Friday, December 31, 2010

Hank Green Answers The Question: "Is Lady Gaga A Man?"

Is Lady Gaga A Man? Do you really care? I heard all the rumors that were circulating when a video showing what appeared to be Lady Gaga's "accessories" surfaced on Youtube a while back and there were all sorts of questions if maybe Lady Gaga was actually male or a transvestite or whatever. I quickly became bored with the question because I (gasp) don't give a hoot about Lady Gaga. But here comes Hank Green from the Vlogbrothers testing out Google's intuitive system by typing just the word "is" and finds one of the collective conumdrums facing the world is Lady Gaga's sexuality.

Like I said, I don't care about Lady Gaga and mostly pass on her music and disregard her "shocking behaviour" because I see it as simply a promotional gimmick.

What I thought was funny was Hank doing what we all do, and seeing what's being said and asked about people we know and Hank finds that people are interested in his brother John and that there are lots of questions about "Is John Green married?" or "Is John Green gay?" but poor old Hank cannot catch a break. When he types in his own name - nothing. Maybe it's because there are so many questions about the vlogbrother known as Hank that no one or two common questions have purcolated up into Google's algorithm.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Shaytards Christmas Extravaganza: It's Shaytastic!

Here's the long-awaited Shaytards Christmas Special. It clocks in at a whopping 37 minutes, but for fans of Shay Carl, Katilette and the various tardlets, it is just the right length for a Shaytards video. Come spend Christmas with the number one family on Youtube:

Shay was promising this extra-long Shaytards video for a few days now and it was definitely worth the wait. Loved the parts at the skate board ramp/gym with just about every tard bouncing and jumping all over the place. I was also impressed by Shay and his brothers and sister with the handstands. Gotta give kudos to Casey for holding his hand stand the longest. One thing I like about these videos is that the whole family gets involved, even Grampa and Grandma tard. They all seem to be having fun and it is good exercise for the entire clan.

Liking the tradition of everyone wearing the same pajamas too. The kids looked too cute (as well as Mommytard and her sisters-in-law), but the guys took the cake.

I think I want one of those paper jamz
that Sontard got - just too cool for school. Loved seeing all the kids so excited about their various presents.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Project For Awesome Videos Raise $100,000 For Various Charities

In case you missed it, the Project For Awesome was reportedly a big success and they uploaded the show to Youtube (you can see all the videos at p4a. They've uploaded 83 videos so far which is great. This first one shows DeStorm, MysteryGuitarMan, and Freddy Wong all playing and singing well.

Really check out the videos on the P4A channel (link above) as there are interviews with all the top Youtubers like HotFor Words, the Vlogbrothers, Shay Carl, KassemG & NicePeter, Michelle Phan, Tay Zonde, Michael Buckley and iJustine (just to name a few!).

If you want to see some of the behind the scenes stuff, check out this Shaytards video:

It starts with Shay and various Tardlets having some fun and then Shay takes us behind the scenes of the Project For Awesome live show. And iJustine uploaded this one on her 2nd channel. Lots of wellknown Youtube people all through both of these videos.

At last count the Project For Awesome website showed that over $97,000 had been raised for various charities. Great job by all involved. If you want to know more about the Project For Awesome, check out the website and maybe bookmark it for next year's event.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Katers17 Plays Left 4 Dead 2 with Her Dad And Shows Some Pictures

This is the kind of vlog that I really like: an interesting person (Kate17 or Kate) doing a personal vlog in different locations and sharing images and memories from their past.

I've been subbed to Kate for a while and always enjoy her videos for some reason. It may be the accent - English and other european accents always seem to be so hot. But that's not the only reason I watch her videos. It's the little clips like the shot of Left 4 Dead 2 "You are so getting played tonight" and then immediately switches to a blingy watch. And it is the little things like that car that shocks her and the annoying door. Little vignettes that are interesting.

But it is when Kate is with her father showing some pictures from her childhood (I thought she was going to cry a bit when she mentioned her cat) and it was nice seeing how proud she is of her dad. I would have never guessed that her father was from Alaska until Kate mentioned that he was half native Alaskan. And then she introduced him to the wonderful world of video games. Seems like it was a nice night.

