Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adrod Makes Partner - Congrats Little Dude!

I always like seeing when someone at YouTube makes partner and one of my youtuber friends just did that a few days ago. His name is (that's as in A for Aaron, D for Dominic and ROD for Rodriguez, not ad-rod or A-drod - it's A-D-Rod!). He's been uploading videos for about 8 months or so and has about 30 posted to date. He has 5,471 subs because he posts interesting creative videos.

Yes, he's a weird little dude, but I'm sure he would be the first to tell you that, but aren't we all a little weird after all? So all you other weird little dudes and dudettes, keep posting videos and commenting and maybe you'll become a YouTube Partner too. Or not. Keep making interesting videos because that's what I like to see and I'm sure that's what others want to see too.

The video below is adrod announcing he had hit 5,000 subscribers.

And don't forget that I do review the channels of those who subscribe and become my YouTube friends on my channel DellBoy010. I still review other channels even if not subbed to me, but I'll find your channel faster that way. I haven't uploaded any videos myself ("You're such a loser!" "No you're not Bradshaw." "Be quiet the both of you. You're getting off track."), but I do intend to post some ideas I have. Seeing that 16-year-old adrod can make partner fairly quickly may be just the kick in the pants you and me need to start making some videos!

Once again, congrats to Adrod for getting partner. Now let's see some more of those sketch videos! Oh yeah, and you can follow him on Twitter at @adrod94.

Brittani Louise Taylor Sings Katy Perry's "California Gurls"

Brittani Louise Taylor does her own take off on Katy Perry's song California Gurls and announces a contest where you can win a new iPad.

You just have to go to U2B Idol like she says in the video and upload it to Brittani will chose who wins the contest - she doesn't say how long it is on for - and the winner nabs a brand, spankin' new iPad. Sweet deal. This is actually a really cool idea.

Swimming With Dolphins In Jamaica

Each day I am always looking forward to the next video from CTFxC and today's was pretty good. Charles Trippy & Alli Speed got to swim with dolphins in Jamaica. Yesterday they went to Dunn's River Falls, which I thought was pretty awesome, but this was really cool.

Alli did that thing where you stand on the dolphins' nose and they push you through the water. Also all the people there had to kiss each dolphin. It was interesting to see Olga Kay, Nayders07 and Sophie Hellyer (the pretty blond with the surf board) interacting with the various animals. Sophie is actually a pro surfer and model - check the video below:

Sophie also has her own website and blog at and I'll add her blog to "Blogs I Like" section of this page at the bottom right. Her YouTube channel is sophiehellyer and she needs some more subscribers. All I want to know is how did a pretty blond girl from North Devon, England end up as a professional surfer?

Top 25 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers From Last Week

Since I compiled my list of The 100 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers, there has been some changes and additions with some new channels making the top 100 and others dropping off. First a list of the 25 channels that have gained the most subscribers since I posted that list:

