxC: Home Again Finally, Free Trippy Music & The Secret Life so you can see the full cartoon, or go to CyberToons' channel so you can sub to him and post any messages about the clip. I personally really liked it and the song does kinda stick with you. And it was interesting to see the various youtubers popping up in the video.

But back to the Shaytards. I couldn't help but laugh at Cooper and Babytard acting all goofy and Shay egging them on. And did you notice Shay's hat kept changing every time he turned the camera back on himself? I noticed the black one and thought "There's something wrong here." Then I clued in. His hat is backwards, then forwards, then backwards then it's a completely different hat!

Hey, I just noticed that the song by nicepeter called Shaycarl and the Shaytards is available for download! If you don't know the song, it was written by nicepeter and can be found on his channel but if you are a true Shaytards fan you already know that song inside and out.

CTFxC: The Running Of The Hot Sorority Chicks!

It's about time that Charles Trippy got a taste of his own medicine with that damn vuvuzela! Alli Speed, his fiancee, wakes up a grumbly Charles for a change by blasting him with one of those horns for the World Cup.

And it's Rush Week at the college Alli attends and there are a ga-zillion screaming girls all over the place. Then they all head off and go streaming by Alli & Charles yelling and whooping it up. I felt a little nervous for them myself that they may get trampled in the crowd. It's "Mid Day" where all the girls find out which sorority they've been accepted to so there's quite a bit of craziness on the campass. If you want to know more about what it's like to be a member of a sorority (I picture lots of pillows being tossed and then strip down for tickle fights, but that's probably just me), there are lots of books available about them.

It think the pretty girl is one of Alli's classmates from when she was studying in Spain last year. There's lots of videos about that time (including the one where Charles proposed to Alli) that if you are a true CTFxC fan, you will probably have watched. If you haven't seen that CTFxC video, here's a link for you: Surprise Marriage Proposal In Spain!. Actually, I just noticed one clip that someone made of Charles & Alli that's pretty cool. Here's a viewer-made YouTube clip with some great scenes set to music that's pretty good.

The clip was done by WhiteCheddarISbetter, so if you liked the clip, you might want to subscribe to that channel and say that you liked the video.

But back to today's video, after giving us an eyeful of "Sorority Girls Get Wet" (yes I could watch that again), they take Zoe & Marley out for a walk. I know they were only joking about alligators, but as they live in Florida, you never know. I do like the nickname "Gator Bait" for Marley though lol. And then of course, the old favorite car game "Punch Buggy". Did you know that someone actually wrote a book about the game Punch Buggy? That's where that last link will take you. And the music at the end that they were listening to was "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. Did you know that Stevie Wonder lost his sense of smell in a car accident? He was in a coma for several days following a wreck and when he woke up he had lost his smell perception to go along with his lack of sight. Just something to make you go hmmm.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mediocrefilms Strikes Back Re: Making In Excess Of $100,000 On YouTube

Another youtuber forced to respond to that article that came out a few days ago. Looks like Greg, aka mediocrefilms, is a little hot under the collar about it as well as PhillyD. To see the post where I mention the article see Article Out Says 10 YouTube Stars Making $100,000 A Year and to Phil DeFranco's response video is included in that Bradshaw's Blog post.

I agree 100 percent with Greg & Phil on this topic. It's really none of our business what they earn by posting videos on YouTube and elsewhere, just as it's not your business what your neighbor makes as an accountant or as a factory worker. The only reason this is even up for discussion is that it seems that some people on YouTube are making a boatload of money and they are somewhat in the public eye (ie: they have YouTube fame).

There is always a prurient interest in knowing what some people are pulling down and I'm guilty of that too. It does make me think "hmmm, if That guy makes so much money doing this, maybe I should be doing it too". We don't need to know what youtubers - top ones like Shane Dawson or Phil DeFranco and those further down the ranks - are making each year and hopefully your enjoyment of their videos isn't defined by what's in their wallets. That only breeds resentment. Yes, some people are making a living doing the YouTube thing, but many, many others are not.