Olga Kay And Exotic Jess Doing Some Car Singing

This video starts with Olga Kay after just waking up explaining that she and her friend Jess (aka exoticjess) had a minor spat because Olga wants to go to the gym and Jess feels she doesn't look as good as Olga and needs to get her face on. First off, BOTH are gorgeous. Why do pretty girls always feel that they don't look good without makeup?

I'm guessing that Nadine (naders07), Olga's roommate for about a month or so finally made her way back home to Vancouver (I'll have to check Nadine's channel to get an update on her) and Jess and Olga are trying to stop any rumors before they start about them being a "couple".

That would be our loss guys as either one is a fine specimen. Just look at them in the car singing "Imagine" by John Lennon lol. Neither seems to know the words completely (or be able to carry a tune) but I dunno if it's the lighting but they both look very nice. Maybe it's just because they're singing with abandon. Nothing wrong with that though. Nothing is more fun that bellowing out a song in the car with your friends.

The Lonely Island With Akon: I Just Had Sex

It's about time we got something new from The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone) and this is the first song off their 2nd album called "I Just Had Sex" and the song is also carrying that name.

The video features Akon, (yummy) Jessica Alba, (equally yummy) Blake Lively and (not-quite-so-yummy) John McEnroe. What do you think? Hit or miss? You can pick it up on iTunes.

"She Put A Bag On My Head!" "Still Counts!"

I don't know what they caught at the end of the video where they were shooting off fireworks, but I think both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have the same thing - except their fireworks were from their breasts.
The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone

Tim And Zar Put Snow Tires On His Car

I guess this video could have been called "Hot Girl Does Auto Work" because I didn't know that Zar knew so much about cars and how to fix them. Tim (timjdeegan) is about to head out for a road trip to Oshawa Ontario and he needs to switch out the old standard tires on his car and put some good snow tires on. That's when he tells us about Zar (zarmckim) and her car know-how.

It is funny to watch these to quibble back and forth like an old married couple as Zar show's Tim how to go about changing tires, and Tim gets an smashed finger from the car being improperly mounted. Perhaps that's a good Xmas gift? A new jack for Tim's car.

Also, I have to say that their dog Dawson is just about the cutest ever. They could put up a video of him doing that little dance on his hind legs he was doing at 5:29 and it would probably go sorta viral.

It's Sammah Claus With A Christmas "Do It Float?"

Haven't you always looked at Christmas decorations and been wondering about whether it floats or not? No? What about garland? Surely you must have wondered about garland? No, I haven't - and stop calling me Shirley. Well, Sammah has been doing some tests and in his best Sammah Claus getup, he brings us a Christmas "Do It Float?"

The result? You have to watch Sammah's video to find out. One question I have for him though is what his water bill must be. The water company must think he has a terrible water leak in his pipes or he gets nasty dirty a LOT and requires a lot of bath water.

Make wure you sub to Sammah at the link above. And I noticed the Bradshaw's Blog Facebook page received Sammah's vote of approval - so if it's good enough for Sammah to join, why haven't you joined the Facebook page?

And if you liked the Christmas Do It Float, check out this earlier episode where he tests one of Red Bull's fine beverages:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jessica And Ashlee Simpson: Little Drummer Boy

Some would knock the sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson lately that their fortunes were on the decline, but here we get to hear the actually sing together on one of the best Christmas carols "Little Drummer Boy".

News on Jessica Simpson is that her clothing line is starting to turn some enormous coinage. Check this headline: Jessica Simpson's Fashion Company Worth Nearly $1 Billion. Yes, Jessica is doing okay I think. Simpson Diversifies Her Billion-Dollar-Worth Collection. It won't be long before we will be saying "Did you know that billionaire Jessica Simpson started out as a singer?"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MysteryGuitarMan's Animated Video Drawn By His Fans

First off, I love the song "Hit The Road Jack" originally done by the one and only Ray Charles (did MysteryGuitarMan steal Ray's style of sunglasses?) but once again MGM comes up with a cool and creative video.

