Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MysteryGuitarMan's Bohemian Rhapsody

MysteryGuitarMan is known as one of the better youtubers and if you don't know who he is, you should. He has almost 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube which puts him 6th on the Top Ten Most Subscribed List. And he's very creative with his videos. This one is pretty good as MGM plays the much requested Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. A true classic and longtime favorite of Mike Myers' fans.

But MGM puts his own little spin on it with the slide whistle. This could have been terrible, and I was expecting an "okay" video, but I really liked it. So creative and it didn't seem like a cover version, but MysteryGuitarMan's own performance of the song. If you want to see more of his videos, there's a link at the start of this post to his Youtube channel or you could check out these other MGM posts on Bradshaw's Blog.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anne Spade Dropped From Google-YouTube Partnership For Clicking Her Own Ads

This is kinda sad. Ann Spade got dropped from her YouTube partnership for invalid clicking of the ads on her channel. She was searching for computer stuff and only found it on her YouTube channel and clicked it. Now it looks like Google dropped her. That is a big no-no.

This is one of those stories you hate to hear about. Ann seems like a really nice person and I've enjoyed her videos to date and I hope this doesn't stop her from continuing to upload because she is talented and just an interesting person. But, I know that you do not want to be clicking on your own ads because there is the possiblity of Google discovering this activity and it has happened to others in the past outside of Youtube - this is the most prominent youtuber I've run across who has lost their account.

So take this as a word of warning - you will lose your Google privileges if you violate the terms and conditions of your agreement.

Shaytards: Logantard's Football Game & 600th Video

It was cool seeing Logan's football game and then later Shay shooting hoops with Sontard. One thing I notice all the time is that even though he's got the tubbiness factor, Shay is athletic. He can handle a basketball. But then he's out of breath. Babytard trying to do the "hula-poop" was too cute.

What do you think about Shay not spilling on what their post office box address is? I do agree with Shay that viewers would be sending stuff for the tardlets like crazy, so probably a good decision not to tell everyone their mailbox address. And poor Mommytard with no iphone case ("It's sparkly!!") - such a girly-girl lol.

Have to agree with Shay on the privacy issue - the family needs to have some aspects of their lives out of the Youtube spotlight. But I do like the thought of a Shaytards BBQ! C'mon Shay! Invite us over! Honest, we won't drink your booze and eat all your food and leave a huge mess in the backyard.

Hard to believe it's the Shaytards 600th video. That is a lot of video. Let's see - that means their 1,000th video should be some time in October-November 2011 if they keep going. I have no doubts that you'll be seeing more of them til their 1,000th and beyond.

Olga Kay Wrestles In Chocolate Milk - In A Bikini

Not really sure what this is about, but for the perv element, this should be right up your alley. Olga Kay and Kristin Findley are in a small kiddie pool filled with chocolate milk and wrestling. Why? Don't know - don't care, lol. Olga looks particularly tasty in this video. I don't know if it's the hot girl on girl action or what, but thumbs up on this end.

Olga says all the usual youtuber suspects are there to film a new Shane Dawson music video which should be up either today (saturday or sunday) and I'll get it posted here too when I spot it. You do get to hear a bit of it at the beginning when Olga's boppin' away on the sofa.

It funny, ALL the guys are crowded around watching. And the pretty blond girl who kept saying it was hot is Bree, so check her channel out as well.

Friday, September 17, 2010

How Would You Ask iJustine Out On A Date?

I don't know if you've seen this one from iJustine (actually this one and the next video are posted on her 2nd channel), but in this one a german guy hits on iJustine. She's at the beach and the guy asks her to watch his bag for him and he disappears for about ten minutes or so. I immediately thought he was using the bag as a ploy to be able to strike up a conversation with her and she sees through his game pretty quickly. She may be blond, but even though she acts the part at times, she ain't no dumb cookie.