Rather than dwelling on what some very successful people are earning, perhaps what you should be doing is redoubling your own efforts to produce good quality content on YouTube or whereever it is that you are, and push the successful ones to either keep on making good stuff or force them to fall by the wayside. The top people in any field are usually there for a good reason - they produce good results. If you aren't there yet yourself, maybe something like this will push you a little harder to get there.

But back to Greg's rant - yes, he is entirely correct. Obviously I am not privy to what people other than myself earn from YouTube (no, I'm not a partner yet, but maybe someday...) and from the articles I've read and comments on Phil's video and watching this one etc., it seems the writer was a little lax in his research. Some are making money from their channels, but if you are planning on stating categorically what some of these people are making, one of the first rules of journalism is to confirm your facts and then re-confirm. From what Greg & Phil say in their videos, it doesn't appear that the writer even asked if the figures he had were even in the ballpark.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Wishes To Paperlilies On Her Birthday

Just a short video from paperlilies telling us about how she and her family spent her birthday. I love scones! My grandmother used to make them once in a while along with a ga-zillion other cookies, cakes and desserts and it's one of the few things that I actually make myself - I'm a dude and yes, I can bake and cook very well, thank you very much. I owe all my culinary artistry to my grandmother. I don't think I've tried to make the jellies that Bryony's brother made.

And she showed some of her birthday presents which were cool like the Futurama Mom and the Lego Roof Tiles.

And I liked the quote "Don't let the door hit you on your way out because I don't want assprints on my new door." Lol, she may not know why she's on the planet, but I for one am glad she is because she's fun to watch. Need some more YouTube videos from you Bryony!

CTFxC: Alli Prepares For Back To School & Zoe Is Mischievous (Yet Again)

Poor Alli. Last day before heading back to school for her final year at college and Charles is giving her a hard time about sleeping. I say let her sleep all day sunday because starting monday morning she's going back to class. And did you hear what she's taking? What was it - Japanese Society & Great Architectual Discoveries? I'm thinking I liked Charles' last year in high school - 5 periods of gym and "yearbook" lol. Wadda slacker! But he is done with high school and college unlike Ms Sleepyhead as he was calling her.

And I liked seeing the footage of the two dogs while Charles & Alli were out. Poor Zoe looking mournfully out the window thinking "Is that them? Is that their car? Why didn't they take me this time?" And Marley (troublemaker numero uno) getting into stuff again. I liked seeing the video evidence of her digging out that toy. I would have been blaming Zoe as she had the toy when they got home.

And all that cool swag they received from various CTFxC viewers is always interesting to see. The dogs always get some kinda toys to tear to shreds and what about those Wasabi Gumballs lol. That link will take you to Amazon where you can buy them if you dare. They remind me of the Harry Potter candy they tried at the Orlando Gathering which you can see in this post: CTFxC Orlando Gathering & Harry Potter Land.

And which of the 3 movies are the best?
Ocean's 11
Ocean's 12
Ocean's 13? (Note those are links to the movies on Amazon, if you want to say which is the best of the three, just say it in the comments section below.)

Brittani Louise Taylor And Shout Out Sunday

I do get a kick out of Brittani Louise Taylor's Shout Out Sunday segment she has each week. Basically it's a chance for Brittani to respond to viewer questions posed to her by viewers via the comments section of her videos, on Twitter, and FaceBook etc. She does try to keep in touch with her fans and answers some questions.

She even stops by blogs like this one from time to time and left a comment on the post I did about her last video called Justin Bieber And Brittani Louise Taylor Are Engaged? (take a look! She left a comment. Do I sound giddy enough? lol).

Besides her main channel (the link is in the 1st line of this post), you can leave her messages on Twitter at brittanitaylor and her Facebook is Brittani On Facebook and her website brittanilouisetaylor.com. She does seem to be a real sweetheart, so go to each of those pages if you are a true Brittani Louise Taylor fan.