This is so different from what you usually see on Youtube, except from MysteryGuitarMan of course. He got a bunch of his subscribers to send in tracings of several pictures of himself and pieced them all together to make up this video, so I guess this is actually a collaberation video made by MGM and 3,000 others. If you sent in a picture and it got used, congrats, it will be seen by a million viewers.

And he also has his contest for his Sony PSP and all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section of the video. Just say what you favorite color of t-shirt is and you're in.

What's This?! Charlie McDonnell Chopped Off His Red Hair?

Yes, Charlie McDonnell has let down the vast female membership of his viewing audience by losing the red mop top he has had for about 10 months now. He originally dyed it red on a dare and has been stuck with the Weasley-esque hairdo ever since, but as he mentions, he had enough of the jokes about "Ron Weasley Is So Cool Like" and "Charlie Weasley" so after growing it out he's finally chopped it off.

As well, Charlie is all wide-angle with his new camera. It's a Canon 60D with "a big lens thing and a road video mike" for about 2 thousand pounds (that's about $3100 U.S. dollars - quite a sum) but you can see that the picture is vastly improved on his old Sony HD SR10.

Must admit I liked his "tribute" to his now missing hair that's "now in the bin". Just in case you haven't seen the video where he dyed his hair, here's that video:

Josh Sundquist Preps You On Twitter For Math Nerds

I was just on Twitter frittering away some time that I should have been using blogging or something equally unconstructive when I saw that iJustine had tweeted that her followers "should check this funny video out" and I, the dutiful IJ fan, quickly clicked the link for the video below called "Twitter For Math Nerds". You should check it out too because it is good.

The video is from JoshSundquist and you have to agree that it is clever. I don't know how but I somehow started following Lady Gaga. You better watch out or you'll be next!

I was going to reply to iJustine right away saying that the video was great and thanks for tweeted the link, but according to Josh's charts that would be super creepy. So thanks Josh for helping me out from seeming like I was macking on IJ. I already have enough court orders, cease and desist orders and restraining orders, but I digress.

I wasn't familiar with Josh or his Youtube channel (follow the link above to sub), but I found out he's got 58K subscribers and he posts alot (about 5-6 times this past week) so for that kind of effort and because I liked this video, I'm subscribing to his channel. Maybe he'll have some sort of tutorial soon about how to pick hot blonde youtubers. Oh, there I go again. I can imagine IJ already filling out the restraining order paperwork. If you want to follow Josh on Twitter, his account is @JoshSundquist and if you want to stalk, er, follow IJ, her's is @ijustine (but you didn't hear that from me).

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Simon's Cat Video ~ "Santa Claws"

Poor Simon is just about finished putting all the Christmas decorations on his Christmas tree and notices that his angel for the top of his tree is missing. As he steps out, guess who steps in...

I have to say that I love Simon's Cat and if you want more of these great animated videos I would suggest you check out the channel at that link. Simon's Cat is one of the most subscribed UK channels with of 324K subs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CNET And iJustine Review The Apple iPad

Both of these videos came out a while ago (May 2010 I believe), but both are actually good reviews of the Apple iPad. The CNET review is done by Donald Bell, a senior editor at who explains the iPad in a non-techy manner that those unfamilar with the device can easily follow. He also shows how to use the Apple iPad's apps and tells viewers about how including iTunes and the Apple Apps Store on the iPad make it a great tablet.

Another look at the Apple iPad is given by iJustine on her ijustinereviews, her channel where she offers reviews of various tech products like the ipad. She mentions towards the end of the video that she was going to review some of the apps and you can find that video here: ipad apps review.

IJ also mentioned that the iPad unfortunately doesn't have a camera, but since she released this video it looks like the next version of the iPad due out in early 2011 will have one.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Meekakitty The Buffy-Hater Slayer

Yes, I'm a guy and I used to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I sound like I should be saying that at some "Buffy Anonymous" group session. I've never been fanatical about the show, mostly watching re-runs as the series itself was winding down, but I am up on Buffy terminology and have seen probably every episode at least once. So I can feel the pain when Meekakitty expresses some distain and skepticism about the announcement of a new movie based on the Buffy series.

