Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Olga Kay's Circus: Cool Stuff From Youtube's OlgaKay

Here it is! Olga Kay's Circus. Telling the story of Youtuber olgakay joining the circus as a young girl. There are choices of performers for viewers to check out. And Olga herself looks gorgeous of course, from the fresh-faced girl at the beginning of the video and as the seasoned professional juggler (and dancer) towards the end.

Luckily there is also behind the scenes of the making of Olga Kay's Circus. Hey, there's MysteryGuitarman, and actor David Lawrence from Heroes as the Ringmaster. See below:

The following video is Day 2. More behind the scenes.

And Day 3. Olga gets interviewed and further behind the scenes stuff.

Alyssa Bernal's Breakeven (The Script Cover) Re-Upload!

Have you seen this singer? On Youtube, she is hchsknights08 aka Alyssa Bernal, a very talented singer and guitar player. She's also one of the Youtubers that I personally follow. She has 310,284 subs and growing weekly as you would expect. Having 310K subscribers puts her at 86th overall on the most subscribed list.

You can also follow Alyssa on Twitter at: alyssabernal. She just recently finished recording her debut album in London, England and will soon be released. Bernal has a 2nd channel you might enjoy called alyssabernalala and you'll find one of her recent videos below:

Top 25 Youtubers As Of June 27th, 2010

Here's this week's Top 25 Youtubers. Not much of a change ... except
ShaneDawsonTV jumped up to 5th spot overall as I said his channel would do in Last Week's Top 25 List. Shane got 18,967 new subs to his main channel to inch closer to Fred who received 13,432. The Shane-Fred gap is now 156,524 subscribers.





















































Also, JonasBrothersMusic received 1,150 new subs, but the BrosJonas were still pushed out of 22nd spot by makemebad35 who had 7,299 more new followers. Taking a look at the next two on the Top 25 are Justin Bieber's channel kidrauhl and ijustine. Actually, although she is 63,000 behind JonasBrothersMusic, ijustine will likely be the next to pass them.

MysteryGuitarMan Morphing Around And Gets 1,000,000th Subscriber

First off, congrats to MysteryGuitarMan for smashing through the one million subscriber mark. He joins only 13 Youtubers with at least one million subscribers. Two other channels passed the 1,000,000 mark along with MGM, namely collegehumor and kevjumba.

But on to the video, tres cool! It sort of reminds me of a Rolling Stone video from years and years ago, but still new to Youtubers.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fire Escape Musings From GoboSpeaks

I haven't seen to many of GoboSpeaks videos for a while, but I like this chance to catch up with her. If you are a fan of Jill Tanner aka GoboSpeaks, you should also follow her on Twitter at jillhanner. But you really should sub to GoboSpeaks. She has 9,396 subscribers, so why not try to be her 10,000th sub? I hereby declare that we must get her to the 10K level.

This is your chance to get a pretty young female who wants to vlog a step up. What people want is fresh talent, young or old, who make them want to come back to that Youtuber. I think GoboSpeaks is someone we want to be heard. If you haven't seen her previous video, "Sexy Beach Day!" here it is:

Shaytards Go Camping And Shay Wonders If The Tardlets Will Remember

The Shaytards are still up in the cabin and as Shay walks outside his mother tries to convince him to relax and put the camera DOWN! But Shay has to tell all us fans of the SHAYTARDS about what they're doing on their second day in the mountains.

The kids are on an old wooden bridge, trying to feed the fish that you can see through the crisp, clear water of the crick below them, but are being hassled by a flock of seagulls. Babytard is uber-cute as always.

Shay asks one of life's questions: Will his kids remember this camping trip when they grow up? What do you think? Will the kids remember a camping trip with Mom, Dad, Grampa & Grandma and their (I say hot) Aunt Carlie and cousin Coopertard? Answer in the comments below. I remember alot of the camping trips my own family took when I was a child, even back to when I was Princesstard's age. Obviously it will be a bit more difficult to remember these moments for the kiddos: Babytard and Cooper (let alone Rocktard).

But Shay and Katilette take a bunch of videos and tons of pictures so the kids will be able to remember. I wish I had video and more pictures of my own family from when I was that age! Don't you?

Also, I'm subbed to LenaDanya and she did this great portrait of the Beard That Walks Like A Man, Shay. If you like it, go to her video and give thumbs up.

Every Inside Joke From Wheezy Waiter

These are a bunch of inside jokes for those who watch wheezywaiter on a regular basis. How many can you spot? This is almost a gag reel of Wheezy's cleverest moments. I don't remember the "juggling hotdog", but the stuff about his mom & dad are classic Craig.

No slap bracelets though, but still a good video. Banjo Face! Wheezy just got his 100K sub (104,220 as of today).

Twilight Eclipse Trailer And "Are You Going To See Twilight: Eclipse?"

The movie Eclipse is about to open and people are asking if they will go see it. This video is from TheStation2 and shows what people at The Station think about the new movie and comment on the Twilight franchise. Who's in this video? The bearded guy BrettTheIntern checks in with HiImRawn, TheFineBros and LisaNova. They discuss what they think about Eclipse in shorts clips and if they plan on seeing it.

And if you haven't seen the latest Twilight Eclipse movie trailer, here's a peek:

And the question, are you going to see it?

Olga Kay Goes To Her Accent Coach

If you're following Olga Kay on her main YouTube channel, olgakay, you might not know that she has this channel she calls OlgaKay2. This 2nd channel is something of a daily blog for Olga. We get to meet her accent coach who also is a Youtuber herself as theaccentcoach. Liked seeing Olga working on her american accent - but as always, Olga please don't lose the sexy Russian accent. It sounds like she's starting to get the American accent. Liked the "Claudette'll go" and "Olga'd go."