Vlogbrothers Prove Obama Is Not A Muslim

Thank you John Green. And I agree, can we move on people? If you've watched the video you have seen as John Green of the vlogbrothers hopefully puts to rest the arguement being put forward by many ardent rightwing types that somehow Barack Obama is a muslim. It goes hand in hand with that other red herring floated by Obama's opponents that he wasn't born in the U.S. It's all a bunch of political claptrap designed to distract voters from the real issues and paint the president in a negative light.

As shown, Obama does not follow even the basic tenents of the muslim faith but somehow by continuously bringing up this stupid arguement again and again, the media has convinced 20 per cent of Americans that Obama is a follower of Mohammed. I'm not saying that a portion of the American public are dullards who are easily swayed when politicians prey on their emotional responses to the crap they are being spoon fed. Obviously there are intelligent people and political savvy is abundant in sections of the population, but not everyone has done even a cursery examination of the political system or done much consideration of what they are being told.

But as always, John shows that at least a small fraction of the world is thinking about this stuff and I appreciate his filling us in on his perspective with humor. And that his suit isn't all business.

NYC DailyBooth Meetup With ijustine

This is my secret Internet girlfriend ijustine at the New York City DailyBooth meetup where all these people are just standing in awe of IJ lol. I'll have to have a word with that ginger kid who was mackin' on my woman asking her to marry him. I think he said him YouTube is "Colinjoevideoz with a zee", but I couldn't find his channel.

It was cool to see Brittany and Joey from winterspringpro. They were in ijustine's previous video that you can find in my post ijustine Dances At The NYC Apple Store. Loved the screenshot of ijustine in that one - classic geekgirl lol.

Quite the crowd of people at that gathering. Lots of the younger folk. If you want to sub to ijustine on DailyBooth if you haven't already, her page is ijustine on DailyBooth. If you don't have an account on DailyBooth, now is the time to join up and start posting some pictures.

Natalie From communitychannel And Her Weird Diaries

I love Natalie from communitychannel. She always makes me laugh unexpectedly during her videos and this one is no exception.

First, I'm a dude so I never ever kept a diary (guys kept journals if we kept anything, which we don't), but I do keep a blog. And instead of writing for myself alone, I yell to the Internet about what I like and who I think is hot etc. Yes, I think Natalie is hot. Love the accent, although she is a bit of an oddball, I like her character and sense of humor and she makes me chuckle out loud. Okay, maybe it'll never happen for us, but I have to put a heart image here. I'm such a dork lol.

Here's her previous video where she describes her selfishness and plane safety. "I love having my head between knees" lol.

Phil DeFranco Spotlights JoeNationtv, Wheezywaiter & lacigreen

Philip DeFranco has decided to throw the spotlight on three youtubers who haven't garnered quite the support they should in a new Saturday segment of his show. Glad to see it. I like it when larger youtubers (not weight joke Phil) give their support to some of the up and coming youtubers (not a sex joke lacigreen).

I am already subbed to joenationtv and wheezywaiter but I haven't heard of lacigreen so I'll check her out too.

Shane Dawson has included Joe in some of his videos and so I checked out his channel at that time and had to watch all his videos. Somehow this one got missed or I would have featured it here.

If you are a fan of Craig aka Wheezywaiter, then no introduction is needed, but if not, you need to sub to him. Wheezy is one of my personal favorite youtubers and I subbed to him way back when he had only 3,000 subs. Today he's got 163,000 and cranks out good stuff almost all week. Once you get a taste for Wheezy's humor, you just keep coming back for more. I've watched just about everything he's put out even on his 2nd channel wheezynews.