Very surprised that the people in charge of this "re-boot" of the slayer concept are forgoing Whedon, who was instrumental in creating the series that starred Sarah Michelle Gellar (and the original Buffy movie with Kristy Swanson). That was the reason I was drawn in to the series - Whedon's imaginative and clever writing as well as the character development.

Like Tessa I thought Willow Rosenberg was one of the more interesting characters on the show, played by Alyson Hannigan who of course went on to even more fame and fortune as the band camp girl in the American Pie movies and one of my favorites on the long-running hit series How I Met Your Mother. Hannigan sure got hot after leaving Sunnyvale and the Scooby Gang.

But it will be interesting to see how they take this "new slayer" in the new movie. Will it be with a kinda subtle humor like the original movie or will they go with a darker more forboding mood? Parts of the original I liked. PeeWee Herman ~ Paul Ruebens was hilarious, but Luke Perry, meh. And anything with Donald Sutherland can be interesting.

If you haven't seen the series (what?! how?), you can pick it up at Amazon: all 7 seasons for around $100 or so Buffy On Amazon or just get your feet wet with the first season and go from there.

Here's one of the other Youtube channel's take on the announcement of the new Buffy movie:

If you want to read what Joss Whedon's response to the news that he was being excluded from the movie, Meekakitty included that link to his short interview.

And for those who can never get enough Buffy, have you checked out those Buffy graphic novels? They are a continuation of what happened in the series and use the same characters, Buffy, Willow, Xander etc. They have been putting those out for a while and are getting some good reviews from die-hard Buffy fans.

Probably one of my favorite Buffy episodes was the one with The Gentlemen. The episode was called "Hush" and when these super-creeping dudes and their henchmen descended onto Sunnyvale to take peoples' hearts, everyone in town lost their voice and couldn't scream. There was one scene where a character looks out of her window spys the Gentlemen floating by neighbor's houses and jumps in fright as one passes closely by her window grinning maniacally. Here's a clip of the episode:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Youtube News: A Chinese Youtube Clone, Bieber Speaks To Fans And Some VidCon 2011 News

Chinese Youtube Company Called Youku Takes A Step Into The U.S. Market

News just came out that a Chinese company called a "clone of Youtube" just had its initial public offering and the shares of the company shot up from what they expected to raise. What that means is there's a Chinese Youtube (called - how clever) that is setting itself up to be in competition with Youtube.

The company itself is comparatively tiny when you look at its numbers against Youtube's, but you have to remember that China is the 2nd largest Internet market in the world and if this company has little in the way of legitimate competition (think in terms of advertising dollars), it has, and will continue to grow by leaps and bounds, sucking in viewers in the far east and around the world.

At that point it could pose a legitimate threat to Youtube's pre-eminence. That could take years, but you can bet the furrowed brows at Youtube HQ have noticed this new player in the game. Hopefully they will take quick steps to ensure they can retain their spot as the top dog in video etc.

If you want to take a look at the technical news article it is at:

There's also news about another Chinese company being set up to compete with Amazon.

Justin Bieber Apologizes To Fans

Justin Bieber apologized to his fans about not having posted anything new to his channel for some time in the short (0:47 seconds) video below. Hey, livin' the pop star life, winning all those AMAs and looking ahead to the Grammies which he hopes will see a similar result has been keeping the kid from Stratford Ontario hopping.

Is it just me or is Bieber's voice finally dropping a bit? He's doing this video to announce he is in a contest called "MyYoutube" and even if you hate Bieber, you should still take a look at it. The Youtube channel you need to go to is:


It says "Visit the MyYouTube channel to subscribe to your favorite artists, help them score points, and enter for a chance to win over 250 prizes." Prizes? What prizes? You have to go and find out.

Looking For Info About VidCon 2011? Need Tickets? Yeah, Now I'm "Bradshaw the Scalper"

Lots of people are looking for information about VidCon and if you don't know what/where/how much/why you have to be at VidCon 2011, I've started putting a bunch of pages up around the Internet for folks to find out.

