Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tobuscus And iJustine Do A Coffee Run

From being a subscriber of both iJustine and Tobuscus you probably know that they are both heavily caffenated most of the time. If you watch Toby's "Lazy Vlogs" he is always carrying a cup of java and IJ tosses back her share too, so its not really surprising to find them at a local coffee shop (The Coffee Bean of course) before heading back to the crib to get their game on <- and no, I don't mean that as an inside joke.

Toby and iJustine are probably two of the biggest gaming geeks on Youtube outside of the Machinima crowd and according to what IJ says in this video, apparently the plan on playing Little Big Planet 2, although I'm pretty sure she is more at home playing Black Ops.

If you missed the iphone grocery store video iJustine mentioned, that link will take you to it. I have to warn you though that it is actually 14-plus minutes of IJ shopping for groceries. You do need to be an IJ fan to get through it.

Actually these iphone videos are some of the ones I like most that iJustine is making now - kind of a behind the scenes sort of vlog. The one above does remind me of Tobuscus' walking and talking (and heelying) daily vlogs.

If you are unfamiliar with his videos, you can check out one of his latest videos (actually uploaded today, imagine that!). I'm sort of hooked on these too and try as I might, I am still unable to capture Toby's attention with my witty banter in his comment section so I can win a Tobuscus t-shirt. I may actually have to break down and buy one, but I am almost unable and unwilling to part with any of my own ill-gotten gains except for food.

And if you want to see them playing Little Big Planet 2, here's the video of their game play. I haven't played this game myself before and it does look like an interesting game:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

If I Could Buy Stock In A Youtuber, I'd Buy Shortstack

In my everylasting quest to find the new funny, interesting Youtubers I stumbled across this dude, Danny Craparotta (aka DannyCraps or Shortstack), a vertically challenged Canadian who I think you will find pretty funny. He has been posting videos since 2009, and now has 27,000 subscribers. I think he will have at least 100,000 this time next year if he keeps posting funny stuff like this.

He hit 2,000 a year ago in February 2010 and had 5,000 two months later when he posted this:

I subbed to him after seeing a few videos and then did the creeper thing where I started watching all of his videos from the first one to the latest and I would recommend you check out his older videos as well. Lots of funny with this guy. He's not quite in the top 100 Most subscribed Canadian Youtubers yet, but he will be shortly.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

150 Of The Best Movie Catch Phrases And Lines

Just about any of the best movie catch phrases you can think of is packed into this video clip from some of the earliest films to those of today.

I can't really find too much to fault the creator of this clip (MoPapparani) but I would be remiss if I didn't mention a few that were noticably absent. Namely just about the entire script of Pulp Fiction or some of the incredibly funny lines from Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Or Life of Brian "He's not the Messiah. He's just a very naughty boy."

What great movie quotes can you think of that were missed? List them in the comments below.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Shaytards Give Away Two Flip Cameras

Once again it's "One Take Sunday" with the Shaytards and they have a whole slew of announcements, including that they are going to pick the winners of the two flip cameras that they promised a while back.

Also, Shay's appearance on the television series No Ordinary Family should be March 22nd. He plays a security guard just in case you didn't know.

And it looks like the whole Shaytards clan will be making their way over to Florida for PlayList Live which runs from March 26-27th. There are going to be a ton of Youtubers present including Wheezy Waiter, KassemG, Lisa Nova, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Michell Davis & Kyle Sibert (LiveLavaLive), Mystery Guitar Man, iJustine, MeekaKitty, Charles Trippy & Alli Speed of CTFxC and too many more to mention. Just go to the site at the link provided for more info.

One other thing about Playlist Live is that they are going to be giving away free tickets, so that's another reason to check out their website.

Getting Unnecessarily Intimate With Natalie Tran

We all need to know our social boundaries and now you will know what not to do when you meet Natalie Tran (aka communitychannel) with you sidle up beside her. Actually, it is probably never a good idea to sidle up beside someone - let alone use the term "sidle up". In the video below Natalie shows those traits that irritate her and asks if they bug you too, or is it just her. Mostly it's just her, but we don't tell Natalie that.

Actually, the part where people offer you a bite of their food gives me the willies. I shudder even to think about it. I've personally had friends and acquaintances ask me if I wanted a bite or if I would try their food and it makes my stomach turn. I'm not a germaphobe but I can't even share food or a drink with someone I'm intimate with let alone friends or family.

"Segway, segway"

The part where someone places their hand on hers made me a little uncomfortable too and I kept waiting for her to snatch her hand away. I don't know about you, but I definitely and truly did LOL at the segway part. Mostly, like everyone else I don't really laugh out loud when I type lol, but in this case I did. Natalie is so deadpan with her humor.

And if you haven't had a chance to watch Natalie over on the LonelyPlanet's Youtube channel, here is video where she visited New York.

Make sure that you sub to that channel too for more videos of Natalie. She has several more on their channel if you want to check them out, use the link above.

Mr Safety Asks The Youtube Community "Who Are You And Why Are You Still Here?"

One of the old school Youtubers, Cory Williams (aka Mr Safety and the dude behind smpfilms) made a video recently where he asked his viewers "Why are you still on Youtube?"

Here is a list of those who Cory featured in the video with links to their channels:

Merezone, jak300000, kakshi15, iamproudtobeajew, amzibabe93, stigmabuster22, xoxomichellexoxo, ArchieCraze, KingHuman, Riddicrash, KJPmedia, StivnC, Lambo3333333, thestevesaylor, chiefvideomaster, ZTex10, couchpotatotheatre, mes1rs, Riddicrash, akuradavis, maxminusamillion, EricksHinumaru, mimgodfather, D22Responses, Twilightlover46, QLFILMS, JeffersonTRowe, BradLakeShow, Magician1607, just3giraffes, junodog20, wing3r79, dragonFDrk, JamesBrownvlog, deanec64, Kate0Loves0Leo666, TammyTagCreations, skinsthunderbomb, TheSilentGuitar, TheCasperOne, OfcarcikFilms, SteveDezSPEAKS, Amayzing2011, supersixty1, theepilepsyguy, TheToberlicious, obsessedwithhiei, InuzukaLegend, JoeLikesMovies, ashesinoctober, HappyCabbie, OfficialScarlettsPI, zjkr, becerrilfilmltd, donoteatme, xRSMExtrasx, erwolf14 , chazthedrummer91.