1. wocder777 gained the most subs of all Canadian channels with an increase of 17,234. Oddly, when you go to that channel it now says they have no viewable videos. Hmmm...
2. kidrauhl increased almost as many with 17,185 new subs for young mister Bieber's channel. He remains the most subbed Canadian channel and just broke through the 700K level. His channel is also 25th most subscribed worldwide.
3. NextGenTactics had a very impressive increase in new subscribers, gaining 15,945 and now sits at 91K. They are pumping out several videos a day for the gamers out there. They also jumped up to the 29th spot from 35th last week.
4. FLuffeeTalks also had another good week, garnering 11,570 new subs and is 66th most subbed in the YouTube world.
5. jonlajoie released a new video and added another 10,655 to his subscriber base.
6. R&B Group AHMIR had a sweet increase on their ahmirTV channel, increasing their sub total by 9,200.
7. shimmycocopuffsss also got some more subscriber love, getting 8,195 new subscribers on his main channel, plus a further 3,207 on his 2nd channel (see number 22). Shim remains solidly in the top 10 most subbed in Canada.
8. That madman from Vancouver, pyrobooby, also dropped a new video, trying to disprove that Chinese drivers=bad drivers. You'll have to watch it to see if he succeeded or not. Peter Chao nabbed 7,807 new fans on his main channel and another 5,850 on his 2nd (see number 10 below).
9. The trailers channel increased a further 7,306 and sits at 229K subs total. Sorta makes you want to do a trailers channel of your own doesn't it?
10. MrChaoNation, yup, it's Peter Chao again. He only has about 4 videos up on this channel, but people just can't get enough of The Chinese Guy. He's got both of his channels in the Top 10 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers for the last week.
11. Vancouver native nayders07 is currently based in New Zealand, but right now she is partying it up in Jamaica with Charles Trippy, Alli Speed and other youtubers and sending back some great video of their trip. Nadine increased her sub base by 4,608. Of course being seen bikini-clad in a hot location doesn't hurt, but nayders also has been uploading interesting video from her trip to China. Check her channel.
12. jeyyounit11 I find boring and he hasn't uploaded anything new in at least 5 months, but if you like extremely juvenile humour. Don't see how he got 4,170 new subs and he's about to break the 200K subscriber mark. Seems to be a favorite of the "pre-teen market".
13. It is easy to see the appeal of emilyharder on the other hand. A talented singer, musician, BC-based 16-year-old Emily got another 4105 new fans and has about 55K subscribers total. If you want to support good talented Canadians, go to her channel and subscribe. DO IT NOW! She has a bunch of great videos and posts regularly.
14. charliejames1975 is the best for watching a hot girl working out lol. Lovely Zuzana is a certified fitness trainer and very easy on the eyes who will shred you if you try to keep up with her fitness training. 3,980 new subscribers found her last week and her channel is about to pass the 200K level.
15. ApprenticeA is an interesting channel from Corey Vidal. He just did a half decent take on Batman. His channel just passed the 150K level and got 3963 new subs this past week.
16. VeryTasteful odd and entertaining cartoons - Mr Tabobo! They increased by 3,387 new subs and now has 145K. Check them out.
17. Nanalew is one of my latest youtuber subscriptions and you should really check her out too. Interesting and slightly oddball. She's got 60-plus videos uploaded and just increased her subs by 3,314 putting her into the 100K sub club.
18. Mr TobyTurner is an odd duck who vlogs almost daily recently and has been climbing the sub list because of it. He now has 35K subs after getting a 10 percent increase with 3,250 new subscribers.
19. lisalavie1 is another singer on the list and well worth subbing. She was found by 3,240 new people in the last week, bringing her up to the 181K level. Very nice indeed.
20. ShimmyHeartsYou is Daniel Shim's 2nd channel, and getting one channel into the Top 100 is pretty damn good, but both of his channels are right up there in subs. His main channel (shimmycocopuffsss, number 7 on this list) is one of the Top 10 most subscribed in Canada this channel called ShimmyHeartsYou is moving up as well. He attracted 3,207 in this last week putting it over the 50K mark and most subbed in Canada.
21. Games is another popular video game channel. Personally, I don't have time for this sort of thing, but I do give props for better channels that do reviews of games and this is one of them. They have increased their sub base by 3,174 to bring them up to 75K.
22. MattG124 has new vlogs and offbeat sketch stuff every week or so. He's getting up there in subscribers as well with 154K following a nice 3,142 bump.
23. NurdRage shows a lot of different experiments and stuff of interest to your inner nerd. They had an increase in subs of 3,121 which is quite an increase as it pushes the channel past the 30K mark. Tons of videos on this channel.
24. Still haven't had a chance to check out David Spates' laughandpeealittle channel, but apparently some youtubers have been checking him out. He just got another 3,074 new subs. I'll review him down the line.
25. And he's at the top of the Top 25 Most Subscribed In Canada list and at the bottom. It's justinbieber of course. This channel says it is for Bieber's non-singing videos and hasn't been updated for a year, but hasn't stopped all the little Bieber fanatics from subbing in the hopes Justin might just post something new. He probably won't because from what I hear, he's a little busy these days. That doesn't stop the messages being left by Bieber fans on the channel that are ALL marked as spam saying how much they adore him etc etc. He still received another 2,968 new subscribers to this channel plus the 17K who subbed to his kidraul main channel on YouTube.

Who Dropped Off The Top 100 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers

One surprise was that number 85, t2ssubs had their account suspended by YouTube. I don't know why, but until they are reinstated, they are off the charts. Also, CelineDionTV (yawn) dropped out of the top 100. All that channel is about is tracks of Celine Dion and lets just say that it doesn't really play well with todays young music downloading maniacs. Not that I'm trying to slight Dion fans, because there are a number out there I guess. Another that was off the grid was AngelicaV1 who is also a singer. She got the elbow off the list because of the new ones passing her.

I'll get this list updated again at the end of next week and have a FULL Top 100 list after that.

Also, you might want to check out my post about The 100 Most Subscribed UK Youtubers. I'll be adding regular updates like this one for UK-based youtubers and I'm considering adding one for Australia as well.

Friday, July 30, 2010

CTFxC: Jamaican Waterfall Journey

This has to be one of the coolest vlogs coming out of Jamaica from Charles Trippy & Alli Speed. In case you don't know they are over in Jamaica until August 2nd and are giving away Sony cameras, but you have to following each of them on Twitter and in each vlog they include a super secret word or phrase that you have to tweet to them.

In this one, Charles & Alli along with their little group of misfits are being led to a waterfall deep in the forested area. It looks like Dunn's River Falls on the north coast near Ocho Rios and there are regular tours. There's Olga Kay, Alphacat, Lisa Lavie, and Nayders making there way to the river and filming all through the trek. I'll be looking forward to seeing their various channels for the footage they shot.

Shay Carl Tells Princesstard About Death

Oh, this is a topic that many parents dread. Almost like discussing the birds and the bees, there comes a time when a parent has to talk to their kids about death and dying and the inevitability of each person facing the conclusion of life. Shay Carl gets told by his wife Katilette that their young daughter, Princesstard is crying because she just found out that they are all going to die someday. So Shay & Mommytard go upstairs and talk to the kids.

Shay tells little Princesstard that old people, younger people and even sometimes kids die and asks her if she wants to know what they believe happens when people die. From the bunk below, little 2-year-old Babytard pipes up "Yeah!" and we see her with a massive grin on her face. (Babytard is just sooo cute lol). Shay tells Princesstard that they believe that even after they die they'll all be together as a family which reassures her and she is smiling again.

What Will Jesus be Doing In Heaven? Sontard: "Uploading Videos"

Shay then asks Sontard about heaven and he says that they'll get to meet Jesus when they die. "What will Jesus be doing in Heaven?" asks Shay. Sontard gets a thoughtful expression and says "Uploading videos" and they all start laughing. BEST.LINE.EVER lol.

Nicely handled without becoming preachy. It's for moments like these that I am subscribed to the Shaytards.