You can check the discussion board on the Bradshaw's Blog Facebook Page where I've got some information about tickets and prices as well as some other links if you need more information about VidCon.

John Green's Zombie Apocolypse Novella And Project For Awesome Prizes

Just in case you didn't know, John Green of the Vlogbrothers is a best-selling author when he's not uploading great videos with his brother Hank. Check it out on John Green's Amazon author page if you want to see more of his writing.

In this video, John reads one page from his "zombie apocolypse novella":

I'm not sure about other zombie apocolypse literature (other than the Walking Dead graphic novels and television series), but I liked John's one-page treatise with his character trying to be a rebel and "rowing against the current" and not become "z-eed up".

If you are a fan of the vlogbrothers you know that John sometimes reads passages of his books like this and I for one like his writing style. I may have to turn in my membership to Nerdfighters, but I haven't had a chance to read any of his books yet, but I like what he writes.

The cool thing is that you can be the proud owner of the only copy of something that John has written because his zombie apocolypse novella is only one of "many prizes" being raffled off for the "Project For Awesome" which is a project where thousands of members of the Youtube community upload videos all at the same time (noon pacific time December 17, 2010) with each video made in support of the uploader's favorite charity. See? Awesome.

The next day, December 18, 2010, there will be a big Youtube show in Los Angeles that will be on Youtube live. So it is a big win-win, with great charities getting some acknowledgement and a fun Youtube shindig and a raffle for cool prizes.

First Look At New Transformers 3 Dark Side Of The Moon Trailer

Everyone is wondering what the latest in the Transformers series will look like, well now we have a chance to take a peek. Check out the latest trailer for Transformers 3 Dark Side of the Moon which will be released July 1, 2011. And it will be in 3D, so grab your glasses.

Of course many will be whining about the lack of Megan Fox in the movie, but the lovely Ms Fox is busy attending to other projects (The Crossing 2011; Friends With Kids 2012) so sorry guys, no Megan Fox booty in super 3D.

According to the trailer, it looks like Neal Armstrong and the boyd from Apollo 11 had a secret agenda when they landed on the moon to check out a huge UFO that has crash landed on the moon. Any guesses what they find?

You can expect more trailers for the film to be released as the July 1 released date draws closer. We will probably get one or two with Shia LaBeouf and there has to be at least one with gratuitous shots of Victoria Secrets model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who slips into Fox's spot as the love interest of Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poor iJustine's Got A Bloody Eye: Don't Look If You Get Queasy Easy

One of the reasons I love watching iJustine is because she's, well, just easy on the eyes. She's quirky, goofy, and fun. IJ had a mishap while at her parents and she's a little self-conscious (IJ? Never!) and hesitant about showing her subscribers, but here she is. If you get queasy about blood, you might not want to watch:

It's just a broken blood vessel in her eye (known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage) which is a lot more common than you would think, but the poor girl's obviously a little self-conscious. I think I detected her blushing slightly when she shows us the eye. A teacher of mine in high school had the same thing happen and recovered quickly and iJustine will too, probably just in time for Christmas.

In the meantime IJ feels the need to hide her face behind a lock of her hair and hasn't been putting up videos because she thinks she looks "hideous" which is crap. Even if she gets the nickname Justine "Bloody Eyeball" Ezarik (sounds like a cool mobster name for IJ), she still maintains her hotness factor - even with her mutant eye. Hopefully she gets well soon, because I need my iJustine fix almost every day.

Sexy Karen Alloy Teaches You How To Flirt

Love the latest video from Spricket where she teaches girls how to flirt correctly. Of course by the end of the video all the blood left my brain and I passed out, but what can you do when confronted with this red-headed vixen?

Karen can flirt easily with just a little flicker of an upraised eyebrow. Don't want to gush, but dang, she's so hot! Funny, pretty and sexy - Karen's got it all wrapped up in tasty little package. Okay, I can stop drooling now. I've been subscribed to Karen for awhile and also stalk, I mean follow her on Twitter (@KarenAlloy) where she's closing in on 30K followers. She just hit 20K last month I think.