And do you know where she go that "doggle" word. I'm pretty sure she meant doggie. If you haven't seen her previous videos here's "I'M A NARCISSIST" from a couple of days before.

Establishment Press Furious With Rolling Stone's Hastings

Isn't it sad when you have to go to The Rolling Stone to get some actual hard news? I agree whole-heartedly with Cenk Uygur of TheYoungTurks on this one. The mainstream or "Establishment" reporters are sadly lacking in what they report about the U.S. military. Both Geraldo Rivera and Lara Logan unashamedly try to smash the reporter who broke the story about (now retiring) General Stanley McChrsytal's comments about the administration that caused his being fired. He was allowed to resign, but obviously Obama let him go.

Both admit that what they do is just report positively on whatever the military does just so they can maintain access. All they care about is is covering their asses and getting their paycheque. They have no concern about reporting the truth.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some States Planning On Banning Sexting Messages

What's your opinion on this video? You know that there will be some people who will use the new iphone 4 to do this sexting thing. TheYoungTurks discuss the latest plan by some of the states to try to cut down on sexting and it sounds like one is actually planning on taking a very severe step that they will suspend or possibly expell students who do this sort of thing on their own time.

Obviously sexting is a dumb thing for folks to do because it could come back to bite you in your exposed posterior, but what I don't like is that the school is looking into taking action even if this is done outside of their jurisdiction. Not Cool. They should be able to disapline those who bring this sort of material to school, but they have absolutely no right to look into what people do on their own time. Your impressions?

Shaytards & CTFxC On Soccer World Cup

Charles Trippy & Alli have some friends over to watch the American World Cup team taking on Ghana (USA lost) and then Alli climbs on Charles while an anxious Zoe watching closely. The folks at Chez CTFxC at the same peeps we saw in previous vids (their channel is viralvomit and Charles looked a little anxious himself in yesterday's video while doing doughnuts in the jeep).

Liked seeing a smidgen of the latest challenge which will be on alli's channel - not there yet, may be posted 2moro!).

Both CFTxC and the SHAYTARDS started their respective videos with the USA versus Ghana game and ended in a wink. Both used the same image on their thumbnails and the Shaytards are notorious for posting yet in the day. Hmmm. What's up with that? Here's the Shaytards latest:

As far as the winks that both Shay & Charles do at the end of their videos, I'm wondering if the sent them into Wheezy Waiter because it looks like Wheezy just hit the 100,000 subscriber level. But I could be wrong. Hard to tell what these two knuckleheads are up to sometimes.

It might have something to do with this big camping trip that Shay and Katilette are taking the tardlets on this weekend.

Also, Shay has a contest for pictures (or t-shirt or whatever) showing the "Best Spot In The Lot." Watch the video for more details.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shaytards: Babytard Is Such A Diva!

Babytard is the cutest 2-year-old in the world in an indepth interview seen only here on Bradshaw's Blog, and we have video of the Shay & Katilette wonder toddler providing definative proof. Just look at that little face and try to tell me that she doesn't just melt your heart lol.

After uber-cutness from Babytard, Shay picks up his motorcycle and gets ready for the big camping trip - which may be sans Internet access, so we will be going through Shaytards withdrawal for a few days unless Shay can find some way to get a video uploaded while the family is roughing it. Shay mentioned that they will be in the mountains til Tuesday, so fans will have to hold out likely til Wednesday.

I don't know how Shay vlogs on his motorcycle (or his bike when he's cycling). I keep wondering how the camera stays balanced and doesn't fall off. Duct tape? Is there some kinda special camera holder-thingy he uses? I'll have to test out some theories of my own. I've also wondered about the car vlogs because the camera seems to be positioned perfectly. Do you have any ideas?

What do you think about the video and the song Shay shows at the end? I like it, especially the line "and you're wife is hotter than expected and awesome!" If you want to check out the channel of the dude who wrote and sang the song Shay featured, he's nicepeter.

Shane Dawson Back From Disneyland: What's Up With The Humping Chihuahua?

Even Shane Dawson needs to take a vacation every once in a while and Shane is back baby, and as queer as ever! (Wait, what?) No, he's not like that, he says, (not that there's anything wrong with that).

According to Shane, he went to Disneyland to molest Goofy. He found it a little weird that everything talked to him - the trashcans, and even the toilets. You have to see the creepy toilet scene and who is the dude with the Spongebob hat? The ending was hilarious. Gotta chuckle when folks injure themselves.

And why does he have a humping chihuahua doll? One of many questions left after viewing one of Shane's videos. As always, sub to him on his main channel at ShaneDawsonTV.

Brittani Louise Taylor Does Vegas, Baby!

How do these Youtube folks always seem to be at Vegas baby? It seems that every time I turn around SOMEONE else is dropping in on the Las Vegas strip and this time it's BrittaniLouiseTaylor and a gaggle of her friends.

The fine folks at sponsored Brittani's trip and gave her the VIP experience at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel. Okay, HOW DO I GET THEM To SPONSOR ME?! Well, Bradshaw, um, you have like 14 subs and no videos posted. Brittani Louise Taylor has 444,159 subs (and counting) and over 37 million views on her videos. I gotta get some videos uploaded on YouTube cuz I want perks like this!

