Friday, September 30, 2011

TheFineBros Peanuts Epic: You're Entering Puberty Charlie Brown!

This is too awesome! TheFineBros have been making great videos on Youtube for a while now and they answer what happens to the Peanuts gang when they start to go through the changes from kid to adult. They also have some great bloppers from the making of the video so go to their Youtube channel and subscribe.

"Wha-wa-wha! Wa-wha-wha-wa-wha!" I always wondered what happened to the adults in Charlie Brown's universe.

The Fine Bros (Rafi & Benny) also have a great series where they show older viral videos to kids and film their reactions. Below is one of their latest where they show the one about the kid trying to show off his epic Star Wars light saber moves. You should watch this one too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How Much Does Youtube Pay Top Partners?

Youtube posted the above information on the site's statistics page.

Youtube recently posted that there are now hundreds of partners making as much as $100,000 a year or more through the site's Youtube Partnership Program. the vast majority of partners do not make anywhere near that figure but some like Ray William Johnson and other top youtubers make a lot more than that. How much does Ray William Johnson make on Youtube? Exact amounts are hard to get but there are some sources that will provide estimates if you just look for them.

A while back I wrote a post called If Ray William Johnson Can Make $2,000 A Day On Youtube Why Can't I? which used figures from which showed that RWJ was making about $2,000 a day from just his Equals 3 channel as a member of the Youtube Partnership Program. The website is now defunct and went belly up soon after my post. I'm still getting questions about the earnings that Johnson and other prominent youtubers get from Youtube and some reasonable estimates are available online at websites such as Socialblade and elsewhere. How accurate their numbers are is a point of conjecture.

The information below is available at Socialblade and each of the links listed below will take you to take particular stats page. How does the website arrive at the dollar amounts given? According to Socialblade their numbers are "Based on a 0.5 to 3.25 CPM. CPM on YouTube's are not public and are estimated to range vastly so use this for entertainment value only. Also not valid if channel is not a partner." Only the Youtube partner, Youtube and perhaps their accountant and the tax department really know what people make on Youtube and the amount they get day to day and month to month fluctuates so much that it is almost impossible to nail down a hard figure.

Myu2b stopped updating their website, their twitter account stopped sending out tweets back in January and now the site is gone from the web. One guy started posted a bunch of videos relying on's numbers saying he wanted to "expose" (as he termed it) how much many of the most subscribed youtubers were making through the Youtube Partnership Program including the video below:

Actually I kind of cringed every time he called Ray William Johnson "Ray Williams Johnson" (which he did in at least three videos) because it sounded like he was talking about a channel by Ray's, um, johnson. His name is rjared and his video about how much nighiga was making from Youtube got over a million views. He then did a whole series of videos about various partners and promised to release the name of the website at the end of the series, but myu2b tanked.

First, take a look at what Ray William Johnson is approximately earning from Youtube.


$1,337.50 - $9,362.52 /day

$488,188 - $3,417,319 /yr


$345.85 - $2,420.96 /day

$126,236 - $883,649 /yr


$87.94 - $615.60 /day

$32,099 - $224,694 /yr


$1,771.29 - $12,399.08 /day

$532,913 - $4,525,662 /yr

First off, you can throw away that $4.5 million dollar figure because that is just ridiculous. An educated guess would be that the lower figure is closer to being accurate and I would probably double that amount for most of those listed here. Also, in Ray's case, he also makes money from t-shirts and other merchandise as well as downloads of his music from his Yourfavoritemartian channel. There has been some speculation that Ray is Youtube's first millionaire and I think that is probably accurate.

What Do Other Famous Youtubers Make?

Not everyone who is a top Youtuber is a millionaire but most are likely enjoying a fair bit of success monetarily. As mentioned above, if you want to get a real approximation for how much money top youtubers make each year, take the lower yearly figure and double it. Each link given below will take you to take partnered channel's Socialblade page which gives what they figure is the amount that channel earned over the past 30 days and what they are likely to make this year. Most on this list would probably see the higher figures and just say "I wish I made that much".

The people chosen here are in no particular order and appear because they are looked at as very successful with the Youtube website. Some like Philip DeFranco plow most of their earnings back into their own businesses and take only a portion as actual income. If you are on the website Reddit, you might have seen the thread Phil did about his experiences on Youtube. Take a look at an article about that here Philip DeFranco Drops Bombshell On Reddit – Some YouTubers Make Six Figures A Month! (or you can check out the actual Reddit thread.)