And of course, DeFranco has to include a hot chick in any list and I just checked out lacigreen's channel. LOT'S of sex talk! It seems she's a sex ed teacher - never had a teacher look like that. Our Sex Ed teacher was the gym teacher. Yeah, Mr King of the stinky running shoes. Looking at the lacigreen channel, she has a respectable 63K subs and quite a number of videos. Check her out.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shaytards: Shay Lifts His Family & Spills About Being Called A Sellout

I'm a big fan of the Shaytards and look forward to watching the next video each day and I also usually leave a comment and thumbs up because I think they have one of the best YouTube channels on the website. I don't like the trolling that goes on from time to time from commentators who think that Shay and his family are somehow "sellouts" because they do some promotion work, like the Kia Soul thing. Here's the video:

Basically, what he and smosh and Lisa Nova are doing is trying to help promote other lesser-known youtubers with the help of Kia. No big deal. It's a good idea and I've checked out some of the people promoted in the video and subbed to a couple. Some viewers have a bit of trouble dealing with bigger youtubers like Shay getting paid to do this kind of thing and they are entitled to their opinion, but then they go and slam Shay in the comments section yelling that he is somehow a sellout etc.

Not true. The reason he and others do this YouTube thing is that they can generate an income to support themselves and their families - it is basically their own business that they are running and this also provides some promotion for Shay, Lisa, Ian & Anthony and their channels as well. Listen to Shay in the last part of the video. He is a man dedicated to improving the lot in life of his entire family and he is doing it day by day.

The people nitpicking are most likely somewhat jealous of the success of others both on YouTube and in life in general and have grown bitter about their own lack of success. All I can say is get off you butts and either make some videos that are good or get to work in the real world either flipping burgers or whatever. Do the work. You would have success thrust upon you, you have to go GET your own success through exceptionally hard work and determination. Do you think Shay just gave up when he was upset about making $8 an hour with a growing family? No, he worked hard at whatever job he was doing at the time and he is still proving that with today's vlog. That's where his success comes from and why he's in the position he's in now. You can be in a similar position yourself, but you have to DO THE WORK!

And with that rant now complete, I'll comment about the video. I liked it when Shay picked up his whole family (minus Rocktard & Malachi of course lol) and Sontard proved he is the dude by going in the pizza place and coming out with the family's dinner. I remember my mom always getting me to go up to the cashier after our family had enjoyed a meal at a restaurant and paying for the meal and I always felt so grown up doing it.

And what is with Babytard? It seems all of a sudden she's jabbering away like there's no tomorrow! Just a few months ago she started talking a little and now she's going like a blue streak lol.

CTFxC: Home Again Finally, Free Trippy Music & The Secret Life

We get to see the aftermath of Alli's pinata bashing as Zoe and Marley make short work of the tissue paper that is now covering the floor. Some great shots of Zoe wearing the pinata like a hat. They're all heading home and after seeing Tyson and Kobe on last time, they're off on a 6 hour car ride. I don't know how they do those long, long car rides so often. I'd be going bonkers.

One thing Charles mentioned that he was listening to music from his old band called "We The Kings" and offered a free music download of the band's album called "Suspense Thriller" and wants you to tell him what the lead singer says in the lyrics at about 46 seconds of the song "Switzerland". this is kinda cool - giving free music for fellow youtubers to use with just a link back to CTFxC.

Here's the cartoon that they were watching at the end called The Secret Life, which is really cool. You'll notice a whole bunch of famous youtubers all through the clip. Make sure that you sub to the channel that made the video all well. They are CyberToons and they have some interesting stuff they created for their channel. They also do the end animation for CTFxC and I've seen other channels with some of their stuff.

Justin Bieber And Brittani Louise Taylor Are Engaged?

LOL, this is actually pretty funny. Brittani Louise Taylor captures some poor smuck off the street thinking it's Justin Bieber and forces herself on him! Actually the dude is Timothy DeLaGhetto who has a very popular YouTube channel of his own and does a lot of videos with The Station.

Below you'll find bloopers and behind-the-scenes of Brittani & Tim making the video.

Melissa Trippy Attacked By A Massive Spider!

First off, I HATE spiders. I'm a dude so it usually falls to me to dispose of any spiders or other insects that breach my security wall and put in an appearance in my bathroom or kitchen. Usually they scamper across the floor waving "Hello Roomie!" as they adjust to their new digs. I of course will have none of that and immediately scour the room for a weapon while keeping a eye on my little visitor. Then I'm all "HULK SMASH!" and toss the remnants into the toilet or garbage.