Also, you might like the video where PrincessTard is given the camera to do her own vlog: Princesstard Steals The Camera: "Hi I'm Princesstard!"

The New Autoplay On YouTube Is An Unwanted Hindrance

If you have an account on YouTube you no doubt have discovered that the website has adopted a new autoplay bar that appears on the bottom of videos that you watch. What it does is automatically start a new video from whomever you are subscribed to when a video you have clicked on ends. There is the option to "turn off" the autoplay, but it automatically turns back on with each new video you click on, so once again you have to turn it off. There is not a choice to disable it permanently, which is insideous on YouTube's part.

Why would YouTube do this? The reason is, more views for videos. After a certain point, viewers and subscribers will tire of having to stop the autoplay "option" and just allow the next video to play. This is a revenue generator folks. It means more videos will be watched meaning higher advertising rates across the site.

The experience most regular users of the website is that they LOOK for videos to watch click it and then move on to another video to watch. That takes time and if another video is queued up, that means less time looking for content. It means more videos get watched - good for the content maker, more eyeballs on the website - good for YouTube/Google and more views for the advertisers, meaning more opportunity to get you to buy their various products. The loser is the subscriber/casual viewer.

Many videos have comments from viewers stating that they absolutely hate the new autoplay bar. Many people will refuse to allow themselves to be forced to watch whichever video is set to play next. Others will resign themselves to this new reality and tire quickly of having to click the autoplay off button. That's what YouTube is counting on. A percentage of people will just allow themselves to led to them next video. After all the videos that are shown to subscribers are from those content makers the viewer has chosen to subscribe to, right? All YouTube is doing is to keep you moving along, moving along, to see the next video. Hey if you wanted to comment on a video, you should have hit the auto-off button, so you'll have to search your subscriptions to find that particular video again (and generate another view ka-ching!).

This is not a way of serving the community of viewers watching videos they enjoy. It is simply a way of making more revenue from them. YouTube may argue that yes, you can turn off the auto-play option, but if it restarts every time you start a new video then free choice is taken away from the viewer.

Don't get me wrong - I support YouTube and want it to be successful, to generate income. YouTube is in the business of providing video content to visitors of their website AT NO CHARGE, and needs to find creative ways to make money to provide that service. I get that. What I don't like is taking away the option to view content at my leisure. If you force viewers to hit an option (temporarily) after every video and then automatically reinstate the auto-play, that is contrary to having the freedom to chose which videos that viewer wants to watch. Yes I am subscribed to many great content makers, but I want a chance to digest and think about that last video I just watched. I don't want to watch EVERYTHING I am subscribed to 27/7.

If I want to watch the Shaytards and then have the choice to view another Shaytards video or one that is offered that is related to that last video. I want to be able to type something into the search bar because I just thought of something else I want to look up on the site. What I don't want is to be forced to hit a button after every single view to prevent something else from popping up. Maybe I want to watch that video later. This auto-play bar by YouTube is a collossal FAIL.

It removes the option to choose the PATH a viewer can take to watching videos. It adds an unneeded step and a hindrance to watching videos on the website and that is not a path YouTube should be heading down. The website needs to be primarily about visitors having options.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shaycarl Finds The Best Spot In The Lot w/ Nicepeter

I don't know if you remember a while back, Shay Carl asked his viewers to submit pictures of them finding the elusive "Best Spot In The Lot". I knew I should have entered a picture in this contest! Didn't know there would be an accompanying video by NicePeter. Way to go Shaytards fans lol. Lots of great pictures.

Take a look below at NicePeter's "Official Video" for Best Spot In The Lot:

NicePeter can take just anything and make it into a good song. Definite thumbs up! Makes me want to pull out my guitar and start making my own songs for YouTube.

Olga Kay Kisses SwiftKarateChop & Zips Over To Jamaica

Why do I have the sneaky suspicion that Olga Kay has been planning this video for months and months? Olga brings back one of her characters (Razorblade) for this video. The dude putting the moves on Moosh Mommy, in case you don't know, is Swifty aka swiftkaratechop. He is also one of the more popular youtubers out there - he currently has 320,400 subs which puts him back on the Top 100 Most Subscribed List.


Here is a bit of behind the scenes stuff with Olga and Swifty. Is it just me or is there something of a spark between them lol. Methinks Olga likes Mr Swifty and Swifty is somewhat partial to her too.

Then Olga heads off to Jamaica to join Charles Trippy, Alli Speed, Alphacat, Nayders07 and others which is pretty cool. I've been watching CTFxC for the last few days and you can find those videos on this blog as well.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CTFxC Off To Jamaica!

Charles Trippy & Alli Speed land in Jamaica along with Alphacat, Lisa Lavoie and Nayders07. Charles announces a secret contest that allows viewers to win a new camera by tweeting a secret word to both Charles and Alli on Twitter for the next 7 days.

If you don't know, their accounts are @CharlesTrippy & @AlliSpeed and you'll have to watch each video to find out what the super secret code word is that puts you in the running for the new Sony camera.

Katy Perry Interviewed By Lisa Nova

Lovely Katy Perry gets interviewed by Lisa Nova for about half an hour the other day and Perry was asked questions submitted by YouTubers that were voted on by YouTubers. Both looked great for the interview as Perry wore a purple wig and Nova was her usual hot self.

Of course, the expected questions were there, such as if she "had really kissed a girl?" and whether she and Russell "planned on having children." There were over 400K votes cast on which questions Lisa would ask Katy and over 20,000 text and video questions submitted.