$704.92 - $4,934.42 /day

$352,231 - $2,465,618 /yr


$45.19 - $316.35 /day

$16,496 - $115,469 /yr


$750.11 - $5,250.77 /day

$273,791 - $1,916,532 /yr


$965.02 - $6,755.12 /day

$352,231 - $2,465,618 /yr


$18.90 - $132.32 /day

$6,900 - $48,297 /yr


$342.04 - $2,394.31 /day

$124,846 - $873,922 /yr


$1,325.96 - $9,281.75 /day

$483,977 - $3,387,837 /yr


$238.87 - $1,672.08 /day

$87,187 - $610,308 /yr


$180.04 - $1,260.30 /day

$65,716 - $460,009 /yr


$158.53 - $1,109.72 /day

$57,864 - $405,048 /yr


$577.44 - $4,042.10 /day

$210,767 - $1,475,365 /yr


$177.10 - $1,239.72 /day

$64,642 - $452,497 /yr


$3.24 - $22.69 /day

$65,716 - $460,009 /yr


$180.34 - $1,262.41 /day

$65,825 - $460,779 /yr


$546.66 - $3,826.63 /day

$199,532 - $1,396,722 /yr


$117.47 - $822.29 /day

$42,877 - $300,137 /yr


$664.13 - $4,648.92 /day

$242,409 - $1,696,859 /yr


$647.38 - $4,531.69 /day

$236,295 - $1,654,067 /yr


$332.53 - $2,327.68 /day

$121,372 - $849,603 /yr


$35.59 - $249.16 /day

$12,992 - $90,942 /yr


$5.45 - $38.18 /day

$1,991 - $13,937 /yr


$1.64 - $11.50 /day

$599 - $4,196 /yr


$1,022.59 - $7,120.03 /day

$373,249 - $2,612,745 /yr


$114.50 - $801.47 /day

$41,791 - $292,538 /yr


$11.77 - $82.41 /day

$4,297 - $30,079 /yr


$126.27 - $883.88 /day

$46,088 - $322,617 /yr


$227.91 - $1,595.40 /day

$83,189 - $582,320 /yr


$39.55 - $276.84 /day

$14,435 - $101,047 /yr


$267.46 - $1,872.24 /day

$97,624 - $683,367 /yr


$565.84 - $3,960.91 /day

$206,533 - $1,445,732 /yr


$35.39 - $247.73 /day

$12,918 - $90,423 /yr


$138.77 - $971.42 /day

$50,652 - $354,567 /yr


$22.46 - $157.25 /day

$8,199 - $57,395 /yr


$786.46 - $5337.31 /day

$278,302 - $1,948,117 /yr


$151.36 - $1,059.53 /day

$55,247 - $386,727 /yr


$41.97 - $293.77 /day

$15,318 - $107,227 /yr


$193.33 - $1,353.30 /day

$70,565 - $493,954 /yr


$295.72 - $2,070.05 /day

$107,939 - $755,570 /yr


$17.73 - $124.09 /day

$6,470 - $45,291 /yr


$1.78 - $12.44 /day

$649 - $4,541 /yr


$315.23 - $2,206.58 /day

$115,058 - $805,402 /yr


$76.37 - $534.60 /day

$27,875 - $195,127 /yr


$2.98 - $20.86 /day

$1,088 - $7,613 /yr


$79.35 - $555.46 /day

$28,963 - $202,740 /yr


$726.37 - $5,084.60 /day

$265,125 - $1,855,878 /yr


$726.37 - $5,084.60 /day

$265,125 - $1,855,878 /yr


$430.37 - $3,012.60 /day

$157,086 - $1,099,600 /yr


$430.37 - $3,012.60 /day

$157,086 - $1,099,600 /yr


$93.65 - $655.52 /day

$34,181 - $239,267 /yr


$22.78 - $159.44 /day

$8,314 - $58,195 /yr


$27.01 - $189.08 /day

$9,859 - $69,016 /yr


$23.11 - $161.79 /day

$8,436 - $59,054 /yr


$5.51 - $38.56 /day

$2,010 - $14,073 /yr


$172.06 - $1,204.39 /day

$62,800 - $439,605 /yr


$371.51 - $2,600.55 /day

$135,600 - $949,202 /yr


$173.72 - $1,216.05 /day

$63,409 - $443,860 /yr


$304.84 - $2,133.87 /day

$111,266 - $778,864 /yr


$850.07 - $5,950.47 /day

$310,275 - $2,171,926 /yr


$164.59 - $1,152.12 /day

$60,075 - $420,522 /yr


$9.69 - $67.83 /day

$3,537 - $24,757 /yr


$174.28 - $1,219.95 /day

$63,612 - $445,279 /yr


$148.61 - $1,040.26 /day

$54,242 - $379,695 /yr


$20.59 - $247.11 /day

$7,516 - $90,195 /yr


$19.18 - $134.26 /day

$7,001 - $49,006 /yr


$4.31 - $30.18 /day

$1,573 - $11,014 /yr


$192.69 - $1,451.81 /day

$70,332 - $529.910 /yr


$231.06 - $1,617.45 /day

$84,338 - $590,368 /yr


$33.42 - $233.96 /day

$12,199 - $85,396 /yr


$33.53 - $234.68 /day

$12,237 - $85,659 /yr


$9.88 - $69.17 /day

$3,607 - $25,246 /yr


$9.88 - $69.17 /day

$608 - $4,258 /yr


$309.56 - $2,166.92 /day

$112,989 - $790,927 /yr

Finally, I'm not posting this to "expose" what anyone is making on Youtube. No matter how accurate the numbers are hopefully you are not looking at Youtube simply as a piggybank or looking at the more successful ones with envious eyes. As mentioned, the majority of youtubers do not make money like this. Post videos if you love doing it and if you find some success, that's cool, but do it because you enjoy doing it and don't dive in with dollar signs in your eyes.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

RiotGamesInc Nets 140K New Subs In One Day Breaks Into Youtube's Top 100

There is a gaming channel on Youtube that is blowing up right now. It's called RiotGamesInc who has amassed an astounding 139,500-plus in the past 24 hours. This channel now has over 729,000 subs and that total puts them at around 86th overall on Youtube's Most Subscribed List. How does that happen?