You can find her Youtube channel at the link at the top. Karen also is approaching 200K Youtube subs and I think she will probably get a bunch more with this video - especially the part about "Good Dental Hygene".

Sxephil: WikiLeaks, Ruminations On A Tubby Kevin Smith And Phil Is A Misogynist Pig?!

Just finished getting my daily fix of Phillip DeFranco and he covered some of the big news stories we need to know about. I have been following the WikiLeaks story since it broke and it does seem that "someone" has it in for Julian Assange after he handed over information the U.S. government deemed potentially damaging to foreign relations. And now Assange is in jail without bail on a charge that may or may not have merit. Hmmm....

And as far as the Kardashian story, all I can say is why didn't the celebs just kick in some money if they believed so strongly in the charity? It is an excellent charity and deserves lots of support, but it seems Kimmy and her cohorts could have remedied the situation by simply tossing some of their own long green bills behind the charity rather than coaxing a rich pharma-dude into parting with his money.

I agree Kevin Smith needs to re-assess. Smith is all kinds of awesome, he makes funny stuff (not always but more than most) and when I found out he likes hockey, that made the man golden - I'm Canadian so if you are original AND funny AND share and share my affection for the best sport in the world. He does unfortunately cheer for the New Jersey Devils and on the Canadian side has an unhealthy appreciation for the show Degrassi but you have to overlook some character flaws and foibles to make the relationship work. Check out Kevin Smith on Twitter.

Phil DeFranco Explains Why He Posts Hot Girls On

Phil must get a lot of comments from women complaining about some of the pictures he puts up over at his blog ( for the uninitiated) and they say he must hate women because of the pictures he puts up. Here's Phil explaining:

Hey, I have no problem with the pictures he puts up. Sure some are gratuitous, and just steamy, hot, barely dressed... hot... oh, sorry, I was distracted there. All I can say is if you don't like the pictures - don't look at them. There is a lot worse posted all over the Internet that I (and you) should have a problem with rather than some cheesy pictures of pretty girls, wearing... hot, girls...

Phil's girlfriend, the lovely LinzLoves (check out her channel) is okay with it, and seems to trust him, so maybe you should MYOB. If you don't like it, don't look at the pictures. With all the stuff online, getting wound up about these shots is just counter-productive.

As far as Phil girlfriend, Linz, she's been uploading videos on her channel about her trip to Italy and I was going to post something about her trip, so expect something in the next few days (or just go to her channel and watch all her videos).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beatles' Let It Be Sung By Just About Every Former Star From The Past 30 Years

Someone sent me the link to this video showing a bunch of stars (and semi-stars) singing the Beatles "Let It Be". See who you remember.

Lots of famous folks. Quite the eclectic chorus! I saw David Faustino (Bud Bundy), that guy from Milli Vanilli, a bunch of folks from the old series L.A. Law, the lead singer from Twisted Sister (what happened to all that hair Dee Snider?!), Norm from Cheers (where was Cliffie?) and too many more to list.

I think the video was made because of the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death that falls on December 8, but i cannot be sure.

Shaytards: Idaho Football, Hot Chicks And Sontard Turns Seven

Looks like Shay Carl and the whole Shaytards clan are off to watch a little Idaho football as Boise State takes on Utah State. You can find out more here about the Boise-Utah game.

First Shay had to take the tardlets for a dip in the pool and Babytard just about explodes with excitement to get swimming. Lol at little Cooper (Shay's nephew) when Shay's brother shows him how to swim and Cooper starts swimming in mid-air. Then off they go to the Big Game.

The football game was pretty good (a blue football field?) and the home team won which was good. Right at the end, we get to see Sontard celebrating his birthday. Hard to believe he's already seven! Before Shay and Katilette know it, they'll be watching Sontard playing football in college. Let's see, that would mean Shay would be doing the Shaytards vlog in about 12 years! I think Shay just shuddered at the thought that they will still be filming in 12 years, but we'll probably all still be watching.

Zarmckim Gets Some Stitches: Don't Dance On Couches!