He comes back and makes some small talk and he asks her out but she declines in a polite way. Can't really blame him though, because she is, as they say, very easy on the eyes. Which of course brings up the question - how would you ask iJ out on a date? I don't know if she does date much (and really it's none of my business) but trying to have a relationship is difficult under the best of circumstances and she does seem to zip around the country a fair bit which is a bit of a drag on anyone trying to be together. Actually I think iJustine would probably be one of those people who you would have to be friends with before any romantic sparks were to happen. How would you approach her? Would you do like the german guy did?

I just read a bunch of the comments and aside from usual crap that she gets, there were some good comments from viewers. Some thought she should have taken a chance and others that thought it was totally creepy. A lot of people don't realize that when you live in a big city such as L.A. you don't get much of a chance to work your charms on that pretty girl you see so you do have to ask or you likely won't meet anyone. But then again pretty girls do have to fend off a lot of creeps and jerks. I think this will be one of those experiences that if she looks back on it she may have some regrets, but it was just a guy on the beach.

Still an enjoyable video and it did get me thinking and prompt me to write this. So she's still single. That means there's a chance guys! I suddenly thought of that scene in Dumb And Dumber where Lloyd Christmas asks the pretty girl, Mary Swanson out and she says she is "99 percent" sure that they will never hook up. And he optimistically says: "Sooo, what you're sayin' is... I got a shot!"

Anyway, moving on to her next video, iJ is playing the new PlayStation 3 with a couple of friends (she looks great in this video - so happy) and with her gamer girl skills she kicks some butt. That looks like fun - I may have to check that out.

CTFxC: Random Thursday & Punch Bugs By Phone

Teasing poor old Zoe with Silly Bandz? Charles, c'mon! Everyone knows she likes squeaky toys. It was funny seeing that Alli has been trying out her signature for after the wedding (no I don't know when they're going to tie the knot yet). She'll be Alli Trippy soon enough. Lol at the Batman part. You could see it in his face that Charles does NOT want to make another Batman fapping video (shown farther down the page) but maybe he can do a Batman video like his Barbie Sex Tapes video.

Gotta agree with Alli about the vlogging thing. If you're walking along by yourself holding a camera, it feels kinda weird. Even for people like Alli it weirds them out when people see them doing it - though I don't think Charles cares a whit lol. He does seem totally comfortable. Especially in his car like in this video.

Here's a link to Later Days on MySpace. they have a bunch more videos uploaded over there if you're interested. Also, if you want to check them out on iTunes, here's a link to download them Later Days on iTunes. But here's the band doing the song Charles was listening to:

And Charles of course had to play Punch Buggy via his phone with Alli. Never thought of that! If you have an iPhone (or any camera-phone I guess), you should do this - take a picture of a Volkswagon Beetle and send it to some friends saying they've been punch bugged. It's a "CTFxC Interactive Mission Game" or something. Check out his blog over at their Internet Killed TV website.

Loved the staring contest between Charles & Marley. Thought for sure she was going to stare him down this time lol. And then there's CTFxC Viewer Mail segment which is cool. I for one always like watching that stuff too. If you want to watch that video, click the link: CTFxC Viewer Mail.

And that was one mother of a bug that tried to mug Alli for her keys!

Here's the Batman Fapping Video:

TimothyDeLaGhetto Talks About Breaking Up With His Girlfriend

I'm a bit shocked. TimothyDeLaGhetto and his hot girlfriend have decided to break things off. Yes, his hot girlfriend Iliana. There was some rumors going around about our boy Tim steppin' out with someone and it looks like he and Iliana have decided to part ways and call it quits. Which is too bad, but like Tim says - "It's life."

Since I wasn't there it would be pretty low of me (or you) to comment on any misbehaviour on anyone's part and you can speculate as much as you want, but remember, this is real life, NOT Youtube. Give him and Iliana some benefit of the doubt and a certain amount of privacy. I wouldn't have even mentioned any of this, except he decided to put up a video because of all the comments that are being written on his channel and videos. Gotta admit it's kinda ballsy to step up in front of your almost 200,000 subscribers and address the issue.

One question: WTF is up with the red face Tim? Looks like you got WAY too much sun. It's probably something to do with the red shirt and red brim on his hat playing tricks with the camera, but wow - majorly red look to him in this video.