The only person I recognized out of those who were in the video was Happy Cabbie (he makes a lot of balloon animals and stuff and has a great channel himself) but even though I haven't seen the others, doesn't mean I won't check out their channels and I suggest you do the same. Get to know these people and some of the others beyond those who you usually are subscribed to and follow. You will be suprised by the odd, wonderful, quirky folks who inhabit this Youtube universe.

Here's Cory's original video where he asks those who are on Youtube to say why they are on Youtube:

Love the jetpack style camera rig he's wearing lol. I sorta half-expect him to lift off out of the frame. Here is the video that Cory was referencing from August 2006 where Renetto asked the question "Who are you, and why are you on Youtube?"

At the time he made this Renetto was one of the biggest youtubers, but he has been passed by a lot of others. He is still posting videos, so take a look if you're interested. I saw a tweet by themightythor (himself another longtime Youtuber) who said he thought that Cory's video (the 1st one on this post) would have probably been featured back in the old days of Youtube, so I thought I should do it myself. Because it's simply a good video and that's why we are here.

And finally, I have been subbed to Cory's SMP Films channel for a long time, but I've only discovered how truly odd and funny he is IRL (so to speak) by seeing him through the perspective of Katersoneseven herself an odd, quirky and funny transplanted Brit who is currently his roommate. Her channel is becoming one of my personal favorites and I recommend you check it out along with the ones listed above.

Patrick Boivin: Black Widow Kicks Serious Butt

Now THIS is why I am subscribed to Patrick Boivin's Youtube channel.

He uses the Black Widow action figure to whup almost all the various bad guys (and a few of good ones too) in an animated video. When he posts videos like this, I have to watch as Scarlett Johansson, er, I mean, Black Widow from Iron Man 2 switches into "clobberin' time" mode against Whiplash, Michael Jackson and the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Gotta admit that she has some potent weapons stowed away in that leather-clad bodice if they have that kind of effect against the T-1000. And it looks like they would be of no use against Jacko so she zips them back up before dispatching him. And wasn't that John McClane (aka Bruce Willis) who she quickly shows doesn't die hard?

And in case you are one of the few who hasn't seen his video "Iron Man vs Bruce Lee", here it is:

Boivin's got a ton of videos like these on Youtube that you can find on his channel (link given above) as well as many more that he has live action. All are imaginative and interesting although I have to admit I like the action figures one. Check out the one with the ninjas too as that is also a favorite.

Lady Gaga Calls In To Radio Station To Talk To Maria Aragon

It's not every day that you get a phone call from your idol but it looks like Canadian youtuber Maria Aragon was really surprised when Lady Gaga called in during Maria's interview on the radio (with HOT 103 FM). Aragon has a number of videos showcasing her tremendous singing ability on her channel rojuanearagon, actually 72 have been posted so far.

Lady Gaga is going to perform in Canada in early March and it looks like she will have Maria Aragon up on stage with her. So a big congrats to Maria.

Below is the video that Lady Gaga was talking about that caught her attention. It is Maria playing the piano and singing Gaga's "Born This Way" and the video has since gone absolutely viral and has over 7.6 MILLION views since it was posted February 17th, but that may have something to do with Perez Hilton posting it and telling Gaga about it (according to what she says in the above video).

There's a nice write-up about the story with a bunch of media pictures giving even more details at the Winnipeg Free Press website: First a tweet, now an invite.

March 3rd - Just saw a tweet from Lady Gag that said:

" - Myself +10 year Old Lady Maria of Winnipeg. She signed my t-shirt, she ate my heart, just like you"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Keenan Cahill: Youtube's Latest Star

If you are on Youtube for any period of time you know that some videos and content creators pop up from time to time and become viral. One of the latest to get found by the Youtube community and elsewhere online has been Keenan Cahill with his lip-synching of famous songs on his BeenerKeeKee19952 channel. I'm personally not subscribed to him, but @ijustine tweeted a link to Keenan's video below where he discusses his rise to fame as well as mentions his medical challenges:

Yup, that's 50 Cent in the background and that is just one of Keenan's many videos that have multiple million views on Youtube. He now has over 300,000 subscribers. He just posted a new video which features The DearJane Girls which has about 157,000 views in 3 days.

I noticed Keenan's videos about a week or so ago because he was listed on the Youtube stats tracking site as having the Youtube channel with the highest "daily gross" revenue generated by his videos. At that time he "possibly" earned approximately $3,800 a day which if you calculated out over a year would be $1,387,000 - but of course that amount fluctuates and according to the site, today it says Keenan's channel is ranked 36th and earned $721 which is still highly repectable.

I always feel that I have to say that the numbers I quote from are only estimates and the website itself says the amounts of Adsense money they say that each channel generates is only "potential" daily revenue. Each of the owners of the channels really know how much they make. And that's not really what's important - what is important is that Keenan is enjoying himself and garnering a little bit of Internet fame.

Keenan's story should make you want to make Youtube videos too. It shows that it doesn't matter what you look like or what your talent is - if you love doing what you do, you can get discovered and become a hit online.

Sammah Lives! And He Is Going To The Disney Land Gathering March 5th

For those of you wondering where Sammah has disappeared to, he is very much alive and well and he is going to the March 5, 2011 Disneyland Youtube gathering.