I subscribed to zarmckim (the very cute Sara McKim, even with the burn mark on her mouth) after watching her and her boyfriend Tim (timjdeegan) going to the Toronto gathering, see: Shay Carl And Wheezy Waiter Behind The Scenes.

Sara tells us about her mishap while bustin' a move on her couch and requiring stitches (thought for sure she was going to show her stitches, but luckily she didn't) and her first attempt at the vlog. After subbing to her I sent a message telling her to do more vlogs and she is which is great.

Tim also does vlogs and videos and you should go sub to his channel (link above) and get these two some more subs! I'd like to say that all of us Canadians look like these two and that's why Canada is sending Hollywood all of their best looking people, but I'd be lying lol. We do have a lot of hot girls and good looking guys in Canada, but we also have others that look like they were hit in the face with a shovel. Probably why I blog rather than vlog myself. If you doubt me, check the "About" button at the top.

Also, if you want to find out how she got the burn at the dentist, check her video. One more reason to hate going to the dentist I guess!

Kitties Mama Hit 1,000 Subscribers And Say Thank You

I love these kind of videos that feature the kids just going through their day. This one is from a new channel that I just subscribed to that you may like as well: KittiesMama. Mom films the children buying and decorating a cake to celebrate hitting 1,000 subscribers (they now have 1,170 since uploading the video). If you like this video, be sure to sub to them and try to get them up to 5,000-10,000 subscribers.

The music was a nice touch, kinda Christmasy and sort of reminded me of the music running through A Charlie Brown Christmas. The kids are all cute and they should make more videos! Maybe not as many as the Shaytards, but they should upload at least once or twice a week. The kids names are Emma, Jonah, and Noah and the Mommy of the "KittiesMama" name is behind the camera, trying desperately to corral 3 rambunctious children and 4 kittens. Little Emma apparently wants to be a Youtube makeup guru!

Check out this other video they did of the kids making 100 Faces In One Minute.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weather Girls: I'm Glad Willard Scott Never Gave The Weather Report In This Outfit

There are all sorts of weird channels on Youtube and you should check out this one called NMAWorldEdition, and one of their daily segments is this thing by the "Weather Girls". Take a look:

Scantily clad hot asian girls. Check. Redeeming factor, they give news about the weather. Check. The fact I had to watch it 2-3 times to notice the weather. Check.

This channel has all sorts of stuff included besides the hotties prancing around in gold mini-skirts: they have the news (mostly in Chinese) and weird animated newscasters. All in all, par for the course from the far east as far as programming goes, but this Weather Girls part is the attention-grabber. The channel is from Taiwan and they are the 15th most subscribed channel in the country with 8,897 subscribers.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sxephil Discusses The Death Of Kim Kardashian And Tweeting To God

What? You didn't hear about Kim Kardashian's death? Well watch the latest edition of the Philip DeFranco Show and find out.

okay, so my future ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian is not dead after all, she and a bunch of other celebs are logging off Twitter and other social networks beginning December 1, 2010 to support the World AIDS Day charity work of Alicia Keys, a global Ambassador for the Keep a Child Alive charity.

And in case you didn't know, World Aids Day is also Phil's birthday, so send him some birthday love on Wednesday. I know that Phil reads this blog from time to time (for real, so Hey Phil!) My birthday doesn't fall on such a momentous day as Phil's, mine is in September and all I get is for a holiday is Yom Kippur and that actor/alleged wife killer Robert Blake shares the same birthday as me (yea). My birthday wish for Phil is of course, a very inappropriate patdown on his next flight by a busty asian TSA guard.

Loved the "Now Sponsored By Butterfingers" bit about Buffalo Bills' Steve Johnson's hamfisted catching attempt and his tweet in anger to God

And being a Canadian (yes, a horrid affliction, but we all have our crosses to bear), I am willing to overlook the Thanksgiving slam because of Phil pointing out that Canadian actor Leslie Neilsen had passed on. Little known fact, Neilsen's older brother Erik was Canada's Deputy Prime Minister in the 1980s-90s. He was so notoriously secretive the media dubbed him "Old Velcro Lips" (it's true!). But Leslie Neilsen will be missed. I still quote his "and don't call me Shirley!" line all the time.