But one day...

I was walking through my house and spotted some movement out of the corner of my eye - a spider! Not just ho-hum, a spider, but "Holy Snikes, Look At That Huge Spider!" This thing looked like it was a zergling from StarCraft2, so I quickly grabbed a fly swatter and gave it 3-4 hard wacks thinking buh-bye. I swear it gave me the finger and ran down a nearby heating duct. I think I heard it chuckling in the darkness, but that might have been my own paranoia kicking in.

Needless to say, I spend that night in bed with the blankets pulled up to my nose, peering nervously at the darkness, waiting for it to make it's move and jump at me. Luckily for both of us, the spider never came back. It was I swear 3 inches long! Wish I had my camera when I spotted it.

Anyway, enough about me and my arachnid battles. In Melissa's video we first see that her dog Tyson seems none the worse for wear after his run-in with two other dogs about a month ago. If you didn't know about him being attacked, there's a video where Mel's brother Charles Trippy explains what happened. Poor old Tyson got stuck wearing the unfashionable cone for a month as he healed up. From the video it looks like he's doing good again.

Melissa and her roommate have a run-in with a spider themselves and it looks like they took care of business and clobbered the intruder. Florida seems to have some mother-sized spiders! Also, you can sub to her channel at mel.

TheWillofDC: Mid-August 2010 ~ This Week's Winners & Losers

Just watched this video from TheWillofDC and was surprised he didn't mention that article about the youtubers allegedly making over $100,000 a year from YouTube. If you want to see my post about the article, check Article Out Says 10 YouTube Stars Making $100,000 A Year. Maybe Will will mention it on his YouTube News on Monday.

As far as the info he provided, I am impressed by the 60,000 new subs that realannoyingorange got this past week. That is a major number! And why is a channel with about 500,000 not a YouTube partner?! I don't subscribe to jamesnintendonerd, but that has me intrigued. If anyone knows why they are not a partner, let me know in the comments.

Shaytards: Babytards' Birthday & ShayCarlBook

Holy smokes! Babytard is now 3 years old! It just seems like yesterday she was a little munchkin and now she's jabbering away like her brother and sister. Before they go to "Weiners" as Babytard calls Wingers Restaurant, Shay has to stop by the doctor's office because of his sore throat - and um, hot doctor you got Shay. Every doctor I've seen has been an old dude and the Shaytards get a hot blond doctor? How's that work?

Kinda cool that they're filming Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in their hometown. I don't expect to see Ty Pennington showing up in the Shaytards' vlogs but I'd like to see something of the work being done. Maybe Shay will film the new house after it gets built and all the crowds leave.

But then it's off to dinner with the extended family and little Babytard is soo cute as always. The dress she got so fits her personality.

It was interesting to see that Shay finally got a fan page up at Facebook. That link will take you to Amazon for "Facebook For Dummies" in case you're interested. The link to Shay's Facebook page is:


So if you are a fan of Shay Carl & the various assorted Shaytards, go to his page if you are on Facebook and click "Like". I just went there and there's already 29,895 fans!

And what was that Shay said earlier in the video about compilation films of the best moments of Sontard, Princesstard and Babytard? Now I'm going to have to find those too lol. If you know any good ones, leave a link in the comments section.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Chatroulette ~ The Last Exorcism

Now this is some FREAKY stuff! It's sort of like the Old Spice Commercials on YouTube where the Old Spice dude replies to people individually, except this is for an upcoming movie called The Last Exorcism which opens on August 27th and stars Ashley Bell and Patrick Fabian. It's like a viral campaign where they show Ashley Bell and then she goes all Linda Blair on the Chatroulette viewer. Just watch the reactions of the dudes watching her thinking they've hit the jackpot with a hot girl, but then...

The movie is about a minister sent to perform his last exorcism and there's a documentary film crew there to record the events. Here's the trailer for the movie:

Ray William Johnson: Pervy Kitty Is Pervy

Ray William Johnson's latest showing a traffic accident where some dude on a scooter decides to zip into the right hand lane without looking to see if the way was clear with predictable results. The video has already been taken down from YouTube, so this will likely be the only place you'll see it (unless Fail.org has it). Cannot believe the guy didn't even look and "BLAMMO!" rear-ended and caught on video.