Anyway, take a look at his last video which was posted September 16th. If you have any comments about what he talked about in the first video, put them in the comment section below. Or if you want to talk about the 2nd video, do likewise.

Looking for more posts on Bradshaw's Blog about Tim? Check here: timothydelaghetto.

Hairspray Flash Dance Mob

130 very enthusiastic dancers take over a mall in Jersey to dance to songs from the Hairspray Loved the old couple at the start waltzing around the floor.

What do you think about flash mobs? I actually like them. One of the best was Shay Carl's from PHAMOUS PLANET HOLLYWOOD FLASH MOB!. I still watch that from time to time.

And one of the best is the one below, where they had over 200 people dancing to "Do Re Mi" from the classic movie The Sound Of Music. I like right at the beginning where the man and the young girl start dancing and it just spreads and spreads.

I Am Ironman - On A Tesla Coil?!

What do you think about this? Gotta admit I've NEVER seen anything like this before lol. The guy is playing Black Sabbath's Iron Man on a Tesla Coil. It looks like something out of Harry Potter or The X-Men movies.

The dude is carrying an iron guitar. I don't know what the suits are made of but they're kinda funky too. Also, I'm pretty sure this falls under the category of "Don't Try This At Home Kids."

What else should this guy try playing? Maybe a little Metallica? Does he take requests?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Phil DeFranco Discusses The Merits Of Inez Sainz's Booty & Saudi Arms Deals

I don't care what you say, Phil DeFranco aka Phil DeFranco is one funny dude. He talks about the awesomeness that is Inez Sainz's hindquarters and then changes gears and talks about the latest U.S. arms deal to Saudi Arabia and generates laughs all the way through.

Also, the problem of "Old People Bangin'" kicks off the latest PDS and it's almost a public service announcement to tell the oldsters to wrap that thing up! There's an huge increase in the viagra-set for STDs and I dunno if it's all viagra's fault. It could be that older folks just aren't as smart as we give them credit for - or it could be the old story of blood flow being diverted from the brain to "other areas" when people get sexually aroused. "What would Jesus do?" Lol.

And of course a bunch of Heidi Montage pictures. I don't care one whit about Heidi Montage as an actress, but I do have to agree with Phil on this one, even if she's "surgically enhanced" like most guys I can't tear my eyes away.

Positive Pranking With The Vlogbrothers

This is so cool! John Green of the vlogbrothers does some "positive pranking" by leaving Tootsie Pops in people's mailboxes as a sort of "reverse prank". John Green and his brother Hank upload videos to each other every other day to Youtube that get tons of views (almost 94 million to date). John does this in order to lower the problem of worldsuck just a little bit more.

His call to action to the Nerdfighters, is for the people who follow the vlogbrothers who are all for awesome. You can check them out at the Nerdfighters blog.

Here's John's note: "Hello! Your home has been TP'ed, which--for today, at least--means that it has been Tootsie Popped. These Tootsie Pops are your for the licking (and/or biting) not as a part of some marketing campaign but because of an initiative called Positive Pranking started by the author Amy Krouse Ronsethal with the help of the nerdfighters, an Internet-based community of people who seek to decrease the overall worldwide level of suck. Please enjoy, and if you're so inclined, start your own positive pranking adventure. You can find out more at http://blogs.vocalo.org/blog/amykr

Best wishes,

John Green"

If you're looking for Tootsie Pops, you can pick them up at Amazon.com fairly cheaply or shop locally. It doesn't have to be Tooties Pops, it could be just about anything. I was thinking that maybe you could even buy Halloween candy and do some positive pranking. The limits on this are endless!

Here's a link to Amy Krouse Rosenthal's blog. Let her know what you think about this idea.

And below she describes her new version of ding-dong-ditching:

Nice Peter Juggles Eggs In Slo-Mo & His Latest Video "Tru Gangster"

Here Nice Peter explains how he got started in "Show Business" and explains what happened in his Tru Gangster video (see below). Who would have thought he started out doing Irish dancing?!

What do you think about his wicked juggling skills? Not only is he a great guitar player, but he can juggle too. I do think that Olga Kay would probably kick his butt in the juggling department, but I don't think she would do quite as well on the guitar.

