Monday, June 6, 2011

Charlie McDonnell Has A Big Coming Out Video: We Suspected As much

If you have been watching Charlie McDonnell's charlieissocoollike channel you have probably thought that something was a little "off" about Charlie through the years and in this video he reveals the truth of the matter.

So, with the help of robotics technician Artie Blotch (as well as general lab assistant Alex Day) we find out that yes, Charlie is in fact a fabricated life form. He is a robot. It is as we all suspected from day one, what with all of those odd jump cuts (explained as being required due to overheating of the Charliebot). Now how do you explain Nerimon?

CTFxC: L.A. Roof Top Pool Party With Wheezy Waiter

CTFxC's Charles Trippy and Alli Speed are in L.A. covorting with Wheezy Waiter on the roof of a building with a huge pool. It just does not get better than that.

Later, they go to a favorite spot for locals and out-of-towners called Roscoe's for chicken and waffles and are joined by the folks from Prank vs. Prank.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shaytards: School's Out And The Shaytards Featured By Forbes Magazine

Yet another school year has now come and gone and it looks like the Shaytards are going to be heading back to California again before the next one starts. Today's video starts with the junior high "end of the year assembly" and a Cheerleader Flash Mob (with Carly in a cheerleader outfit). Sontard busts out the worm and a bunch of cheerleaders flood the gym floor for a dance.

Shay doesn't mention it during the video but he posted a link to an article that was written about the Shaytards in Forbes called ShayCarl’s Epic Journey To YouTube Stardom written by Michael Humphrey that tells Shay & Katilette's story about how they met and their success on Youtube. The article is just the first of six that Humphrey will be doing on various Youtubers. My guess is that he will be doing one of Phil DeFranco and maybe Ryan Higa or Ray William Johnson so keep an eye out for those.

Katersoneseven Gets Her New Apartment

About darn well time that Kate finally gets her own place! If you have been following "Kater's Daily Kapers" on her Youtube channel Katersoneseven you know she has been staying at Cory (smpfilms) Williams' place while she was in the United States but now she is venturing out and getting an apartment of her own for the first time.

You can always count on Cory to do something odd when they are in public like at a store and today was no exception. Kate was show a huge mixing bowl in the shape of a coffee mug (I was half expecting her to say "Do they have this in large?") when Cory rides past on a horse making sounds like hoofbeats ala Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Here's a screen shot but you have to watch the video because it is so unexpected and funny.

Cory rides a horse in the furniture store.
Most of the rest of the video is Kate just beginning to make her new home an actual home and expressing appreciation to those who have sent her housewarming presents.

A New Song From Lights

One of the reasons I enjoy Youtube so much is because of the original music that you can hear, especially that made by people you would not be able to see otherwise. One that I stumbled across has been Lights who is a singer/songwriter who has a new record coming out fairly soon. First here's one she wrote the day before she filmed the video below and the second video is an acoustic version of a song called "I Owe You One" from her first EP.

I like this next video. It is seesm so casual, with Lights just trucking around her apartment in a beat up sweatshirt and then playing an effortless version of one of her older songs.

You can buy this song (and other songs by Lights at itunes: buy it on iTunes. Also check out her website called of course.
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