Gotta admit I was a little bit mesmerized by that girl's gyrating just like the Perv Cat - although I wasn't trying to paw at her butt on my computer screen, honest. Below you will find the full video of the cat trying to find out what in the world could be making her pants move like that. Actually check out the next video called "Superman Water Delivery Service" by this same channel called VideosFromTurkey. It's just about as funny as the Pervy Kitten.

Check this out lol. Superman Water Delivery Service

And of course the Weather Man Flipping Off The Anchorman.

Cenk Uygur And The Young Turks Clobber CNN In Ratings

It's okay to gloat a little Cenk lol. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks has been hitting it out of the park for MSNBC as shown by the Cable News Ratings for Wednesday, August 18, 2010. Uygur is filling in on MSNBC's The Ed Show. There's also a favorable review at mediabistro.com: Cenk Uygur's Daily Show Cameo.

It just goes to show what getting a strong following on YouTube and elsewhere can do for you. Fans of The Young Turks are tuning in to watch Uygur tear into the GOP stalwarts over at FOX News and elsewhere.

Oh yeah, here the Huffington Post article Cenk mentions in the video: 'Professional Left' Saga Says More About Media Than Obama.

CTFxC: Lazy Vlogging Day ~ Playing With The Dogs & Avatar

I don't know why I like watching Zoe & Marley so much in the daily vlog of Charles Trippy and Alli Speed, but loved watching Zoe chasing the plastic bottle all around the pool. Marley of course would have nothing to do cheap-ass bottle toy lol.

It looks like the CTFxC folks will be staying closer to home in Tallahassee Florida for the next little while after going to Jamaica & then over to Las Vegas to celebrate Alli's birthday, although Charles mentioned something about having to go to L.A. next month around his birthday.

He also talks about a re-release of the movie Avatar with about 8 minutes of new footage added, which is pretty cool. Actually they did the same thing with the classic 1970s movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind (if you haven't seen the movie, you are missing out big time!) as they re-released that movie a year later with an extra 3 minutes included. The part that was included was what Richard Dreyfuss saw qhwn he went inside the spaceship. They was a huge outcry that it was just a money grab and that's probably what will happen with this added footage in Avatar.

The video below is from the day before as they have a birthday party with Alli's family. Lol at Alli massively failing to take out that pinata. I thought for sure she was going to clobber Charles with a back swing. And I don't know what to make of Melissa's obsessive disorder about odd numbers. I of course tweeted her some odd numbers to confuse her.

Pee-wee Herman Tweeted About This Tequila Singing Bird

I was on Twitter and one of the people I follow is Pee-wee Herman and he tweeted the link to this cockatiel named Spike who sings the song "Tequila" that Herman made famous again in his movie Pee-wee's Big Adventure from back in

Here's the scene from the movie where Pee-wee wanders into the biker bar and runs into a little bit of trouble. "SHHHH!!! I'm TRYing to use the PHONE!!"

Bull Leaps Into Crowd At Bullfight

This is going to be a viral video very soon. Take a look at this bull as he leaps out of the bull ring and up into the crowd of surprised spectators. Not meaning any disrespect, but look at the air he gets! The bull goes all Jordan-esque and flies into the stands.

40 people were hurt which is of course too bad, but c'mon! Isn't watching a bullfight in the 21st century getting a little too barbaric? Nothing like torturing, humiliating and then killing an animal for the pleasure of the crowd.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Article Out Says 10 YouTube Stars Making $100,000 A Year

There's an article out stating that in all likelihood, at least 10 youtubers are raking in a minimum of $100,000 a year. Sounds sweet right? Below is the list of 10 YouTube Stars and their estimated yearly income from being in the YouTube Partnership Program.