I took a quick look and it says that the tickets for the event are sold out according to, which means you should have been paying attention earlier. You can find out about upcoming Youtube gatherings in your area by following @YTGathering on Twitter - also I do update the discussion board over at the Bradshaw's Blog on Facebook page if you want to check there too: Bradshaw's Blog on Facebook.

Sammah also mentions VidCon which is coming up quickly and it will be the big event of the summer. It takes place in L.A. in July and you can find info about it at the official website:

Here's a little more about the gathering at Disney Land:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nanalew's Youtube Account Gets Hacked

I'm not sure if you are familiar with Nanalew, a Canadian Youtube partner with over 140,000 subscribers but she just had her Youtube account and other online accounts hacked. She had just posted the video below which had been entered into a contest to see if she could win a trip to New Zealand when someone hacked into her Youtube account and removed all of her Youtube videos.

I follow her on Twitter (she's @Nanalew) and she tweeted about the attack shortly after asking her followers to vote for her on the website holding the contest. The website is if you want to vote for her - she's currently in 4th spot with about 1300-1400 votes.

One good point is that she contacted Youtube and got her Youtube account restored that same night, but the hacker also got her Gmail account and her Adsense account, which really sucks. She is in the process of trying to get her Adsense and other accounts returned to her and it will be interesting to see how long that takes.

After posting on Twitter, Nanalew said that her planned BlogTV appearance was postponed an hour but she didn't disappoint as she did appear on the website for about an hour and a half and at one point had over 800 people watching and offering her support.

Although she has not yet been given her Adsense or Gmail accounts back by the hacker she does have some clues to the hacker's identity (his email address etc) so hopefully he will get his ears slapped back for doing this. Maybe they can find out his IP address and get his banned, but I dunno if that is a step Youtube or Google is able to take.

But you have to give Youtube itself a big thumbs up for recovering all of her videos which now again appear on her Youtube channel. It does seem a little "fishy" that a few people on the website where she had submitted the video were trying to call her a cheater because of all the votes she was getting in so short a time as if she were using some kind of auto-voting software.

Right after that someone hacked her accounts. I don't know if there is a tie-in to the commenters on the website, but it did seem like an odd coincidence. Of course many of her fans and Twitter followers immediately stepped up to defend her and point out her large following which explained all the votes.

She is now in 4th spot in the contest and I don't think there is any doubt that she will probably soon be in the lead. If you want to vote for her, the website's link is given above. Now hopefully she will get her Adsense account and Gmail restored shortly.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Phil's Away, So Lets Have A Pillow Fight!

Right now PhilipDeFranco is relaxing in Europe, enjoyed a much needed vacation so he filmed the following video before he left.

PHIL NEEDS MORE VACATIONS! Who's with me on that? Sorry to the ladies who don't like this sort of video, but sometimes I think Phil is a freakin' genious lol. I can almost see the brain storming sessions "What do we do to keep the people in the DeFranco Nation entertained while Phil is away?" "I know, hot girls hitting each other with pillows!" Then every guy there is like, "I wanna film it!"

I don't know who the dark-haired girl is, but she looks like she would be a lot of fun. And the poor bald guy "I'm allergic to feathers", but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. We all suffer for our art dude.

And here's the finished product:

Yes, Phil has transformed himself into a super-hot girl. I know it's untrue because if he could do that, he would never leave the house lol. And unfortunately, the transformation effect will likely wear off by the time Phil is scheduled to come back from vacation.

Also, if you want to win the headphones that Phil couldn't see, you have to go to the video, here and leave a comment and give the video a thumbs up and favorite the video.

One final question: who is this girl and does she have a Youtube channel?

How To Use Your Facebook Picture To Get A Date

For those of us who were alone on Valentine's Day, there's hope. It comes from an unlikely source, namely Link from RhettandLink who, lets face it, doesn't seem like he is the ultimate ladies man, but he does offer some good advice on how to entice the fairer sex by using flattering photography in the video below.

I must admit that what Link says makes a lot of sense. I for one was unemcumbered with female companianship this past Valentine's Day and like the next guy would like to get, ahem, "encumbered".

And for those guys who need a little bit more help with the ladies, there's always TheWingGirls who offer advice on how to approach and keep a girl. Take a look at the following video as Jet and Star teach you about Valentine's Day.

And in case you need a little more help, here they are whispering suductively about Facebook. Dunno what they were saying, but I had to watch the video a couple of times.

Conan O'Brien On CTFxC And TeraBrite

It's Valentine's Day and Charles and Alli have a special guest. Yes, Mr Conan O'Brien actually says CTFxC FTW" (although he did make a slight error). How did Charles & Alli get Conan filmed? Well, TeraBrite (aka Sabrina & DJ), who did the closing music for the CTFxC videos, were on Conan's TV show because of a contest.

And here's the whole video when TeraBrite ambushed Conan:

If you want to see the great video they shot that won them the chance to be on O'Brien's show, take a look: Conan's VD Explosion Contest Entry. You'll probably like it simply for the awesome burp.

How did CTFxC do in that epic "Just Dance 2" dance off?

Well, I'm glad you asked. You will find out at the start of the video. If you have no idea what this "dance off" contest was, it was between Charles and Alli, Wheezy Waiter and Philip DeFranco. See this Bradshaw's Blog post to see all of them busting moves respectively.

YouTube Channel For Sale On Ebay? Um, That Would Be No

I heard about this story a while back where some idiot tried to sell their Youtube account on eBay for a tidy sum of money. The person had scammed his way into having a bunch of subscribers and then advertised that the channel had "lots of involved subscribers" and that you could continue to grow the channel as you saw fit. "Not one fake friend or bot" - yeah, RIGHT.