Brittani has been posting to YouTube since March 2007 and uploaded a bunch of odd vids on
rhondaanthonytanner, but now that old channel has basically been combined with her new channel. She really found traction when she started appearing in videos with YouTube phenom Shane Dawson. Here's the first video from her own channel:

Wheezy Waiter Says Thanks To 100,000 Fans & Quits YouTube!

First things first, wheezywaiter addressed the controversy of his stating yesterday that he had said that "Australia elected Julia Gillard" and that Auzzies all commented "no we didn't! She was appointed!. You'll have to watch the video for how he extricates himself outta that one. And I think he succeeded in his arguement. Maybe. Sorta. Like.

And then he mentioned that he had noticed he had hit the 100,000 sub level. Of course I am sure he was keeping a wheezy eye (eeww, ugly turn of phrase Bradshaw!) on his subscriber level, but it was me being the first to mention it on his comments on his last video called Sarcasm 101:

DellBoy010 Hey Wheezy - congrats on getting your 100,000th sub! and now
1 day ago virtual wink

Yup, the DellBoy010 is actually me, Hey_Bradshaw, but on YouTube. On Twitter I am Hey_Bradshaw (Why DellBoy, Bradshaw? Long story, already told). So maybe I tipped him off? Hah, gave wheezy waiter a tip - get it? Lame waiter humor. "Okay, knock that shite off Bradshaw."

"Wait, what about the part where Wheezy quit YouTube?" Dude. Did you watch the video? It was a joke.

Friday, June 25, 2010

John Green Steals Books! Vlogbrothers Secrets Revealed!

The awful truth comes out in this episode of the vlogbrothers that noted author John Green is secretly a major thief of books "and other swag" as this renegade of literature calls his ill-gotten gains.

Well actually John tells Hank that they just give these books and stuff away at these book conferences that he goes to. Why haven't I heard about this before? I'd love to have a gavel-pen. And free books. I guess that finding this ultra-secret info is a side benefit of being a member of the Nerdfighters. One way to prove that you have the cajones to be a nerdfighter is by being subbed to Hank and John.

If you don't know who they are or what these "vlogbrothers" are, well, they are actual brothers who vlog mon-fri, with one brother doing a vlog and a reply the next by the other brother. Both are steeped in nerdiness and that's just fine, thank you very much. The vlogbrothers are subbed by over 245k youtubers and both are interesting, complex and geek-cool in the most positive of ways and have been vlogging for over 3 years. Sub to them only if you enjoy all that is thought-provoking, funny and furnished with gobs of awesomeness.

And if you missed Hank's sheer joy about Viacom's lawsuit defeat at the hands of Google (and the USA's big win at the World Cup), here it is:

CTFxC: Demon Dogs, Frozen Yogurt And Sexting With KassemG

Aha! I knew it! Zoe and Marley are actually demon dogs. When Charles uses his new iphone on Zoe at the beginning we see the soulless dweller of the nether world that lives with Charles & Alli. Well, not really. Zoe seems to be one of the most happy-go-lucky mutts in the world, but Marley on the other hand, ya don't need special camera work to know she's 2 pounds of trouble in a 1 pound sack.

Don't you just love frozen yogurt? Alli & Charles go to one of those serve-yerself type places before coming home to play some games with friends. I don't recognize any of them. Trippy also gets to try out a ride in one of those jeeps he showed in a previous video. Two friends of his (John and Anthony)are going to Panama with these suped-up vehicles and will be shown on their channel called Viral Vomit. Might be interesting, so you might want to check it out.

And Charles and KassemG check out the perv feature on the new iphone (called FaceTime) that will allow folks to actually see each other as they speak. Cool, but it does open up the possiblity of some creepy calls. Like, "...oh, sorry, I just got outta the shower to answer my iphone and dropped my towel. Let me just bend over to pick it up" ewww. Still interesting to see a cameo by Kassem. Looks like he's got his new iphone too. Am I the only one who hasn't got on of those contraptions? Did you see ijustine's videos about getting hers? Here's ijustine gets her new iphone. Meanwhile Charles and Kassem have a conversation about the merits and bonuses of the new feature.

What do you think of CTFxC's new end song?

TheWillofDC On This Week's Youtube Winners & Losers June 25, 2010

Definitely agree with TheWillofDC on this week's Winner and Loser: YouTube (BIG winner) and Viacom (booo! Massive loser).

In case you are unaware of what this is about, Viacom lost its $1 billion lawsuit that they files against Google, which claimed that they should be responsible for material uploaded to YouTube that "infringed upon Viacom's copyright". The court ruled that Google is protected under 'safe harbour' as laid out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Viacom will be appeal the decision, saying that it is "fundamentally flawed." Although the court's decision may be debateable, what's undeniable is that the ruling (if upheld at appeal) will set a major precedent for many other cases like it. There's more on the Viacom-Google Lawsuit here.

Meanwhile back to the Winners/Losers, Will points out the once again RayWilliamJohnson leads the pack with 36,271 new subs. Also, there's a new face in the Top 100 as JulianSmith87 just up to 295,105 and into 95th spot. Now if only my favorite hot russian juggler olgakay can get enough subs to make it. She currently has 242,271 so she's close.

Also, kudos to Will himself, as he is starting to get a fair chunk of subscribers. Him channel just broke the 200K level and he's at 202,276. I'm pretty sure he had only a quarter of that last year at this time.

Can Someone Please Stop Princesstard From Smiling?

Really! Someone Pul-ease stop little Princesstard from smiling so much. It's sooo annoying. Okay, now that you're through tossing garbage at me and swearing, I'm kidding. Princesstard is uber-cute. I really think she's probably going to grow up into an actress or Youtuber herself as she looovves the camera being on her.