Take a look at Nice Peter's Best Spot In The Lot if you haven't seen it. It looks like Shay Carl took down his video but Nice Peter still has his up!

Below is Nice Peter's latest music video - called "Tru Gangster", he wrote it after a run-in with some local toughs. Sounds like he had a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air moment. I wonder if he had to move to California after some guys started making trouble in his neighborhood?

You can download Tru Gangster at: Tru Gangster on iTunes. Actually you can get his whole album Songs For Moms with all 12 songs!

And if you want to send him some stuff, letters, pictures, whatever, here's his mailing address:

Nice Peter
PO Box 341876
Los Angeles, CA 90034

It's always interesting to see what youtubers get from their fans.

Wheezy Waiter Flies To Close To The Sun

It's Explosion Wednesday!! Well, it might not be wednesday when you read this, so it will be that much more of a surprise. I don't know if I'm going to make random Explosion Wednesday videos from Wheezy Waiter a thing or not. We'll have to see how it goes.

Craig read that someday the sun may expand and possibly engulf the earth, but by that time he and his viewers will likely be all gone - unless he uses his clone machine to keep on living by having another Wheezy taking his place when he kicks off. That's a scary thought, not just because of the thought of an Wheezy Waiter running around forever and ever, but because of the degradation factor.

Think about it: every time he clones himself the resulting clone would be "off" just a touch. After a million years he might be all beard and no scalp hair! And be stuck with the banjo face (see 1:43 lol).

And in case you missed it, here's his last video called "I Love It When The Coffee's Done!" Some days I wish I could just say "Un-Do!" and reverse my actions. And Craig-a-ty-Craig-with-a-wig got a hair cut. You'll have to see for yourself how that turns out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

L.A. Times Telling Parents To Beware Of Fred Figglehorn?!

Apparently Fred is getting some notoriety. The L.A. Times just ran a lengthy article about the Youtube star mentioning his upcoming TV movie on Nickelodeon (it's on Saturday) and that he's going to be in a TV series on the network that's a "Mork-and-Mindy-esque sitcom" called Marvin, Marvin in 2011. He also had a record come out for Christmas last year called It's Hackin' Christmas with Fred.

Fred is of course Lucas Cruickshank, a 17-year-old from Nebraska who created the Fred Figglehorn character and who now has 1,984,975 subscribers. Yup Fred will likely have broken the 2 million subs barrier by the time you read this.

The Times article is a bit lengthy, but really informative - especially if you are trying to get known on Youtube and elsewhere online (hint, hint), so here's a link to the article:

'Fred's' Lucas Cruikshank building a tween empire.

Hey, while you're here, why don't you watch one of Fred's latest videos before he becomes a massive celeb and drops Youtube like a bad habit? (just kidding) It features the band Weezer (for reals).

Babytard's A Covermodel?! Yup, She's On James Blunt's New CD

Did you hear about this? Shay Carl's youngest daughter, Babytard, is going to be a famous model! She's already a diva according to Shay as he said in a previous video. Apparently singer James Blunt contacted Shay about 6 months ago asking if he could buy the picture that was used as a thumbnail for one of the Shaytards videos. It's a great shot of Babytard and Shay's hands. Unfortunately that's as close as The Beard That Walks Like A Man will probably get to being on a bestselling CD - sorry Shay. Hey, but at least he got his hands in the picture!

The album called Some Kind of Trouble, will be released November 8th, so if you are a James Blunt fan and a fan of Babytard, you might want to pick up a copy. Shay just announced it on Facebook - and I wouldn't be surprised if he also said something in one of the next Shaytards videos.

Make sure you check out the latest update on James Blunt's CD on this Bradshaw's Blog post: Hey! That's Babytard! James Blunt's Live YouTube Album Launch Nov 8th 2010.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shay Carl Returns Home To Some Little Farttards!