Take a look at the following video by TheWillofDC that he posted back in March 2010 where he tells you how PeachofMeat and how he scammed his way to 170,000 subscribers using Facebook group tricks.

Here's a followup about the eBay auction by MyVideosYourViews.

There's another good response video by KalebNation over on his blog:

Of course after all this, PeachofMeat's channel is still active on Youtube so I'm guessing the one that was sold was a different one.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Do You Watch The Shaytards?

There are some people who wonder why anyone would bother watching a daily vlog about a family living in Idaho just going about the lives and uploading extra-long videos on Youtube. Well, I am one of those who watch the Shaytards EVERY day because of the guy in the following clip:

I don't know Shay Carl personally, and haven't had the chance to meet him yet, but I consider him a friend simply because of these glimpses he allows into his life. Shay is so devoted to his family and it shows in that video (as for once he is left almost speechless) as he's "thinking about his little daughter asleep in her bed".

In case you are not a regular viewer of the Shaytards, you may not know what he was talking about. The picture on the cover of James Blunt's album is a one Shay's wife Katilette took of Shay tossing his youngest daughter (called Babytard in the videos) in the air and he proudly was watching Blunt's Tonight Show appearance.

This video was not uploaded on the family's Shaytard channel where most of their videos are seen, but on their iPhone channel called iphoneTARD. You need to subscribe to that channel to see bonus videos like this.

That's why I am subscribed to the Shaytards.

If You're An iJustine Fan You Should Be Subscribed To Her iPhone Channel

Yes, I'm an iJustine fan. There I said it. I like seeing her dance in Apple stores and I like watching her skits and when she acts like a goofball in general. Like most who follow her on Youtube and all the other Internet sites she is on, I first noticed her because she is definitely easy on the eyes but there are lots of pretty women on Youtube and the Internet. What I like about IJ is that she is willing to allow her innate goofiness shine through and laughs at herself.

The videos below are from her iPhone channel called ijustinesiphone. She mostly posts videos like a daily vlogger which is the style that I personally like best. She mentioned in one of her iphone videos that she is heading over to Madrid, Spain next week, but unsure why she's going to Europe. I think she mentioned that her sister Jenna (her Youtube channel is itsmejennae) is probably going to join her on the trip.

This video is just IJ on the way to her home away from home, the Apple Store and she finds out about a speed dating event happening nearby:

This one is iJustine at home after filming some videos for her main channel and just her kicking back and relaxing.

And one last one from her iPhone channel. Had to add this one because IJ just looks so good in red. (Ooh I just read what I typed and I sound like such a fanboy - Bradshaw loses coolness points). I do remember that song she was singing in this video - it's called "Got You (Where I Want You)" by The Flys (you can get it at Amazon, but not iTunes).

Like I said, if you are an iJustine fan, you probably might want to sub to her iPhone channel as she has been posting a lot of videos on this channel. There's all sorts of rumors about her & Tobuscus dating and she uploaded on recently with them in it, but you will have to go to her channel to watch it. I'm thinking she will also probably post some stuff about her trip to Spain on this channel too, so yet another reason to sub.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Geohot's Rap Entry To The Light It Up Contest

Look's like Geohot is now a rapper. If you don't know who he is, check out the Wikipedia page about George Hotz where it explains about his "problems" with Sony.

This video has actually received over 616K views in the 2 days since he released it and it is the most viewed right now.

The video is a response to TheRealStreetLight's *ENDED* The Light It Up Contest! (Street Light x Karmaloop Codes x Heretic East).

Looking Back At The 2010 Project For Awesome

Back in December 2010 once again the Youtube community came together got the Project 4 Awesome where people uploaded a ga-zillion videos simply to help others in the world and to spread a little bit of awesome. Take a look at this overview of the event that raised over $108,000 in 2010:

Every year around mid-December Youtube takes a time out from the general silliness and gets together to try to raise money for a multitude of charities. If you are interested in helping out, go to the main website:

In December 2011 we will do it all over again, so even though there are months and months to go before the 2011 get-together, sign up, and subscribe to the channel linked at the top for more information. Every little bit of support, be it financially or simply by watching and commenting is always welcome.

A Very Wheezy Valentine's Day

Yes, it is once again St Valentine's Day and Wheezy Waiter does what any fully grown man does on the 14th of February... don a Tina Turner wig and sing "What's Love Got To Do With It".

I for one didn't know that there were 3 St Valentines. It's almost like they were the Three Stooges of love (Curley: "So a romantic wise guy eh? Woo woo woo." Moe: "Why I outta...")

You have to wonder what Wheezy's neighbors must think about him doing stuff like dancing down the sidewalk in his PJs.

And how is Wheezy's handstands coming along you ask? Well, even if you didn't ask, he's up to 85 days of doing hand stands which are featured on his 2nd channel called wheezynews. In case you were not aware of Wheezy's 2nd channel, there it is: consider it my Valentine's Day gift to you. I know it is not the flowers or jewelry you wanted, but hey, we just met. Wait til you see what I have planned for your birthday :)

And if you want to find out more about Wheezy's band, here's a link to them over on Driftless Pony Club.

Grammy Awards On Youtube

For those who were watching the 2011 Grammy Awards <--(link to the Grammy winners on the Website), there is a new channel on Youtube that you can check out some of the clips from the show. Take a look at Grammys2011.

The clip shows Arcade Fire winning for Album of the Year and was presented by Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. There are a lot of clips, like Justin Bieber and Usher's performance (shown below) as well as Eminem's winning for Rap Album of the Year.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Has Shane Dawson Jumped the Shark On Youtube?

Jumping The Shark: The point when a television series begins to decline and has run it's course and is relying on gimmicks, odd storylines or replacing characters.