Shay responds to the last SHAYTARDS video, "Don't Circumcise Me, Bro!" because of the avalanche of comments from viewers to Shay & Katilette's decision to snip little Rocktard's tallywacker. What is your opinion on circumcision? I know it's actually quite a topic for some gathered from reading all the comments on the video. Personally, I think it's entirely up to the child's parents and they felt it was appropriate in Rocktard's case so I'll leave it with that.

Hot Mommytard & Interpretative Dance

Shay shares a video that's on his local TV station showing Katilette doing an interpretive dance from eight years before and what was going through his mind as he watched it while in the audience at the time. He jokes that they should sell copies through their channel, but decide against it. He also says that Mommytard should do some interpretive dance for some of their videos.

Just in case you haven't seen the circumcision video yet, here it is:

Pogobat: "I Wanna Be A Dinosaur!"

Are you subscribed to Dan Brown (aka pogobat)? I usually describe Dan as the lost Green brother from the vlogbrothers, Dan is just slighter different shade. Get it, Green - Brown? They're like colors... oh nevermind. Something about the way he speaks and what he says just reminds me of Hank & John Green.

Anyway, Dan asks a question that we should all be asking ourselves: Where do you want to be and who do you want to be in 20 years? Most would reply as Dan did that they want to be something positive. Dan thinks President Dan Brown in 2030 has a good ring to it. He also seems to have a good grasp on the wealth accumulation desire that consumes so many. Having "what I need to keep the financial monkey off my back" is pretty much what should be the desire of most, but unfortunately many get sucked into the more, more, MORE - "Gimmie all the freakin' money TODAY" attitude. Don't worry about the money and do whatever it is that turns your crank and serenity will follow.

At 1:26 on Dan says "The WHOLE time I've been Youtubing my philosophy has been to do whatever I think would be fun to do." In the short term (and maybe longterm) Dan won't be leaving YouTube anytime soon as he feels that THIS is his career and he obviously loves doing it. Step one accomplished.

Nigahiga On Despicable Me

How the heck did Ryan get "Dave the Minion" who is one of those little yellow dudes from the new movie Despicable Me to appear in his Youtube video? nigahiga is having a sort of a round table with some of his alter egos and they just won't yet the guy finish his sentences as he is telling them that he just got back from watching the movie (which is about to be released in July).

It's so FLUFFY!!

Okay, I giggled a bit at this trailer Despicable Me Trailer. It stars, in case you didn't know, The Office's Steve Carell (as Groo) and the story is that he is a villan planning on stealing the moon until he inherits a trio of orphans.

Real Annoying Orange In A Smackdown With Fred

I knew it! Just like I said in
Real Annoying Orange Gets A Mystery Guest
, I knew who it would be that visits realannoyingorange. Nope, not Bieber. It's the only other Youtuber who could possibly rival the tangerine-colored dude in sheer annoyance level, Fred Figglehorn.

First, with a visit from Liam the Leprechaun seeking revenge on Orange after he was crushed by his own pot o' gold. If you haven't seen Liam's first encounter with Orange, here's a the video:

So That's Where all My Vuvuzelas Keep Disappearing To!

MysteryGuitarMan has been accumulating quite an assortment of vuvuzelas. In case you don't know what a vuvuzela is, it is one of those highly annoying horns used at the FIFA World Cup that sound like all the soccer (or football for purists) games are being attacked by a massive swarm of killer bees.

As usual MGM has put together a cool redition of an old classic tune, this time all done my vuvuzelas and his own brand of computer trickery. Take a peek and you'll also see he has an announcement that will make you want to take another look at his past videos.

Why isn't this guy making more videos? He's jumping right to the top of the YouTube overall most subscribed list (currently sitting at number 13 on Top 25 Youtubers and he is fast approaching a million subs! At last count, he had 965,762 (I counted them one by one last weekend - no rest for Bradshaw).

Just in case you haven't gone back and watched all of MysteryGuitarMan's YouTube videos, below is the first one he posted on his account.

Wheezy, Sarcastic Ghosts And That Trollop Ms Pacman

Epic ending on this video by wheezywaiter. Not gonna tell you about it you just have to watch it all the way through. "Doh! Bradshaw why do you always do that? Bring me to your blog with that weird title and then not give details." Well, um, sorry. Just watch the darn video and stop giving me a hard time!

Really, obviously I get a kick out of Wheezy's videos. Just sheer quirky humor and you don't really know what he is going to do next. And all primarily done in one little apartment. Except when he goes outside, or when it's free bagel friday.

Hey, just checked and Wheezy just topped the 100,000 subscriber mark! About dang time! Started following him way back when he had about 3,000 subs. It shows what you can do if you put up clever stuff on Youtube and elsewhere. Actually, like so many other YouTube people, he is also on sites like DAILYBOOTH, FACEBOOK, etc etc. Really, if you keep adding more & more stuff EVERYWHERE (and do it with a dash of wit and originality) you will be successful on YouTube and elsewhere. And that concludes my "How To Succeed On YouTube Without Really Trying" please leave a donation in my tip jar.

Okay, so I don't have a tip jar. So sue me. All I can say is that I'm represented by the best law firm in town: Dewey, Cheatum & Howe.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is This Ray William Johnson's Nekkid Mom?!

Taking a look at this edition of RayWilliamJohnson's Equals Three show, Ray highlights why you don't be trash talkin' a speed bag unless you have Mr Miyagi or Jackie Chan in your back pocket because that kid got pwned by the punching bag.