To give those numbers some perspective, JennaMarbles, the next most subscribed channel garnered a mere 6,700 in the last day or so. Apparently the channel has just grown by 24% OVERNIGHT. First, take a look at RiotGamesInc's latest video below:

This video was released September 22, 2011 and has received over 334,000 views which does not even put the video in the top 20 most viewed for the past week. So their video is not driving all those subscribers to them. Actually, the channel has not released a massively successful video from what I can tell. The channel does have lots of videos which have a million to two million views which is an awesome number of course, but there are other channels which have four or five million views or more. Is there some sort of skullduggery afoot? As far as the video above goes, there is not much substantially different from many of the other gaming news channels.

RiotGames has a successful website called with lots of devoted players (see their press release from July 26: Riot Games Celebrates the End of League of Legends Season One: Registered Players Surpass 15 Million, with Over 1.4 Million Players Every Day) also there are tournaments going on now over at cybersportsnetwork at Twitch.TV.

BUT: it does look odd that they were receiving new subs at the rate of about 1,200 per day and then that number shot up to 118,000 on September 22nd and 193,000 on the 23rd.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

DeStorm Gives You A Little Pep Talk About How To Be Successful On Youtube And Elsewhere

I've been subscribed to DeStorm for a long time now and he recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers on his main Youtube channel. He just posted a couple of videos giving his take on how to become a Youtube success story yourself and a lot of his advice can be applied to life in the real world. One thing, he uses some language that may not be appropriate for the little ones, but beyond that, this is some brilliant advice.

WHERE'S MY CAMERA! Like he mentions, DeStorm was a personal trainer at one point and he set that aside to work on Youtube and now he is definitely seeing things come to fruition. Make sure you watch the second video too.

If that doesn't get you motivated you are just dead inside. I'm really thinking of posting some videos myself and watching these videos certainly is a kick in the pants.

Katersoneseven Snubbed By Doctor House?!

If you follow "Katers Daily Capers" on Katersoneseven you may have known that she was planning on returning to England (just to visit, not to stay) in early September and this is just Kate & Cory (aka Mr Safety from smpfilms and DudeLikeHELLA) are getting ready to fly. One high point is when Kate & Cory spot a certain extremely famous actor waiting to board the plane at the airport...

Kate of course has more balls than I do because I would be a bit hesitant to approach someone so famous and she walks right up to him (grinning like crazy) and asks Hugh Laurie (Dr Gregory House from the television show House in case you didn't know) and requests a hug but is turned away. Now I don't know Laurie but love his work on the show House as well as all of his previous work, but how can you turn down a hug from a pretty girl like Kate? I loved Cory's reaction (at 8:00): "You know, he totally Housed you" and then did a spot on impression of Laurie's walk.

Of course, Laurie probably gets approached a lot for autographs from fans but not requests for hugs in busy airports. I'm guessing that with the hat pulled down and the sunglasses he was hoping to get through the airport unnoticed. Not all celebs want to be "on" at all times and he was likely heading back to England to visit his family and felt he was "off the clock" as far as his star persona and didn't want to draw attention to himself during his own private time. Still awesome that she did get a chance to meet such a big star and when she next meets him she can remind him of how he snubbed her in the airport and get that hug!

Since Kate went back to England she has had a bunch of adventures, renewed old friendships ("The Loud One and that crowd of lunatics) and packed up what remained at her mother's place - actually you get to see Kate's mother in a later video - and has now returned to California with a bunch of boxes in tow. I would recommend watching just about every one of her vlogs while in England and Cory's channels for his take on England, especially her friend "the Loud One's birthday party.
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