First off, I am not slamming Shane Dawson. I do think he is talented, but I am starting to grow weary of the reliance on tastless sex jokes that have become the stock in trade for most of what Shane has been posting on Youtube. Sure, some of what he says in his videos is funny, but some of the "jokes" wear thin. I rarely post any of Shane's videos here because a lot of what he says is in such poor taste. Another point is that a massive part of the audience are very young and really don't need to hear that stuff. I'm not trying to "protect their tender ears" as most people (even the very young) hear lots of swearing and crude language, but some of it is not for the very young.

In the video below he shoots his "grandmother" and blood gushes from her mouth and there's an impromptu sexual encounter. That, I didn't find too funny. Most of what is supposed to be "funny" is just there for the shock value - and most of it is just the same recycled humor and variations on the same jokes Shane has been using for a long time now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an old fart with no sense of humor. I love great fart jokes and sex jokes. Most of the jokes in this video barely registered a smile let alone a laugh. The problem is that his jokes aren't very clever. Sex jokes work best as a sort of garnish. Sprinkled liberally through a scene. Shane wields them like a club and relies on them way, way too much to be effective.

Shane Dawson Has Hit A Plateau On Youtube

In 2009-2010, Shane Dawson was all over Youtube. He was THE rising star getting 10s of thousands of new subscribers every week. If you take a look at what TheWillofDC was saying at the time in his videos, Dawson was gunning for the top spot as most subscribed on Youtube. So what happened? Shane made all the way to 3rd spot in the most subscribed list (which he still holds), but the number of new subs has slowed.

Back in July 2010 ShaneDawsonTV had 1,656,057 subscribers and today his main channel has 2,281,256 for a gain of 625,199 which is excellent. That's about 90,000 a month. Many would kill for those numbers. Meanwhile, Ray William Johnson had about 1,500,000 subscribers last July and now is closing in on 3 million subs and Ryan Higa's top spot (he should take it in May 2011), so Ray has taken the crown as "The Rising Star of Youtube". Actually, Shane's main channel is getting new subscribers slower than 6 others in the top ten. Smosh is about 100,000 behind Shane and will probably pass him around July or August. Even Fred is starting to catch up.

There is some good news because Shane has 2 other channels in the Top 100 most subscribed list, his ShaneDawsonTV2 and his iphone channel called shane. According to the website, all 3 channels get a total of about 1.3 million views each day (which is phenomenal) most people are not watching his main channel. For someone with 2 million subs, he is not getting as many views as others with comparative audiences.

Why Don't You Start An iPhone Channel?

Also, half of his views are on his iPhone channel where he posts short little clips and teasers. If you are thinking about doing this Youtube thing, you might want to consider doing the same thing - several prominent Youtubers are making bank and getting tons of views by doing this sort of thing with a 2nd or 3rd channel. A little extra promotion doesn't hurt - just sayin'.

So, Has Shane Dawson "Jumped The Shark?"

It's hard to say for sure. Yes, he's still getting a lot of views and according to that website I mentioned above he's making somewhere around $1,400/daily gross across all three channels (those numbers are of course simply estimates). But he is relying on the same jokes and not really growing his audience as much as he could.

He seems to be running in place which if he is generating $1,400 a day is a nice place to stay running in, but if you are not moving forward, you risk slipping back. Youtube is littered with channels that were successful at one time but now hardly anyone watches them.

Want More Info About What Jumping The Shark Means?

In case you've never seen the episode of Happy Days where the Fonzie (Henry Winkler) actually jumps the shark, the clip is shown below. Happy Days was a monster hit in the mid-to-late 70s and it started using lame gimmicks and storylines that made it less relevent.

The actor who played the ultra-cool Fonzie, Henry Winkler has had quite the career after leaving Happy Days as both a producer and as an actor. He appeared in several episodes of the series Arrested Development, and in one scene he made an inside joke as he jumped a dead shark lying on a pier. Take a look at that scene: Henry Winkler Jumps The Shark Again.


One good point about Shane's channel is that he does have a solid base of fans who love everything he puts out and watch eagerly. Getting to the point where your subscribers reach a critical mass is difficult to do, and the next step is to try to increase that group of viewers. I don't see ShaneDawsonTV getting many more subs, except those who are newbs to Youtube.

Also, using vulgar language to try to shock your audience only works for a while before the offensiveness of the words is all you are left with. If you hear the same language over and over, the shock wears off, the lack of cleverness is revealed, and people move on. Is that happening to Shane Dawson now?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Details Photoshoot Video With Vanessa Hudgens

It seems to that Vanessa Hudgens is appearing in more and more photoshoots lately and I had to include this one. To be honest, I was watching Philip DeFranco's latest video (shown below) and he mentioned that Hudgens was photographed for Details magazine and blah, blah, blah, you're already watch the video aren't you?

So a tip of the hat to Phil for pointing this out. Phil will be out of the country for a couple of weeks taking a much deserved (even though he doesn't think so) vacation over in Europe.

In the video below, Phil lets us know about the controversy about Tom Cruise using members of the scientology to work for him on the cheap, as well as the story about Vanessa Hudgens.

Finally, Phil gives us his impressions about the revolution in Egypt that toppled Hosni Mubarak today as the Egyptian people forced him to resign. I've been following that story closely and like many was surprised that it took the sudden turn that it did today. What does the future hold for Egypt? Right now, no one knows, but hopefully democracy will take root and florish.

And because he will be relaxing for a while, he left the interns in charge, but also filmed some videos for next week. All I saw was scantily-clad beautiful women with pillows. My interest is peaked.

Take180com Brings Us The OkMudBlood Dating Site: Not Just For Muggles!

Even a dark lord sometimes needs some sweet, sweet muggle lovin' and you have your choice of various shades of evil for those looking for a magical hookup, be it a one time date or an eternity of torment. Check out the lovelorn wizards who are on the prowl as take180com and ElectricSpoofaloo bring us the OKMudBlood Dating Service:

Yes, that's Shane Dawson as Bellatrix LeStrange. Or you could go for Lord "call me Voldee" Voldemorte, or if you have a hankering for a little bit of Snape, Severus seems more than willing to oblige.