Don't know if that's Ray's Mom jammin' on the Rock Band, but here's the link naked rock band. She's actually doing pretty good with the drumming. Really, quite original technique. I did only watch it 37 times because she I think she is really good on the drums. I swear!

Happy Slip's Family After Toy Story 3

Happy Slip, aka Christine Gambito is at home relaxing with a household of rambunctious kids enjoying some ice cream and discussing the movie Toy Story 3. She cried at a Pixar movie, lol. Oh Christine, grow a pair. Actually that would be difficult because I for one didn't know that one of my favorite YouTubers was preggers! 6 months along according to the momma. Many congrats to Christine - and she's looking for names. Her Father had a few gems, but she quickly struck those off the list. If you have some boys names, drop her a line.

One thing, this video was uploaded to her 2nd channel, christinegambito, which is more for for personal vlogs like this while her main Happy Slip channel is skit city. If you think of some good names (or highly inappropriate names), give her a shout on Twitter at happyslip.

Lisa Nova & Ceciley On Molly And Their Props!

Okay, now that title actually sounds like the discription for a really bad porn, but no, it's Ceciley and Lisa Nova promoting the season ending episode of their Molly series. In case you haven't been following the saga that is Molly's family, you can find all the series episodes on Lisa's channel Mollyissocoollike that she started for these great videos.

Here's the final episode:

If you are unsure what this Molly thing is, it started with Lisa Nova doing some parodies of some make up tutorials on YouTube made by a 16-year-old but morphed into this Molly series about her entire family and seems to have struck a cord with a lot of viewers. Some of the acting is actually pretty good.

iJustine Prepares To Do Battle For The New iPhone

The video above shows ijustine and her sister Bree getting really to nab one of the new iphones that are just coming out. She can't decide on what saying should be on her t-shirt and asks folks what her shirt should say and a guy named "tech2030" tells her to get "I'm in line for iphone 5". Afterwards, they decide to get one for Bree, who just doesn't want to be at the Apple store and she gets "idon't want to be here."

My secret Internet girlfriend, ijustine, shows her inner craftiness and buys a matching black t-shirt and iron-on lettering and makes Bree's shirt for her. You can see both in the video below where ijustine almost does cartwheels out the Apple store with her new iphone clutched tightly.

WHATTHEBUCK Gets His Lasik Eye Surgery

WHATTHEBUCKSHOW's Michael Buckley just uploaded his video about his Lasik eye surgery and as expected he came through with flying colors. Buck was a bit uncharacteristically quiet during the procedure, but he was heavily medicated lol.

Yeesh, at the part where they actually peeled back the outer layer of the skin, but according to Michael it was entirely painless and the whole procedure was completed very quickly. So that's his testimonial to the benefits of Lasik. And he says he went back the next day and he now has 20/20 vision. He will keep wearing his signature glasses for his show, but won't need them for real life. Congrats Buck!

I tweeted him to tell him I liked the video and as he always seems to do, he replied. One of the good things about Buckley is that he does take the time to connect to folks tweeting him. If you aren't following him on Twitter, his account is buckhollywood, so you can tell him when you like his videos.

Shane Dawson Spotted At 3am Waiting For An iPhone 4

Are you one of the those people who waited in line all freaking night for an iphone? Are you a collossal nerd? Here we find Shane Dawson and his buddy Jerry prowling the streets at around 3am looking for iphone geeks to make fun of. This is Shane making fun of his other friend (wait, Shane has friends?) who has camped out in the giddy hope of scooping up one of the new iphones and walks out with an ipad. Um, dude those came out like ahile ago and you're camping out now?

Laughed out loud when Shane woke him and asked if he was waiting for the next Twilight movie. And then Shane did some odd body movements that he called "dancing."

Turned out his buddy got an ipad and plans on shooting it. The target was pretty classy. Need to see more of this kind of stuff Shane, you know, late night shenanigans.

Natalie From communitychannel Speaks And Auditions For Toy Story 3

Natalie is one of my favorite Youtubers and I'm so upset with her for not telling me that she was going to be doing the speech in Toronto she shows in a clip from the above video. Argh! Would have loved to have seen her. It looks like she rocked it.

So would have liked to have seen her in Toy Story 3. Can't you just imagine her as Buzz Lightyear's Auzzie girlfriend?

Her speech was for IdeaCityOnline looks like it was really funny and I'm glad she included parts of it. Sub to her! She's always funny and the clips from her videos are only a small part of what she's uploaded. Her channel is communitychannel and her Twitter account is natalietran

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TimothyDeLaGhetto Abducted By The Van Of Truth!

Mr TimothyDeLaGhetto is the latest Youtuber to get whisked away by the lovely Ceciley and The Station's BrettTheIntern. Love Ceciley, not so sure about this Brett guy. I haven't seen any of his stuff on his channel but I've found him sorta playing the role of Bob Noxious in stuff for TheStation seems a little too excited when he sees KassemG in a dress. Not that there's anything wrong with that (except, um, have you seen KassemG in HOT Girls EXP0SED?).

Anyway, back to Tim's abduction. They've been doing these interviews with yummy Ceciley and Brett in back of a van where they divulge, spill, tell it like it is, go deep (what?), and try to help viewers get to know the inner beauty that is TimothyDeLaGhetto.

To me it looks like he's a somewhat cool little dude in a beanie with a girlfriend way, WAY too hot for him. I would try to include the video Tim just recently uploaded on his channel of his girlfriend, iliana looking smoking hot while getting ready for a rave, but the heat she generates would likely burn out your retinas (It's true!). I'm willing to do an indepth scientific study of the effect iliana has on the typical male (meaning me), but Tim is all "Step away for the hottie, dude. Just Step Back!". so that's a non-starter.