You can find more about Perry on her YouTube channel, KatyPerryMusic which has 18 videos uploaded and 135413 subs with over 92 million views.

Below you will find a behind-the-scenes video of Lisa preparing for the interview that's on her own channel, LisaNova.

Hank Green's Life In A Day

As part of the "Life In A Day" project, Hank Green of the vlogbrothers shows his brother John what he did over the course of the 24th of July. That included a full day of waterslides, farmers markets, thirsty dogs and some juggling.

Loved the shot of Hank's dog, Lemon, prostrate and being handfed an icecube and yes, Hank, Lemon has you both completely whipped lol. I was half expecting to see the camera pull back to show Hank fanning the dog with a giant palm leaf.

The kayaking scene was totally awesome! I wish I could try something like that. I think visiting Missoula just for the kayaking might have made its way onto my bucket list.

I liked his answer to the question: What am I afraid of? And Hank replied (while hurtling down a water slide) "I most fear that the wonderful way I live my life today will ruin life for generations of people to come." Always thinking about the planet's welfare and the wellbeing of others is one of the great things about Hank.

What I liked at the end was Hank demonstrating what he loves: he loves life and all the weird and wonderful facets that make up each and every day of one's life. That is a good attitude to have and a positive message that more should embrace.

To take a closer look at the Life In A Day Project, just click the following link lifeinaday

Top 100 UK Most Subscribed Youtubers

Who are the most subscribed Youtubers in the United Kingdom? Here is the list of those UK YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers. Leading the way is charles McDonnell with his charlieissocoollike of course. Actually, the first 4 are all on the worldwide Top 100 Most Subscribed List.

First, here's the Top 10 Most Subscribed In The United Kingdom:





















1. charlieissocoollike - Charlie McDonnell is well out in front of all in subscriber count with about 100,000 more subs than then next highest YouTube channel. McDonnell's channel is just about to hit the 500K level in subs. He also recently dyed his hair red just before attending VidCon in Los Angeles. He has a 2nd channel about his band (Sons Of Admirals) with fellow youtubers at

2. panacea81 - Lauren Luke is THE top make-up guru from the UK and has a book out called Lauren Luke as well as a popular personal blog: About Lauren Luke.

3. bubzbeauty - This would be Lindi and she is the 3rd most subbed UK youtuber and 2nd most followed makeup guru. She just hit 350K subs on her main channel and has a further 154K on her 2nd channel called bubbiosity where she does random skits and vlogs.

4. TopGear - TopGear is all about cars, motorcycles and the like. Besides their popular YouTube channel, you can find more about them at their website

5. miaarose - Ah, the lovely Mia Rose and her music. She sings and plays guitar on 49 videos and is one of the most popular youtubers.

6. simonscat - Simple animation about a man (Simon) and his mischievous cat. I just wish there were more of them than the 7 videos uploaded. You can also visit the website
There's also the book, Simon's Cat that you can pick up from Amazon.

7. BBCWorldwide - From the national television we have BBCWorldwide which currently has about 4580 various videos uploaded from different TV shows. Everything from Fawlty Towers to dinosaurs, you will find great fare on this channel.

8. nerimon - Alex Day's vlog. He is in with Charlie McDonnell in another channel, but this is where Alex rambles on about his life. I just subbed a short time ago and have yet to plow through all 100-plus of Alex's videos, but will do so and post a review of his channel.

9. THEMIDNIGHTBEAST - Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Neil Horne make up the group that says "We mock the living hell out of stuff for a living." Haven't been able to get past their latest video called "Daddy" but plan to review them as well. They are closing in on 200K subs, but are currently sitting at 177,235 for 9th spot on the Top 100 Youtubers in the United Kingdom.

10. eddsworld - Rounding out the Top 10 is Edd with his odd animation series "eddsworld." Edd is the creator and only animator and has his friends voice various characters (usually with the same name as his friends). Currently has 61 videos uploaded. More than worth a look.

That's the Top 10 for the United Kingdom, but there are a LOT of other equally good or better channels the further down the list.

11 To 25 Most Subscribed In United Kingdom

11. muse


12. bubbiosity


13. pixiwoo


14. BritainsGotTalent09


15. patcondell


16. AmazingPhil


17. sosolid2kk


18. mrweebl


19. leonalewis


20. mememolly


21. TheXFactorUK


22. lollipop26


23. BBC


24. JustinSandercoe


25. VideoJug


My plan is to begin reviewing as many of these channels as possible. So far they've been given just a cursery overview, although I have been subbed to mememolly for some time. She's currently one of the main people online at ROCKETBOOM. I also want to take a closer look at Justin Sandercoe's channel, but that's because of my own exceedingly poor guitar playing.

26 To 50 Most Subscribed In the United Kingdom

26. Scoutthedoggie


27. parlophone


28. HazardCinema




30. NufffRespect


31. journeymanpictures


32. Doki66


33. BritainsSoTalented


34. TheMoodieSwede


35. ashens


36. lifeinaday


37. TomSka


38. ColdplayTV


39. JustinSandercoeSongs


40. TheRealParis


41. Pyropuncher


42. ZerkaaHD


43. katem3


44. futureshorts


45. Katers17


46. Paperlilies


47. whatstyleistonickel


48. SilvaGunner


49. bexboop878


50. HarryPartridge


In the 26-50 Most Subscribed U.K. List, there's some that I have been subbed to, like Paperlilies (hey, I like Bryony, so sue me), and I'm just scratching the surface on some others. I just watched the very weirdly funny Nicolas Cage Wants Cake by Harry Partridge (it's disturbing that I liked that one isn't it? lol), followed by the actual scene from the movie The Family Man that Partridge's video was based on.