Lol at the dude in the bank with no shoes and Shay's reaction. I've wandered around barefoot as a kid, but I don't think I've gone into any stores or banks without shoes. Too many "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs out there. I just hope they don't mind my own "no pants" policy. It's funny hearing Shay go on & on about this guy - like he seems to do from time to time. Do you remember the woman with the white van in Idaho a couple of months back? He was fascinated by her and finally asked her about the van and the sign on the side.

It was good to see Joe Felice hanging with Shay at the Station and the cameo from nicepeter. And yet another sojourn to L.A. is over and our man Shay is heading back to see the Tardlets and the lovely Katilette. We'll have to keep an eye out for those promised videos. But Joe Felice eating Beardtard?

Did you see the part where Shay was remembering 9 years back when the planes hit the World Trade Center? Hard to believe it's been so long since that happened. Putting aside the tragedy of that day for a moment, it was good to hear him taking about how he likes that he had Katilette to share those bad times with - he's such a family guy lol.

And of course we have to see Shay touch the outside of the plane as he's boarding it. That's almost a Shaytards tradition - every time Shay gets on a plane he shows himself touching the outside of the airplane for good luck. Lol about the kids not being at the airport and Shay shedding a few fake tears, but if you watch the Shaytards you know the little tardlets love the big bearded man.

And it was nice to see the kids (even if they were little farttards in the van). And poor old Malachi had a run-in with a skunk! I had it when that happens. Even if you wash a dog with tomato juice it still seems to smell oddly like freshly washed skunk.

Popularity And Daisytree1

I don't know why I watch Brigitte Dale aka daisytree1 so much. Okay, I do know why - she's just so weird, but in a good way. I've been subbed to her (you can check out her channel at the link I just gave) for some time and you don't really know what you're gonna get with a Brigette YouTube video, but usually always something interesting. Like this one, which is just her commentary on an old video about popularity.

Quirky springs to mind when I see her. "Quirkygirl" - I think that's what I'm going to call her now lol. As far as the video she showed goes, I guess even back in the mid-20th century when that film was done, dudes didn't really notice how a gal was wearing her hats and stuff. Well, maybe we would notice, but we wouldn't dare say anything. I you mention something about what a woman is wearing (if you're a guy) you run the risk of appearing weird or (gasp!) gay. But I know now that a compliment on a woman's appearance can win you major points. That said, Brigette looks cute in this video with her little necklace and what seems to be a 50s-ish style dress - perfect with the theme of the black and white video she was showing.

And good to see you back again daisytree1 - we need to see some more videos. I for one didn't think you had died.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

WasteTimeChasingCars: How Low vs. Walking On A Dream

I know this video by WasteTimeChasingCars was posted way back in April, but I keep coming back to it. It features Ludacris' How Low and Empire of the Sun's Walking On A Dream in an imaginative mix. I always seem to find this video every couple of weeks (yes I saved it to my favorites) and I play it once and then play it again and again. Not really my type of music either which makes it weird. I'm more of a 3-chord type of guy and I'm more guitar-oriented, but this beat just sticks in your head.

In case you've never seen Ludacris' How Low (okay how is you missed this one?), here's the original:

And here's the other part of WasteTimeChasingCars' remix, Empire of the Sun's Walking On A Dream:

Okay, and of the three - which one do you like best? Leave a comment below.

"I'm Backin' Up, Backin' Up" Song ~ Should Go Viral

I don'y know if you've had a chance to see this one yet, but it is definitely worth a chuckle. Two robbers come into a store and the store clerk chases them out, but this woman was a little a-feared, but because of the wise teachings of her Daddy, she was able to cope with the situation.

The local news taped her recalling what happened and the person who posted this to YouTube auto-tuned her story and gave it a funny flair. You'll be singing "I'm Backin' Up, Backin' Up, Backin' Up" for the next few days lol. It's already got over 2 million views!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Kim Kardashian Hypocritical For Being "Upset" About Mad at New Playboy Pictures?

What do you really think Ana? Lol. Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks raises some legitimate gripes about Kim Kardashian once again being upset about pictures of the tele-celeb getting published. Sure, Kimmy, sure. "Wow, those must be some hot pictures of a naked Kim Kardashian!" people will no doubt be whispering.
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