Actually check out his channel TimothyDeLaGhetto. He's in the middle of a long run of daily vlogs about the life of this guy. Lots of odd adventures (and yes, some hot girls), cameos by celebs etc. And he's in the mix with The Station.

Top 25 Youtubers As Of June 20th, 2010

Not much has changed sinced last week, except... hey look, my Secret Internet Girlfriend ijustine just made her way onto the Top 25 Most Subscribed List in 25th spot. Unfortunately expertvillage slipped down a couple of spots from 25th to 27th with ij & HouseholdHacker elbowing their way past expertvillage. HouseholdHacker just about stole Justine's thunder this week as they are only 1,265 behind as far as subs goes. Take a look at this week's list.





















































Last week's Top 25 List, I mentioned that JonasBrothersMusic was slowly slipping off the Top 25 List and that continues. The Bros Jonas total new subs shrank again this week garnering only 1,283 new subs to their music channel. Just about to pass them is makemebad35 who nabbed 7,401 new subs since last week. Unless the Disney boys start attracting new fans makemebad should be able to surpass them maybe even by next week. Even Bieber's channel kidrauhl is making inroads into the Jonas fanbase.

Meanwhile at the top of the listings, Shane Dawson is making a bit of a move himself. He crept a little closer to Fred second overall spot. Fred got 9,091 new subs (highly commendable), but ShaneDawsonTV doubled that with 18,683 new subscribers. Shane needs only 162,059 more subs to catch young Mr Figglehorn and that should happen before the end of the year. Even Shane's second channel is charging up the ranks. ShaneDawsonTV2 passed universalmusicgroup into 8th position. He's now in striking distance of both sxephil AND machinima. One more week like this one for new subs and Dawson will have both the 3rd and 6th spots. He'll have a long way to go to catch RayWilliamJohnson who holds the 5th spot.

Platoon Of Power Squadron! In 3 Parts For Easy Ocular Digestion

What the heck is this?! wheezywaiter is in a video series playing a hero with superpowers? How did I miss this? "Easy Bradshaw, you're a dolt." Hey! That's not nice.

As you may have gathered from my previous ramblings, I like Wheezywaiter. Um, by that I don't want to imply that I have a thing for Craig. Although I'm sure he's a handsome, personable sort of guy. How did I get on this subject? Okay, moving on...

I was stalki..., er, "doing research" on some videos and spotted that Wheezy had posted something on his 2nd channel. "What?! Wheezy has a 2nd channel?" Um, yes and calm down so I can tell you about it. It's called, appropriately enough, wheezynews where he posts all sorts of different stuff. One vid mentioned he was in part 3 of Platoon Of Power Squadron and that it was coming out soon and that we should check it out. So I did. I found it was aready posted on pineappleboyfilms' channel along with the first two of the series. So the video above is Part One: Meet the Platoon Of Power Squadron.

The stars are of course, Craig Benzine (aka Wheezy Waiter) as Mr Dr Electricon, Carlyn Janus as Madam Generator, Jake Jarvi as Professor Synapse, and Eliza Toser as The Princess Of the 4th Demension.

Part Two

Part Three

Oh snap! There's more?!

Part Four

Part Five

Now, if you want to see more, you'll have to check out the pineappleboyfilms.

How To Talk To People You Don't Know: DeniseVlogs

Just about everyone has had this problem. Actually crossing a room and striking up a conversation with someone they don't know. It could be a pretty girl (like DeniseVlogs) or someone who you just don't know, but would like a chance to talk with. Denise mentions that when she returned from a YouTube gathering a bunch of people told her that they hadn't approached her. She points out that there is no reason why you should feel uncomfortable about walking up to her or others just to say hi.

Myself, like just about every other person on the planet, I have had problems with this. I think that if I were to be at an event and I saw that Denise, or my secret Internet girlfriend ijustine was there, I would be so intimidated to speak with them. I would be hanging back and our eyes would meet and there it is. Do you go up immediately? (YES!) or continue hanging back trying not to stare as the other person starts getting all uncomfortable and start thinking "oh no, S-T-A-L-K-E-R alert."

My thoughts are to just say hi and that you like their videos etc. Don't expect a lifelong friendship to develop just from this chance meeting. From what I've seen, just about all Youtubers seem to be genuinely nice people (with the exception of that shaycarl guy, whadda prima donna - kidding, kidding). Actually Shay and his family seem entirely great and friendly people and you can see that when he talks to strangers in his vids.

Denise also seems like a very nice person. I've been subbed to her for quite a while now and always give her a thumbs up. I just wish she could get more clips uploaded weekly. But that's just me. I think I first spotted her in a shaycarl video where she dropped in unexpectedly on Shay. Actually, here's that video:

And she was visiting the Shaytards in one of their videos when they still lived in California, but I can't find that one.

Still, if you have a chance to go to a YouTube gathering or are lucky enough to spot a Youtuber you recognize, do what Denise says and take the chance to say hello. You'll probably find that they are really cool folks. Unless you get tasered like me when I aproached smosh, but I can't really talk about that because of the court order.

OlgaKay Gives Us A Sneak Peek At "OlgaKay's Circus" Out June 30th

Our favorite Russian juggler olgakay just posted a video to let us know that her video called OlgaKay's Circus will hit the airwaves on June 30th. I will be one of those who will want to see this based on the preview she includes in this video.