10. Natalie Tran - communitychannel - $101,000
9. The Young TurksThe Young Turks - $112,000
8. Smoshsmosh - $113,000
7. Mediocre FilmsMediocreFilms - $116,000
6. Shay CarlShaytards - $140,000
5. FredFred - $146,000
4. Ryan Higanigahiga - $151,000
3. Philip DeFrancosxephil - $181,000
2. The Annoying Orangerealannoyingorange - $288,000
1. Shane Dawsonshanedawsontv - $315,000

Now I just watched Phil DeFranco's latest Vloggity and he thinks there are several holes in the article. Like the fact that Ray William Johnson isn't even on the list. Ray's show, equals 3 gets about 25 million views a month and he's been getting new subscribers at an almost unbelieveable pace over the last year or so. Anyway, watch Phil's take on the article:

The basis on which they base their math is as follows:

- "Revenue only comes from banner ads served near content (we ignored pre-roll or overlay since we can't easily isolate by publisher).

- Since YouTube banner ads have a two-second load delay, we estimate 2.59% of viewers click away before an ad loads based on separate research.

- Ads were served near all videos that loaded (since there are partners, this is generally true).

- CPM for the banner ads was $1.50 (Google auctions a lot of this inventory off; we rounded this 2009 estimate down to be conversative).

- YouTube is splitting ad revenue with partners 50-50.

Basically, take their views from the past year, assume a few don't stick around long enough for an ad to load, divide that number by 1,000, multiply by $1.50 and divide that number in half."

Usually due to Google Adsense rules, most partners in the program are not allowed to disclose exactly what they make. You can still get some estimates around the Web, but really, only Google, YouTube and the individual YouTube Partners really know. You could use the formula given above to estimate what someone not in the Top 10 might be making, but it would still be faulty. They don't even take the ads that appear over the screen when you watch a YouTube partner's video because as the writer says because they "can't easily isolate by publisher."

So far, DeFranco's been the only one to come forward about this article but hopefully someone else will do likewise. I'd like to see what The Young Turks or Shane Dawson might have to say about it.

If you want to read the article, here's a link: Meet The YouTube Stars Making $100,000 Plus Per Year

Note: Here's Greg from mediocrefilms' video reaction to hearing he was flush with Youtube cash: Mediocrefilms Strikes Back Re: Making In Excess Of $100,000 On YouTube

Shaytards: Sontard's Cool Dance Moves

Poor old Shay Carl is still feeling under the weather while Katilette takes the tardlets to the park to watch her father play guitar and sing in a gondola. I must admit I loved watching Sontard boogieing to the songs lol. I especially thought he was looking cool at about 8:55 into the video when he gave the camera a hooded sideways look and did an Elvis-type dance with his leg. I'm pretty sure Shay must have taught him that.

This is one of those Shaytards videos that you love where you don't know what will happen. Sontard dancin' like a maniac and the girls playing in the fountain - just normal kid stuff, but still fun to watch.

And little Rocktard was looking quite alert when Shay was talking to him. Did he give Shay a smile? It sounded like he was actually trying to talk some too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elmify Hits 10,000 Subscribers And Finally Joins Twitter

I just watched the latest video from elmify and she said she had just noticed she had hit 10,000 subscribers which is pretty awesome. It was just last month that I posted Elmify: One Of My Latest Favorite YouTubers and she had about 4,500 subs and now a month later she's got 10K. Good job. If you haven't seen her before, obviously watch the above video, but sub to her channel as well (at the link above).

Last month she talked about trying to get the "elmify" name on Twitter and finding it taken. At the time I told her to just use therealelmify or something else like that and she told me "she was on it." I guess she talked the person using the name to give it up anf now she's on Twitter as elmify, so follow her there too. Right now she has about 400 people following her Twitter account (including myself - follow me at Hey_Bradshaw).

Yea! The Gray Bar Is Gone From YouTube!

Thankfully, YouTube heard all our whining and complaining about that hated gray autoplay bar that was forced on us by the good folks at YouTube. It was a disaster right from the get-go, forcing you to hit the off button every time you watched the next video and was just a colossal inconvenience to the viewer. They did sorta disable it a while back making it appear in the "off" position, but I'm guessing very, very few viewers turned it back on - I know I didn't.

