Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trailer For THE HOBBIT Released On Youtube

I first read the book The Hobbit way back in about grade 5 actually just after our teacher had read the entire story to us over the course of several weeks. Immediately I jumped all over The Lord Of The Rings series and the other books by J.R.R. Tolkien.

When the first movie from the Lord Of The Rings (10 years ago!) hit the screen I knew they had struck gold as it was a visual treat to watch and pretty much stuck to the Tolkien storyline. I wondered when they were ever going to bring the prequel of Bilbo Baggins' The Hobbit to the screen and the production was beset by difficulties and it looked like the elderly Ian McKellen may not be available to recreate his excellent role of Gandalf the Grey. Finally they've moved forward with the movie and they have released the first trailer which you should see below.

The film will not be released until December 2013 a full two years from now but just from this trailer I believe it will definitely be worth it. Gandalf looks as weathered as he did in the trilogy and we see the youthful Bilbo and his meetup with the host of Dwarves who will accompany him on his adventure (and his fateful first meeting with Gollum). I am looking forward to more sneak peeks at this film during the run up to it's release.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bradshaw, Where You Been?

Yes, it has been a long, LONG time since I have posted a blog post on Bradshaw's Blog but I do have a very legit excuse for my absence. In mid-November I was involved in a car accident (I was a pedestrian) and was struck crossing the road at the corner. I spent 2 weeks in the ICU of two hospitals suffering from what was described as a fractured skull, a brain injury along with cracked vertebrae, plus the loss of about 10% of my body weight. I am still no where's near recovered although I was released after a lengthy hospital stay (luckily with cute nurses). Although I will likely be unable to return to work for the foreseeable future I am able to watch Youtube videos and zip around the Internet. It is difficult doing too much as it seems I still suffer from a moderately severe concussion and become exhausted with any amount of activity. I thought I should write something here to let those who do read this blog know that I have not abandoned it and will continue posting regularly. There are obviously some lingering effects that I will have to deal with which I hope will not become any kind of permanent limitations - I do have a surprisingly strong discipline and I am determined to get past this. Still, this could have been ever more severe than it has been. Having the effects of a concussion (among other ailments) is difficult to deal with - just ask Sidney Crosby. I had considered doing a P4A video about my condition but found it much too difficult to do at this time. Perhaps I will be able to film and post it in the new year. I do appreciate you spending the time to read this and hope to have more Youtube news and videos posted shortly.
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