The show looks sorta cool and I like all the various colors of the costumes and Olga as always looks hot. It was directed by Andrea Ball and features several other cute circus-type performers (although Ringmaster David Lawrence XVII is a touch creepy looking in his makeup, but in a good way). And Elon Arbiture's theme is really spot on. It sort of reminds me of something from Tim Burton, and is reminiscent of Danny Elfman, but highly appropriate to the feel of what I'm expecting. It should be a lot of fun. It certainly looks like it was fun to make.

Oh, and Olga, about that "potato sack"? I don't think I've seen a sexier sack of potatoes. Even when you were giving birth! Lol.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the video. And enter Olga's contest that she mentions in the first part.

Shay! Let Katilette Have The Camera More Often!

Love seeing Katilette when she nabs the camera from Shay in the SHAYTARDS vlogs. One of my favorite parts is at about 3:02 when Mommytard is in the car taking the tardlets to swimming practice and Princesstard starts mugging for the camera lol. She's a natural ham like Shay. And the part where she asks the kids "Everyone loves to clean their room, right guys?!" And Sontard give the "wadya nuts" stare.

Unfortunately Shay hasn't been able to stick to his schedule on the treadmill, but from personal experience, getting it done daily is very hard. We all still support the bearded Tard and hope he can keep at it. It's always good to see shaycarl working to lose a little excess Shay.

Also Mighty Spider Hunter, Princesstard takes out a dastardly arachnid in the kids room.

I like hearing Shay mention that he does read the comments left by us viewers. He talked about this because of the reaction in the comments to the last Shaytards video, which is below. And what do you think about Shay dyeing his beard? The video from the day before has a great picture of Mommytard with a beautiful smile as the thumbnail.

And the end of this video is uber-cute with Shay and the littlest tard cuddling. Just classic Shaytards.

Alli's Mutating Garlic Plant And Mad B-Ball Skills

Check out the garlic plant that Alli and Charles planted just a week ago. It is actually getting close to full size now and the seeds part at the top of the stalk will begin sprouting. I actually have some garlic growing in my back garden (thanks to my neighbor Dominic) and it will be ready to harvest some. I don't know how Charles & Alli (let alone the dogs) can stand having a garlic plant actually growing inside the house. I love, love, love garlic, but that must be a little pungent.

Next we see Alli trying to shoot some hoops. Cheers for Charles for getting some footage of Alli getting a few buckets (after a number of air balls). Love Alli's reaction to Charles Trippy's first drivers licence picture. And the shots of Zoe as a little puppy. Earlier in the video we see Zoe standing on her hind legs and she is HUGE! Almost as tall as Alli who is holding a treat for her. Just like kids the pooches get so big so fast.

And Alli has a run in with a gaggle of geese. Weird that they are still hanging around the Florida area. Usually they're all partying up in Canada at this time of year.

When Charles spotted Alli jogging and hocked and hooted at her he mentioned guys don't usually get that sort of attention from women. Actually it did happen to me one time when I was a teenager. I had been playing basketball and was walking home with my b-ball, shirtless, in shorts and a hot sweaty mess basically. 2 cars with women honked at me and I remember thinking "Thanks ladies!" Of course I was, like I said, a teenager and about 130 pounds of lean love muscle lol. These days any honking I would get would probably be to "Get that off the streets dude! No one wants to see THAT!"

And in case you haven't seen Alli's bread challenge with her brother, that's it above. And once again, if you aren't subbed to their channels, here's Alli's Alli, and here's CTFxC. Sub NOW!

Michael Buckley: Funniest Tweet Of The Day Award

If I were to give an award for The Funniest Tweet Of The Day, it would have to go to Michael Buckley for the following:

Trying to pick a thumbnail for my Lasik video tomorrow! I wish my eye looked more like a boob.

If you are following Buck on one or both of his channels, his WHATTHEBUCKSHOW where is does his show, or the one he uses for his more personal communcations with his subs called peron75, you probably know that he just had Lasik surgery on his eyes and plans to upload the video of it tomorrow. Should be interesting viewing, but hopefully it won't be too graphic. Make sure you check it out when he posts it.

Apparently Buck will continue to use the same style of glasses that we are all familiar with only with false lenses. Can't really expect him to change from his iconic glasses now can ya?

Oh yeah, and if you aren't following Buck on Twitter (and why not?!), his Twitter is @buckhollywood.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Proves He's A Cunning Linguist & Mediocre Juggler

If you saw wheezywaiter's last video, Tip Your Waiter, Wheezy (aka Craig to true Wheezy aficionados) mentioned that a soccer player had been from "Derby-shire" pronouncing it like the Shire from Lord Of The Rings, and was inundated by comments saying "Wheezy! It's pronounced like "Dahrby-sure" so he sets about righting his linguistical error in this video.

He also sets to prove that is a multitasking kind of guy that can breath and juggle. Olgakay he's not. In case you don't know who Olgakay is, she's the hot Russian juggler/actress on YouTube.

And we get to see Craig's temporary roommate "Ty, The Regular Guy" (well not really, I think he's still hiding out).

I really have to send in a wink to Wheezy. Gotta see my radio-friendly mug on one of my favorite Youtuber's channel.

The Station: What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?

For me, my fortune cookies always say stuff like "That wasn't chicken" or the old standby "Help! I'm being held captive in a fortune cookie factory!" (Yea, I know, old lame jokes Bradshaw) but what would you do if you found youself in the situation above? Personally I think this chain of events was all caused by the smirking waiter sarcastically saying thanks for the 9% tip. Just ask wheezywaiter about the proper amount to tip a waiter.