I think it was just the bright idea of some marketing weinie thinking "Yes! If we set it up so a new video automatically plays when the video the viewer is watching is over, that will mean an increase in views! More revenue through ads for us! Yippee!" But it didn't take into consideration the viewer's experience. By adding another unneeded and basically useless step in the viewing process, it diminished the viewer enjoyment on the website.

But major kudos to YouTube for finally taking the thing off. It didn't work and caused many people to comment on a LOT of videos that they hated it and wanted it removed asap. YouTube seems to have listened and acted in the interest of the viewers, which is what a video website has to do if the plan on growing their base.

So Billy in the marketing dept can pout about his idea flopping and we can move on. Unless the absence of the gray bar is just a temporary glitch tied in with the new dashboard for your channel. If you haven't noticed yet, the path to your channel, favorites and subscribtions has changed again, so go check that out and whine and complain about that for a while. But at least it appears the stupid gray bar is gone! YEA!

At least for now. Hopefully it's not just back in the YouTube garage being turbo boosted and going to be run out at a later date.

ijustine Dances At The NYC Apple Store

I don't care what you think, I like it when ijustine dances at an Apple store lol. Sure, she has her own, ahem style of dancing, but I think it's funny. She's been getting a bit of flack from Apple employees when she does this lately so she's had to curb her gyrating, but here she is bustin' a move IJ-style.

I thought the guy was one of the dudes from Smosh at first, but it turns out the other two nutbars are Brittany and Joey from winterspringpro. They have about 135K subs themselves and have posted tons of videos on their channel.

Here's their latest video which is a take-off on Katy Perry's California Gurls:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CTFxC: Alli Rockin' The Betty Page Look

Here it is, Charles Trippy & Alli Speed's last day in Las Vegas after celebrating Alli's 21st birthday (video below) and she is going to a Betty Page dress from (it looks like) the Bettie Page Boutique at 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV. Their website is bettiepageclothing.com. Must admit Alli looked pretty good in the girlie-girl dresses and Charles' sister Melissa Trippy also look nice in the brief shot of her in the 50s retro style. For some reason, maybe someone will clue me in, they were hanging with actor Wolfgang J. Weber, who I'm guessing is a friend of theirs. Ottawa-born Weber actually has several movies under his belt and according to his IMDB page: Wolfgang J. Weber, he'll be playing Jesus Christ in an upcoming movie.

After spending a few days over in Vegas, celebrating Alli's birthday, she finally can gamble in Vegas all legal-like she said, but forgot her ID at one point. She did end up winning some money at the casino and used that fundage to pick up the Betty Page dress. They walked out into the mall area and the ceiling is covered with a picture of a cloudy sky and they had some faux thunder and lightning which was cool. I seem to remember seeing a Shaytards video in that same mall from earlier this year.

Charles also mentioned the movie Oceans Eleven and Wolfgang confirmed the place in front of the fountain where they filmed the ending where after the heist George Clooney, Brad Pitt and the boys went their separate ways.

Charles and Weber talk about keychains and never finding one that says their names (again I just saw a Shaytards video where Shay also mentioned the same thing. I did find a Wolfgang keychain a Zazzle.com and there's probably some with Charles and Shay's names too if you look.

Alli Speed's Birthday In Las Vegas With The Usual Band Of Youtube Misfits

Here's the video from a couple of days before, where Charles and Alli celebrated her birthday at the House Of Blues Casino in Las Vegas and all the usual suspects put in an appearance: Shay Carl & Katilette, PhillyD & LinzLoves, DaveDays, LasVegasBarbie etc. Actually they celebrated DaveDays', Sammah's and Linz' birthdays as well.

Here's the party from Shay's perspective. Had to show this clip as well because Charles and Shay mixed up their cameras (they have the same make and model - I think it's a Olympus Stylus 550 but I could be wrong). I saw Shay video first when they both got posted.

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