51 To 75 Most Subscribed In the United Kingdom

51. bullettv


52. UKFDubstep


53. hexachordal


54. Foxylocksextensions


55. PS3Comedy


56. SAM5000i


57. anafree


58. SmallishBeans


59. MrBean


60. damienwalters


61. Dinozambas


62. SteveAATW


63. silentc0re


64. theunforgiving


65. JohnnyDurham19


66. cyriak


67. whataboutadam


68. Jacqueline92


69. islandrecords


70. geriatric1927


71. 4oDComedy


72. littleloca


73. RuneScape


74. ellaskins


75. timwestwoodtv


There's the MrBean channel of course, but I've seen all of them time and time again, but a little Rowan Atkinson now and then is a good thing. There's Tom Milsom's hexachordal channel, currently playing an interesting video called Here Comes My Baby, as part of their "Sons Of Admirals" group.

76 To 100 Most Subscribed In the United Kingdom

76. oasisinetofficial


77. UKFDrumandBass


78. queenofficial


79. QuantumDNB




81. BBCEarth


82. channel4


83. EastEnders


84. diagonaluk


85. itn


86. TheTingTingsTV


87. GUN1T123


88. assassinscreedUK


89. polydor


90. madbaddog05


91. fiveawesomeguys


92. lilhagan


93. darkermanz


94. ProdigyChannel


95. eaglerocktv


96. Mrsneakymode


97. jimmy0010


98. TotalHalibut


99. glyphmedia


100. somegreybloke


That is the list for the United Kingdom as of today. I'll update it each month and post on Bradshaw's Blog. Quite a few successful folks on the list as far as getting subs is concerned. Personally, I think there are a bit to many of the gamers channels, but then again I don't have the time to waste playing videos games all day.

Obviously other youtubers love them because they are heavily subbed. It's too bad they are mostly all alligned to the massive machinima channel because they all look pretty much the same. If someone comes up with something original as far as gamer channels goes, they would probably have a hit channel on their hands.

Another thing I've noticed is that there doesn't seem to be quite as many actual vlogs in the United Kingdom as elsewhere, aside from Charlie McDonnell and some others, that genre seems a little lax. Daily vlogs can become very popular on both sides of the Atlantic and other parts of the world, but they do usually take a lot of commitment. Perhaps that's a challenge someone in the U.K. will pick up. But of course I am not criticizing the overall channels in a negative way. There are lots of great channels to check out and I look forward to reviewing them on this blog. If you have any that you think need to be looked at, just leave a comment below.

As you can see, to make the Top 100 in the U.K., you need to have more than 40,000 subscribers. There are lots of people who don't make that cut, but who are making great content and need to be seen.

Check out Top 100 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers too.

If you want to see an updated list of the Top 100 UK Youtubers, check this post: Updated List Of The Top 100 UK Youtubers dated October 25th, 2010. Will be updated monthly.

Monday, July 26, 2010

CTFxC Orlando Gathering & Harry Potter Land

This looks like it was a fun time. There was a YouTube gathering in Orlando Florida on July 24th, and of course, Charles Trippy and Alli Speed had to pop in. The CTFxC squad of misfits were met by a throng of fans and Charles & Alli spoke before the crowd which was surprisingly large. The dudes from ST1RFRYTV (Scooter & River) were also on hand. Scooter was the guy with the funky, psycedelic flowery pants. And Charles' lovely sister Melissa and Alli's brother Justin rounded out the group.

There were some others throughout the video, including jennielovely who besides being very pretty which you can see in the above video, is actually a good guitarist and singer. I found THAT out by going to her channel and subscribing. She has a mere 1,088 subs at this point, so make sure to show some support for this talented youtuber! And check out some of her videos.

Next Charles and Alli and the group went to Harry Potter Land (actually called The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter) and they spend the remainder of the day immersed in the World of Harry Potter. Lol, Alli showed a bit of a fondness for the butter beer and as usual she was in heaven in the candy shop. And Charles blasphemed saying "It's only a matter of time before there's a Twilight Park" which brought a collective groan from the group.

One great scene was when Rory the security guy danced with everyone towards the end of the video. Awesome lol. If you see Rory when visiting the Universal Studios Park, make sure you start dancing with him.

And here's one of Jennielovely's videos just because I like the song and because she was a great tour guide through Universal:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spricket Had An Colorful BlogTV Show

I went on BlogTV last night and stumbled into spricket24's broadcast and whoa man, does that girl know how to put on a show! I go there and first of all she wasn't talking for about 15-20 minutes - it turns out she was watching True Blood and would occasionally stare at the screen (I was beginning to think it was a Magibon video), but then she pulled out a blue sharpie...

And you can see the results. Spricket also offered her old ipod (after giving it a "personal buffing") and signing it "With Love For Ever & Ever" and signed it Spricket24 & Karen Alloy. She then proceeded with the bodyart and I couldn't believe it when she wrote on her neck and face. At that point she pretended to just notice it was permanent marker lol. She had some stuff she has to work through (more of a personal nature and I won't discuss that here), but it was intriguing to get a glimpse into her life that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't logged into BlogTV tonight.