Right now I'm following timothydelaghetto (he plays Pete the hero in this one), but I'll have to check out both Lindsey Reckmis (Kate) from recklesstortuga and Brian Singleton (Dave) from thisisdormlife.

Never seen either before and Lindsey's channel has 191K subs! Brian's channel needs some Youtuber love as they seem to have only 10K or so. Of course, that's like 10x what I have for subs, but ya gotta start somewhere right? Use the links above to go to their respective channels if you wanna sub to them. Tell them Bradshaw sent you. Okay, that's uber-lame, you don't have to mention my name.

Although TheStation's had some spotty reviews (especially in the beginning), I think they are getting better, and it is cool seeing some Youtubers you don't usually know in the mix. Check out the video below for some "behind the scenes" stuff.

Cool New Green Hornet Trailer Released

This is the new Green Hornet trailer starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou and the Green Hornet and Kato. It sorta looks like Rogen plays it like he's Kato's sidekick which is almost a tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee who co-starred in the original TV series way back in the 60s. A lot of people used to actually call it "The Kato Show" because Bruce Lee was the real action star of that series.

Why am I mentioning an upcoming movie? Well, the trailer is available on YouTube and hey, I'm a big Seth Rogen fanboy. Don't care who knows it. The movie won't be out til January 2011. Looking forward to it.

ijustine Extolls On The Beauty That Is Harris Teeter

Once again my secret Internet girlfriend ijustine has returned to Harris Teeter with her family in tow and sings about the wonders that are in that fine store aka "Your Neighborhood Food Market" that is, if your neighborhood is located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida.

We are allowed to hear the dulcet tones of ij's singing (they're dulcet you haters of Justine's singing!) about the store that her clan visits yearly. And yes, that's her sister Jenna also known to Youtubers as itsmejennae pushing the shopping cart and lending a hand vocally. Don't care if you think her singing is cringe-worthy. Let the girl sing and dance. I'll always give you a thumbs up for your songs ijustine.

Send More Stupid Questions to spricket24!

Do you have any stupid questions? spricket24 has been checking out Yahoo Answers and came across a few rather odd questions. I'm sure there are more than a few strange, twisted questions on the Yahoo site but I don't know how she found these ones in particular. Very weird people asking some downright scary questions. Like that one about "my girlfriend is pregnant..." Yup, parents of the year will definitely be in their future.

Or that one about the person having so much trouble having YouTube come and video them. Oh, so that's how you get on YouTube. Now I'm all set. I just have to dig up YouTube's phone number and get on their list of idiots to visit.

Lol, Karen always makes me laugh out loud. She should put out a new video everyday.

Charles Trippy And the Barbie Sex Tapes (With Special Guest: Justin Bieber!)

Well here it is. YouTube's resident nutbar Charles Trippy brings Part Three of his Barbie Sex Tape Trilogy. What I like about this latest installment from, (ahem) Trippy Studios, is the high production quality and sheer raw emotion director Charles wrung from his actors. I smell a oscar nom!

Really, Charles Trippy is an odd boy who plays with dolls. Okay it's out there. Time for Charles to come clean on his doll fetish (kidding). Trippy has been mentioning on his other channel (that he shares with Alli) called CTFxC, that he was going to do a third installment of this humorous series of Barbie videos and was showing himself & Alli rummaging around their "Prop Closet" where he found the remnants of the Barbie & Ken that he basically destroyed in the making of the first two episodes.

I hadn't been following Charles when he put out the first two videos, so I went back and watched them so I would know what was going on in the 3rd part. You know, for continuity. Boy am I glad I did or I would have been so lost (my attempt at sarcasm).

In case you haven't seen the first couple of installments, Trippy included links to both in the video, but I'll include them here too so you can check them out.

Must admit that Marley stood out with her above average acting technique and seemed to be channeling Godzilla for some scenes, but for others she did seem to be "calling in" her performance. I heard that Marley was written out of part 3 because she was holding out for more money (doggie treats). I did like the special cameo by Alli's hands playing the part of the "makeshift surgeon". Kudos for Alli's digits! One point about Charles (the doll). He STILL has Charles' old haircut and he is no longer the "blonde surfer dude" type. My guess is that he didn't want to be typecast.

Part One

Part Two

All in all, a somewhat odd experience, but it does beg one question (other than what the heck is Trippy doing playing with Barbies?): WILL THERE BE A PART 4? And will Zoe make an appearance? Maybe a prequel? Barbie Sex Tape: Tokyo Drift?

Ray William Johnson: "You Ain't Got No Pancake Mix!"

Yes, it's true. RayWilliamJohnson shows how to deal with people who try to foist their beliefs on you. Just tell'm "You ain't got no pancake mix!" and they'll probably get more than a little flustered.

Now, that clip about the deer wailing on that dog. Ye-ouch! Thankfully the poor dog is reportedly to have been unhurt after the run-in with Bambi. But what would you have done in that situation? I think I would have grabbed a branch or stick and beat the deer til the dog got away but then I'd be stuck with a freaked out deer probably trying to do a tap dance on my noggin. Here's a link to the full video of the deer on dog clip. And wouldn't you know it, it's a cat that gets the ball rolling: Bambi vs Dog.

And the Samba Baby? What is in the baby formula they're feeding these kids in Brazil? Here's the link to the clip of the Samba Baby

And for those of you who have a hate on for that deer laying a beating down on Rover, take a look at the clip below. It's the classic Bambi vs Godzilla. You're welcome.

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