I'm surprised they didn't get Hagrid or one of the Weasleys to submit a profile. Of course, the three featured would probably get lost in the shuffle if they included Hermione Granger.

iJustine Goes Heely Shopping With Tobuscus

And what is this about iJustine wanting a baby? Does that make Tobuscus (Toby Turner) her baby's daddy? But beyond the baby they picked up at the store, IJ is looking for some fancy heelys so she can show up Toby in the heely department.

I remember seeing some videos where iJustine was wearing heelys from back in the day (she mentions 2007), but Toby wears them every day and heelys like a semi-professional heely person. By the end of the video IJ was doing pretty good.

The video was shot around the the same time as the one posted on the Tobuscus channel (check out this post: Tobuscus And iJustine Are Dating?! Dispelling The Rumors). I don't know if they are actually dating or not, but there is so much chatter about them maybe getting together in the comments that I'm surprised they didn't include a shot of them heely-ing off into the sunset with the little eggshaped bambino (that baby sorta reminds the little brother of Kyle from South Park, Ike). I did like the tag words IJ used to describe the video (ijustine,is,not,really,having,baby,don't,worry lol).

Just to fan the rumors a little bit more, Toby also appears in iJustine's "Ask IJ" episode below. Awesome into for this one with the dude using sign language to "sing" the Ask IJ theme song:

IJ mentions that she is going to Play-List Live March 26-27 in Orlando. That link will take you to their main page for more info. there are a lot of youtubers going (Meekakitty, Wheezy Waiter, livelavalive, KassemG, Lisa Nova just to name a few) so if you are interested, check out their website.

Hmmm and now Tobuscus has posted a video from his perspective about their heely purchasing excursion. And he used the line I said he should use in the post I linked to above. Toby? Are you now reading Bradshaw's Blog for reference material? If yes, pretend to fall down in the video below:

Don't cross the audience streams! Yes, that was some hot, heely action.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If Ray William Johnson Can Make $2,000 A Day On Youtube Why Can't I?

According to the website, it looks like Ray William Johnson could be making as much as $2,000 each day from his Youtube channel. Really? 2K per day?

Actually the numbers used to calculate what Ray "potentially" makes each day are imprecise. Don't get me wrong, Ray is probably making a great living these days through his main channel, but is he really making as much as $730,000 a year ($2,000 x 365 days equals 730K) just by posting videos onto Youtube? I don't know. Ray knows, and Youtube probably knows, and Ray's accountant and the taxman, too I guess.

But how does the website come up with that figure? According to the website and what I've read elsewhere, the figure is based pretty much entirely on 2 factors - traffic to his channel and an average clickthrough rate on the ads. That is where the fuzzy math comes in.

The daily traffic (views) is a relatively precise measurement, but the imprecision is the clickthrough rate. Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Adsense and other advertising on the Internet knows that your clickthrough rate fluctuates because of any number of reasons. The ads that get served to a viewer of your website, video in this case, vary from viewer to viewer based on their location as well as what the content the ads accompany. If someone goes to The Wall Street Journal and reads an article about the latest financial news they will most likely not see the same ad as someone going to Youtube to watch Ray's take on the latest viral video. Different content, different audience, different advertising. Also, on websites such as Youtube, most of the visitors are there for one thing in mind (boobs), that is for content creators to "entertain me".

Yes, those on Youtube who have massive audiences will have a portion of their viewers who are enticed by advertising. But most visitors are interested in watching videos, not ads. According to what one of the creators of says, the daily gross is "potential daily gross" and they think they could be over or under for some of the channels they track by as much as 30 percent. So it is obviously not entirely accurate. Still, I think you will agree that those in the Youtube Partnership Program who are getting massive traffic to their videos are probably doing fine monetarily-wise, thank you very much.

But what about that figure quoted above about Ray making $730,000 a year? How precise is that? If you look at the graph, it shows that the daily gross fluctuates a great deal. This is true for those at the top of heap as far as viewership goes and it is the same for those further down the list. If you post a video, especially if you are well-known, you will get a rush of views, but then it starts to decline over time. According to the website, fewer views mean less money - makes sense right?

Some people are lucky and create videos that continue to get a respectable number of views months, sometimes years after they are posted. This is called "evergreen" content and it is the same for articles, blogs, and just about on every platform online. If you can create something that continues drawing visits, that content can continue generating money, but it is difficult to do.

Although it says Ray potentially earned $2,000 yesterday, that could slip tomorrow and the next day, so you cannot say with any certainty that "Ray makes $XXX,XXX a year". It is the same for everyone on Youtube who is involved in the Partnership program. The amount they make varies day to day.

How Much Do Youtube Partners Make?

An article came out last summer that I mentioned in a post on Bradshaw's Blog called Article Out Says 10 YouTube Stars Making $100,000 A Year. The article in question was based on faulty math and apparent guesswork, although Phil DeFranco did respond in a video (included in the post) and Greg Benson of MediocreFilms did as well. I liked Phil's take on the article as he basically said even if he was making a nice living doing what he was doing on Youtube, that viewers hopefully wouldn't judge him by the size of his wallet.

We all have friends, relatives and people we know who make more or less than we do, and unless you are someone like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates I hope you don't look at them and just see dollar signs. If people are making a lot of money on Youtube, I wouldn't begrudge them of their good fortune. Just like in any field, there are people who find that niche that pans out well for them and that's what we are all trying to do. Just because someone is further along financially than you or me doesn't mean we are a failure or that we cannot applaud them for their good fortune. If you do the work, put in the effort, you can do better too. Always remember that even if you feel you are comparatively poor, there is always someone else who would trade places with you in a heartbeat.