Also she announced that Michael Buckley (from WHATTHEBUCKSHOW) was actually her baby's daddy! YouTube SHOCKER! lol. Not really true, but she was joking about that when she heard Buckley was also on BlogTV at the same time. This is only the second time I've had a chance to catch her on the website and her shows are ALWAYS fun. She's just so damn sexy first off, but she's plays that off well and loves to laugh. Unfortunately I don't think she recorded the show because THAT would certainly generate a lot of views. And man, do I ever wish I was that ipod.

She then posted the picture on Twitter - follow her at @KarenAlloy.

Looking for more Bradshaw's Blog posts about Spricket?

Watching HiimRawn On Ustream Right Now

I was just checking out my Twitter (I'm at @Hey_Bradshaw) and spotted that hiimrawn is live on Ustream.

If he's still on, check him out at Rawn on Ustream. You might remember him as the guy at VidCon who played the acordian while wearing a bikini during the Station's set. See the video below:

Hot For Words...In A Bikini...On A Boat

Yes, I drool over Marina Orlova aka Hot For Words as much as the next guy and because she was kind enough to upload a new video while on vacation I thought I would include it here. Honestly, nothing to do with the fact she is looking very good perched on a boat and wearing a skimpy bikini lol.

Hot For Words is her book that she published about a year ago where she helps people to grasp the origins of various words and phrases, which is also what she does on her YouTube channel. If you haven't spotted one of her other videos in the past, then you haven't been looking very hard. Marina is one of the most popular youtubers (currently number 72 on the Most Subscribed Of All Time List) and besides her obvious attractiveness, she makes videos that are funny and informative.
She has 354,772 subscribers that she calls her "students" and has had more than 336 million views on all her videos and people tune in regularly to listen to her define words in her sexy Russian accent that viewers have requested. From Moscow originally, Marina has a couple of degrees in philology (the study of linguistics and origin of words). She also taught English and World Literature to high school students and came to the United States six years ago to improve her English skills and to prepare for her Ph.D., but she ended up staying in the U.S. simply because of the warmer weather.

Marina burst onto the YouTube scene and quickly proved to be a favorite. She initially wanted to reach more people with her language knowledge instead of a small classroom of 20 back in Russia, she now has a virtual class of more than 354K subscribers. In each video, she takes word requests from YouTube users and discusses their meanings and origins. This is something that might at first seem boring, but when a buxom blonde with a Russian accent teaches you anything, it can be quite educational, proving that “intelligence is Sexy.”

AngryAussie Quits His Job & Makes YouTube His Day Job

One of the people I am subbed to on YouTube is AngryAussie from Australia obviously - hopefully you can tell by the accent in the videos and the scenery. I stumbled across this youtuber a few times and finally subbed a while back. He mostly does rants and the one the other day about Government Screwing With The Internet was good. Anyway, in the video above, he mentions that he has decided to take the plunge and make YouTube and other online endeavors his source of income. On YouTube, he currently has about 21K subs and over 1100 videos posted, so he has already shown a certain commitment.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shane Dawson Takes His Family To Disney World

Shane Dawson has decided to treat his family to a day at Disney World and filmed them meeting various characters and going on some rides. Shane proposes to Minnie Mouse, but it looks like she won't be there for the ceremony. He also has something of an awkward moment with Donald Duck and Pluto is a little bit frisky in the restaurant.

The best part has to be Shane's mom's reaction to the Beverley, a cola drink that Shane brings her to imbibe. Be sure to try it the next time you are at Disney World.

And don't forget that he is also planning on giving away that Mickey Mouse ears hat that he signed on the back. Just leave a comment on his video about what your favorite vacation moment with your own family was and Shane will decide which one he liked best and you get the ears.

CTFxC: Greg Allman, Power Rangers Swag & Tyson Update

Charles Trippy & Alli Speed are at Alli's parents' place to check up on their lovable dog Tyson, who was attacked by two other dogs a few days ago and has been forced to wear a cone. Poor mutt.

Before they leave, Alli & her mom are going through all the submissions to the thirsty doggie contest (if you missed the contest, you're too late, but you can watch the video where they announce the contest in my post: Tweet A Pic Of Your Dog & Win A Dog Water Bottle From CTFxC). They'll probably announce the winners on their website: early next week.

Charles also mentions a video that makemebad35 sent him of a band with a drummer that looks remarkably like Charles. Right down to the earrings.

Later, they're looking through a bunch of photo albums and we see singer Gregg Allman who Charles' dad played drums for at one time while Allman was touring. Also we see his dad has become a fan of realannoyingorange. Allman is also seen wearing a t-shirt that made it's way to Trippy Sr., to Charles and then Alli claimed it.

Other swag they find in the Trippy Time Capsule include snap gum. I actually had one of those when I was a kid. It was supposed to be a "magic trick" an when you offer someone a stick of gum, it snaps painfully on their finger. I had all sorts of stuff like that, a fake tongue with weird warts (a teacher took that away from me when I took it to school).

How To Play The Shaytards Song By NicePeter

This is a good little video from NicePeter showing how to play that great song he wrote about the Shaytards. He performed it just before introducing Shay Carl and Katilette for their "Q & A" at the recent VidCon in L.A.

In case you haven't heard the song, I blogged about it: Shaytards Song By NicePeter And His Interview With Lovely Ceciley/Brett. I also had it as one of my favorites on my own YouTube channel, DellBoy010, but now I have the above video as my current favorite.

NicePeter has uploaded this video to his 2nd channel, appropriately called NicePeterToo, so you might want to check that out too.