Use The Figures On As Motivation

If you do go to the website and check what some of your favorite youtubers who are in the partnership program are potentially making, use that as motivation to do better yourself. Definitely check out what Shane Dawson, MysteryGuitarMan, iJustine and all the most subscribed people on Youtube might possibly be earning, but look further down the list and see what it takes as far as views to potentially make $1, $10 or $100 a day.

See how many views would it take to earn $1 every day. How do you reach that first hurtle? How can you attract enough viewers so you can earn $10 a day? How many videos have some partners posted and how often do they post new videos? Are the videos you are posting better quality, funnier or more topical than someone else's? How can you make your videos better? Look at that part of the equation rather than looking at what Ray William Johnson makes.

Do The Hard Work Required To Get To Your Next Level

Many who see what Ray or others on Youtube may be making and think that it is all so easy for them and that they can do what Ray does, or Phil DeFranco, Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson, or Smosh does, but all this success didn't just drop in their lap. If you watch their videos all have infuriating problems uploading videos and each has to come up with great content consistently which is definitely not easy. All have to go through the process of figuring out what they want to do, doing it, filming it, editing, posting, and then starting the process all over again. And they've been doing this for years.

What they do is a grind, but the good outweighs the bad otherwise they probably wouldn't be doing it. They have put in the time and effort to build their audiences. Do you have what it takes? There are rewards, but like most things in life it takes a lot of work to reach this level.

Timjdeegan And Zarmckim: A Little Skating And Epic Car Fail

I've been subbed to timjdeegan and his girlfriend zarmckim (aka Sara) since I saw their video about going to the Toronto Youtube gathering to see Shay Carl and Wheezy Waiter back in November (see Shay Carl And Wheezy Waiter Behind The Scenes).

That's how I find a lot of interesting youtubers - they make videos in response to a top youtuber or about an interesting topic. If you make interesting stuff, people will find you eventually. Also, Zar has incredible dimples when she smiles, which I am a sucker for. I've been watching their videos and they do make a cute couple (sometimes they seem like an old married couple when they bicker, but that's funny too).

Anyway, back to the video:

It looks like a little bit of car trouble. It doesn't seem too serious, but anything that takes you off the road (especially in the midst of a Canadian winter) is somewhat serious. So Tim and Zar engage in a little skating. Zar is actually pretty good once she found her balance. Tim proves that not all Canadian guys were born with skates on lol. But there are lots of people who can't even stand on ice while wearing skates, so he did okay.

So, was the car okay? They posted the 2nd part over on Zar's channel:

"If one more car honks at me I'm gonna get out of this car and open a can of whoopass" lol Zar breaks me up with her tough talk. Still don't know if they will pay a fortune to get Tim's car fixed, but at least they have that other one to get around.

Partners Project: Shira Lazar Interviews Cenk Uygur Of The Young Turks

One of the channels that I have been following recently is the Partners Project with Shira Lazar. She interviews some of the top Youtube Partners and gets some of their back stories and how they became top performers of the Youtube and online community.

In this recent video, Shira talks with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks which is the biggest online news program in the world. I am personally subscribed to The Young Turks who cover everything from politics to sports to the latest in the entertainment world. Their political news is the channel's bread and butter, told with a refreshing honesty. They will not shy away from pointing out the hypocrisy and downright lies that those in the world of politics will try to foist upon an unsuspecting public. But they also are willing to discuss the funny and absurd stories that bubble up on the Internet.

You can follow both the Partners Project and The Young Turks on Youtube by subscribing at the links above. You can also follow The Young Turks elsewhere on the Internet:

Twitter: @theyoungturks

And check out their website (they call it the "Rebel Headquarters"):

Cenk Gives Some Youtube Protips

Here's a second video where Cenk discusses how to be successful on Youtube. There's some good advice in this clip:

I liked that in this video Cenk gives some great advice for those trying to make Youtube partner. "Just do it" is his basic message. It doesn't matter where you start as long as you make that start. Look at the old (almost archival lol) footage in the video and you can see Cenk sitting at a table just speaking into a microphone when he started TYT.

ProTip From Cenk: Don't try to make things perfect, just start and improve as you go along.

They are now a massive online presence getting over 18 million views every month. Do you think Cenk thought they would be where they are today when they started broadcasting? He probably hoped it would turn out like this, but like anyone just starting out there are doubts. Each month TheYoungTurks just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Make the start and continue bringing your enthusiasm every day for each video you post and eventually you will find a level of success.

If you want to see Cenk in action, here's a clip from when he was on MSNBC discussing the Egyptian situation.

You can see Cenk Uygur on MSNBC weekdays at 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charles Trippy And Alli, Wheezy Waiter And Phil DeFranco Bust A Move

It looks like it is Game ON for Charles Trippy and Alli (CTFxC) as they are now in an epic dance off with Wheezy Waiter and Philip DeFranco. They have been challenged by the good folks at Ubisoft who brought us Just Dance 2 and here they are bustin' moves left, right and center:

Have to admit, I am glad Charles declined wearing the little green shorty shorts. Alli looks SO much better in them. Gotta give Charles props for his mad dancing skills. I don't think I've ever seen him dance in any of his videos (actually Alli mentions she doesn't think she has ever seen him dance before either).

But now on to Wheezy. He of course enlists the aid of one of his multitude of Wheezy clones. I think Wheezy may have the moves of Bristol Palin.

And here's Philip DeFranco's entry which features the scrumptious Tricia Helfer, formerly of Battlestar Gallactica and now a part of so many other things such as the video below. I was so busy watching Tricia shaking her booty that it took me a while to notice the "special effects" going with Phil's face lol. Gotta say Tricia looked GOOOD. A Very pretty woman.