Wheezy Waiter Gets The Star Treatment On StirFryTV

About time that they had someone on ST1RFRYTV who was a REAL YouTube star! They talk with one of my personal favorites, the one, the only, ladies & gents please put your hands together for Wheezy Waiter! (sound of crickets...)

If you don't know much of the back story of who Wheezy is or how he is suddenly becoming well known on YouTube, River from St1rFryTV interviews him and works in several of Wheezy's things - clones, explosions, beardlovers, coffee... etc etc.

What I liked was that River mentioned that Wheezy had said in one video that he had a mere 32 subscribers after having posted 100 videos onto YouTube, but he didn't give it. He now has around 350 on his main channel, as well as several more on his 2nd channel called Wheezy News. I didn't know he even had a second channel until recently and have been going through those videos.

So, Wheezy (aka Craig Benzine) had only 32 subscribers after posting 100 videos - mostly family & friends. Personally, I have 20 subs & I haven't posted any videos to my DellBoy010 channel. Will I garner the acclaim & fame Wheezy has when I finally post something? Probably not, but his story gives me (and you) something to think about. If you just keep working at it and do stuff on YouTube, eventually the hard work can pay off and maybe some YouTube fame can find you too. If you've already uploaded some videos and you are getting lost in the flotsam & jetsam -- DO NOT GIVE UP!!

I have actually been stalking, er, subscribed to Wheezy Waiter since back in the day when he had about 3,000 subscribers which isn't really all that long ago. If you go to his channel, as of today he has about 132K subs which is amazing when you think that he actually finally hit the 100,000 mark at the end of June 2010. I'm guessing he will eventually make it all the way into the Top 100 Most Subscribed List possibly sometime next year - but to do that, he needs at least 300K subs, but that is coming.

Bottom line - do not be discouraged if you are getting subs. They will come around if you keep adding more & more videos.

Below you'll find Wheezy's latest video:

Dan 3.0 FAQs

Here's Dan Brown again, letting us know what's on the minds of viewers of his pogobat channel concerning his year-long Dan 3.0 project. If you have questions like "what the heck is Dan 3.0", just take a look at this post on Bradshaw's Blog:

Info About The Dan 3.0 Project

The video above is the second in a series that Dan has posted with viewers questions. The first is shown below. The Dan 3.0 Project where he gives over control of his life to viewers was announced at the recent VidCon in Los Angeles, and if you want to see Dan's presentation, that is also included in the link to the post above called "Info About The Dan 3.0 Project".

Finally, if you have questions for Dan Brown yourself, don't hesitate to forward them to him on his pogobat channel.

Here's the 1st FAQ video:

John Green On Snooki - Sorry 'Bout That Image John

I just watched the latest video from the vlogbrothers, with John Green replying to his brother Hank Green about Hank's run in with semi-celeb Snooki from the terrible TV show called Jersey Shore. I'll show Hank's video below.

John, like most people, are sort of "aware" of Snooki, one of the cast of Jersey Shore, that is all about "Ginos" and showing off their abs and scorin' with the hot chicks. Just your basic teen fodder for the hormonally abundant and intellectually-challenged. Hank had run into Snooki at an airport when he was returning from VidCon and was telling John about how Snooki was "perplexed" that someone had asked Hank for an autograph while she was in the room.

John decided to check out Snooki's Twitter account (she's at Sn00ki <-- how clever of her to use double zeros to indicate big boobs) and John is troubled by what he finds. Surprisingly she is something less than a good speller.

Snooki tweets: "Everyone please stop having heart attacks when i miss an apostrophe or coma or period. Dont wanna pop a blood vessel in your eyeballs :)

"First off Snooki, I shouldn't be the one concerned when you miss a period"

And John replies with the above quote. Classic John Green lol. And "coma"? What part of grammer includes a coma? Maybe when I was learning basic grammer I might have wished I was in a coma rather than sitting in Mrs Kerfuffle's English class, but I at least learned how to spell comma.

Hank discusses his meetup with the infamous Snooki. Best line by Hank: "And if you don't know who Snooki is... then as far as I'm concerned, you win." lol.

Community Channel Natalie Returns & Happy Birthday

Missed seeing one of my favorite youtubers Community Channel aka Natalie Tran, who has been away seemingly for ever, but she returns with a funny story about wrong numbers. I love the line she said when the old dude called the 2nd time and started blathering on about how he was so perplexed about getting her again and that he had "punched in all the same numbers."

"It's crazy grandpa. Write that down and copywrite that shit before someone steals that story." LOL, classic Natalie. I may have to steal that story myself.

And it's Natalie's birthday and because I didn't know beforehand, I wasn't able to get her anything. Well, that is my story and I'm sticking with it. A belated Happy Birthday to Natalie from Community Channel in case you ever read this and I promise at least a card next year. Honest, I'm writing your birthday on my calendar (hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish. It'll go with the lock of hair I took from your hairbrush, but that's another story).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 - It's All About The Hot Chicks

After watching this video, I want to restore my comic book street cred and go to Comic-Con 2010. Not for the comic books, but for the hot booth babes that are sprinkled amongst the nerdtaria. I could do what MediocreFilms does, just take a fake microphone and pretend to interview the smokin' girls. Why didn't I think of that? ("Because you're an idiot Bradshaw." Me: "Hey!"). Actually I think I will consider doing that for the 2011 Comic-Con.

Besides the hot chicks there are a bunch of youtubers all through Comic-Con. You don't really care do you? You're replaying various parts of the video to watch the girls in skimpy costumes (actually that's what I'm doing). MediocreFilms interviews different youtubers while there including The Fine Brothers. But you don't care. Just go back and oogle the girls.

MediocreFilms is at Comic-Con all week and will be uploading more videos about his misadventures if you want to check that out on his channels.

Happy Pi Approximation Day! Wheezy Waiter Is A Dork

Yesterday was "Pi Approximation Day" according to Wheezy Waiter. In case you don't know what Pi Approximation Day entails, yesterday was the 22nd of July and with July being the 7th month and you divid 22 by 7 you get about the value of Pi = 3.14.

Actually, according to Wikipedia, the source for all my brilliant commentary, March 14th is also celebrated as a day to celebrate Pi as the 3rd month, 14th day, hence 3-1-4 <-- see? It's Pi too. Of course, how do you plan on celebrating Pi Day when it next comes around? Me, I'll have some pie. Possibly Apple for wholesome goodness. Or strawberry-rhubarb if I'm feeling a little tarty. Sharp Dressed Monkey

You may notice that Wheezy is looking particularly dapper in this video. That is of course due to his taking fashion advice from the monkey in the suit (or rather, from the picture of the monkey in a suit). That is one sharp dressed chimp.

RWJ: Pug-Ugly Dog Sings Batman Theme & Freaky Cows

Ray William Johnson brings us the latest in viral videos on his Equals Three show and heading the list is a little skateboard mishap caught on film when a chunky news reporter ventures out onto the halfpipe at the local skateboard park. I first thought they were going to talk to old bearded dude who was coping a feel each time a boarder zips passed, but then the reporter gets tuned when one kid is trying to skate down the side.

The 2nd video Ray talks about is the cameo from that dog that talked in the movie Men In Black. This freakish pug actually does seem to say "Batman!" several times and they made it into the Batman theme song from the old Adam West show from the 1960s, shown below:

Then, just when you thought it was safe to be out in the country, we get this weird acid trip-like video from cyriak who has these cows dancing to techno. The cows just start bopping to the music and before you know it, well just watch the video. It sorta reminds me of one of those old The Far Side cow cartoons...

The artist who created this video has a website called if you want to check out his other stuff. He does mention that "no cows were injured in the making of this video" which still doesn't help me because what about the damage to me? I'll probably never look at cows the same way again. Stupid, mutating, dancing cows.

Shaytards Invade Your Local Water Park

Shay Carl and the rest of the Shaytards clan are preparing to invade one of Utah's largest water parks called Seven Peaks Water Park <- that's a link to the place if you are considering going. First of all Shay needs to get a waterproof camera so they don't ruin their good camera. They almost did the last time Shay went down a water slide. He picks up an Olympus waterproof camera - looks like an Olympus Stylus 550.

The footage shot with the newer camera is not quite up to the HD beauty of the camera that Shay uses for usual Shaytards vlogs, but if you're taking a camera into a pool, you need to give up a little quality if you want to get some underwater shots.

Rocktard looked pretty cool when Mommytard was carrying him (love the little hat he was wearing to keep the sun off). Liked the scene where Katilette is filming Shay in the wave pool with the youngins on the raft and he holds up Babytard to wave and she is just looking off waving indiscriminately. Later we see Shay's brother Casey (and I think Katilette says her cousin, Marcell?) coming down the orange slide and Sontard - who i think is still trying to pull his suit outta his wedgie. Then the big man himself, Shay Carl flies down the slide and for a brief second I think we see a little bit too much of Shay lol.

I also liked the end when Shay was showing all the kids sleeping (including Malachi the dog) and he was explaining why this was his favorite part of the day. Not just because it was quiet, but that he felt it was the time he could relax and discussed what he thought was his number one priority - his family's happiness. All in all a good day of vlogging.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wednesday Song By Wheezy Waiter

Here's Wheezy's take on why wednesday contain an over abundance of suckage. "They used to call it hump day. But now I think that's an inappropriate notion..." Deep, in-depth lyrics. Right here with Wheezy Waiter. So do you thing "Explosion Wednesdays!" (KA-BOOM!!!) should become a thing? Or is it already a thing?

I did like "If the days of the week were the Atlantic Ocean, you'd be drowning in the f'ing seaaaa!"

And what do you think about Wheezy's excellent handstand skills? This time next year he'll be doing all his videos while standing on his hands. He's an innovator like that. Only he does need to keep the Wheezy belly covered lol. Don't need to see the belly-beard.

Ask ijustine And A Bad Case Of The Nom Noms

Hey, thanks IJ! Thanks a lot! Now I have that darn "Nom Nom" song stuck in my head too. If you are unfamilar with Ask IJ, this is where (Nom Nom Nom Nom) viewers get to ask ijustine a question and she later answers it. Where can you ask IJ a question? Well, (Nom Nom Nom) I'm glad you asked!
(Nom Nom Nom Nom)

Or you could wait for her next visit to the local Apple store and ask her then. Just go to one (or all) of the various social media sites and like, befriend and follow to your hearts content and then ask the question that you've been yearning to whisper in her ear. Right now my question is "Why did you have to tell me about that blasted Nom Nom song?" (Nom Nom).

I think I know the cure for getting this song outta my head - keep playing the beginning of this video over and over and listen to the "Hey, Hey, You Can Ask IJ" song. Better? I think it worked for me!

(Nom Nom Nom) Rats!

Here's the FULL Nom Nom song. If it stays in my brain, it stays in yours too. :)
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