If you want to vote for Charles/Alli or Wheezy/Wheezy clone, or Phil and Tricia, you have to go to the Just Dance 2 page over on Facebook: I did check out the page quickly and it has a bunch of the songs and dance moves posted on the Facebook page and you can go to their Youtube channel at justdancegame where they've uploaded about 275 videos related to the game.

Monday, February 7, 2011

DaveDays Shows How To Play Olive You On Acoustic Guitar

Fans of davedays and kimmitalks (aka Kimmi Smiles) have been asking for Dave to show how to play the song they made together last August called Olive You<-- that's a link to buy it on iTunes.

Dave shows how to play the various parts of the song on acoustic guitar (with an odd emphasis on the G string for some unknown reason). You can also find more about what Dave is up to either by going to his main channel (link above) or his website called (surprise, surprise)

The only drawback with the video is that Dave is a lefty and most people play guitar the opposite way. There's a video idea for you. If you can play Olive You right-handed, you should do a video response to Dave's video played with your right hand.

VidCon 2011 Baby!

It is approaching quicker than you think. The video below was just posted on the VidCon channel with some highlights from last year's first ever VidCon at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in L.A.

You can go to the official VidCon 2011 website for all the info you will need. I also put together a little VidCon 2011 page of my own if you want to take a look. It links back to the main site too.

It starts July 29th, so order your tickets now before they sell out like last year.

Phil DeFranco Finds His Own Glitch In The Matrix

I had to share this video of PhilipDeFranco mentioning that he might do a college tour. As he was talking about it I was thinking "just like a Youtube gathering" and he said just like a meet and greet. That's actually pretty cool. PhillyD ~ coming to the quad. If I was at college I would probably go see him. Anyway, check out the video below:

I found it interesting when he was talking about how shy he was as a child to even speaking with other people and he would "go into shut down mode." I can SO relate to that. I still have that problem when meeting new people I usually keep very quiet myself and try to fade into the background. After I get to know them, I can interact like a normal person, but I do understand what Phil's talking about here.

"If your penis is metal... can Magneto make you hard?"

LOL, that was so out of left field. But then he goes back into his fear of talking and how by doing these vlogs he feels that he has been able to overcome that fear to a certain extent. It's his own personal "glitch in the Matrix." He "found a loophole where he can talk to himself."

It sort of makes me wonder if it would work for me too. I've been considering making vlogs on Youtube for a while now, but I've been a little nervous about doing it. I know I can string together some coherent phrases, but would it play in YoutubeLand? Maybe I should try. I opened my Youtube account because I wanted to see Phil's videos so maybe use him as an example to get me actually doing videos... okay, that was somewhat cathartic lol. I'm better now. Let's get back to Phil's video.

Phil's heading off to Rome at the end of the week. I'm wondering if he and his girlfriend LinzLoves are going. She did a series of vlogs about her trip to Rome recently. I just checked and I didn't post anything on here about that like I had planned, but check out her channel at the link above.

Phil DeFranco Decusses The Super Bowl And Kim Kardashian's Sublime Buttocks

After watching that last video on his vlog channel, in my Youtube inbox was the "Philip DeFranco Show". This was the first video since the middle of last week although as Phil mentions, his editor Matty triumphantly filled in for him. One thing I'm glad Matt didn't say at the end of the vlog he did was they we were "Matted in" which would have sounded wrong on many levels. In this one, Phil discusses the Super Bowl and all the hoopla (yes, there was hoopla) with the commercials, the halftime show etc.

We do get a chance to see the spherical wonders that make up the booty of Kim Kardashian as she appeared in some shoe commercial. Yes, Kim's bottom is one of a kind (well, two of a kind if you think about it). Being Canadian, we don't get to see the same commercials as those south of the border so I didn't see the guest appearance of the rump that walks like a Kardashian. In Canada we get ads for bikes on sale at Canadian Tire and news about the latest Bagel Belts at Tim Hortons (Yeeeaaaa).

I did hear about the sale of The Huffington Post to AOL which is an interesting turn. AOL rears it's ugly snout once more. As a blogger, seeing the money being shovelled in the direction of Arianna Huffington I do want to write more. Maybe I can turn this lamea$$ blog into the next HuffPo? Doubtful, but dare to dream.

Some what do you take away from these two videos besides Kim Kardashian's tukus? Phil might be doing a college tour which is interesting. He's also giving away some of those posters - if you want to enter the contest, you will have to go to Youtube, like, favorite and comment on the 2nd video.

Under The Radar: Jason Kertson

I was screwing around on Twitter and saw a tweet by Ray William Johnson (he's @RayWJ) who said that he just watched the following video by Jason Kertson and Ray was impressed. So I thought I would take a look for myself:

Young dude has quite the voice! He's singing You Can't Do That by the Beatles. The video was posted over a year ago and he's posted a bunch more songs to his sacrifyce4 Youtube channel.

Below you will find Kertson doing Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana.

If you liked what you heard, you can subscribe to his channel at the link above. He has uploaded 23 videos so far and Kertson's got a distinctive voice. Someone you might want to keep an eye on.

Taryn Southern Sings For Her iTunes Winner

Last fall, TarynSouthern uploaded a song called Keep It In Your Pants (that link will take you to iTunes so you can download it) and promised a song for one of the people who downloaded it from iTunes. The winner was a guy named Brian Donahue (lucky b*stard) so he gets crooned to by Taryn in the following video:

I posted about her video for the song here: Taryn Southern Tells You To Keep It In Your Pants, so if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check it out.

And as always, check out Taryn's other Youtube channel called Hott4Hill and you can follow her on Twitter @tarynsouthern. If you want to find out what Taryn is up to as an actress, check out her page over at IMDB she's on The Temp Life. Plus, she's even got her own Wikipedia page (how many Youtubers have that?).

Any chance I get to promote Taryn, I'm on the job.
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