NicePeter: Gimmie A Frosty And Viewer Mail

Love the opening theme song for Nice Peter's monday video and viewer mail!

He announced that he would be doing another "Epic Rap Battle Of History" on December 8th, which is cool. If you haven't seen his last one, called Darth Vader vs Hitler, check it out.

"I don't know how you people draw! I try to draw a tree and it looks like... soup. Yum, soooup." lol, at that line. Peter gets all sorts of interesting stuff from his viewers.

The end of the video with the Star Wars action figures was great with Darth Maul crossing light sabers with a Jedi Nice Peter in super slow-mo. So much better than the popping balloon.

Shaytards Date Night And The Princesstard Diaries

Shay Carl and Katilette have decided to have a little "Date Night" and turned filming of the Shaytards over to little Princesstard.

While Shay and Mommytard are out having a little much-needed "us" time, we get to see a young filmmaker learning the ropes as a Youtube vlogger as Princesstard turns the Shaytards' camera on her brothers and sister. Sontard of course starts bustin' moves all over the place as soon as the camera is on him and Babytard is her usual giggly bundle of cuteness. Even Rocktard seems happy for a little face time in front of the camera.

At around 4:30 or so when she was telling us that the babysitter didn't want to be filmed, all I could think was that Princesstard was doing her vlogging with a "Toby Turner-esque" flair and kept waiting for her to say "outro of darkness, then redness, then whiteness, then Princesstardness".

I liked that idea that Shay was floating called "Sneaky Snacks" where people load up on snacks and food and stuff to sneak into the movie theater when they are going to see a film. Of course then movie prices would have to go up if the theaters had a massive decline in popcorn and snack sales. Still, not a bad business idea. And loves Shay's showing us "the Rudy of water fountains" (Rudy of course being that movie of the kid who wanted desperately to play football for the University of Notre Dame - excellent movie).

Yup, I agree with Shay's assessment of Princesstard's vlogging abilities. She's gunnin' for your job Shay!

John And Hank Green Have Some Project For Awesome Announcements Plus Great Outtakes

Yes, it's Hank and John Green together in one video which you you don't see everyday. And the Vlogbrothers have some announcements to share with the nerdfighters.

The Green brothers have 3 announcements: Project For Awesome, Moon Pasta, and DFTBA shirts at a discount.

The big announcement would have to be the 2010 Project For Awesome, which will be held December 17, 2010 where the Youtube communities come together to rate, favorite and comment about videos uploaded about various charities they like (I liked John's video last year where he announced the 2009 P4A which also was about his "malaria-hating unborn child" who turned out to be little Henry).

The moon pasta debate was pretty much answered in the comments for the video with lots of debate back and forth about thrust and gravitational pull and the caloric count of a fully grown angus beef cow vs the nutritional content in a serving of pasta (space pasta or the earthbound variety). You will need to go to the video comments for further enlightenment.

And the final topic that John & Hank discussed was that there was some new t-shirts and music available over at DFTBA and if you don't know what "DFTBA" means your membership in Nerdfighters is hereby revoked! Kidding, it is of course means: Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

And now, the blooper reel where John and Hank show they are not the natural gifted showman they portray in their Youtube videos:

And don't forget to make a Project For Awesome video for December 17th!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Goes Home For Thanksgiving

Wheezy Waiter begins today's video with an indepth and detailed review of the new Harry Potter movie "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows"...

Yes, Wheezy is on thin ice with the glowing orb in the sky again. You don't want to get a massive ball of flames angry with you. You could pre-emptively set off the Earth burning up like that Jupiter-sized planet in the far reachest of our galaxy is facing.

It was good to see Wheezy mom and Wheezy dad again. Mom's got a bit of a potty mouth, don't you think?

Some Thanksgiving Thanks And Inspiration Courtesy Of Taryn Southern

At this time of year it is a good time to give thanks for all that is good in your world and Taryn Southern offers some thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Even if you don't have a crazy uncle Stan you can probably relate to what Taryn is saying here. It's a time to reflect and consider your own good fortune and that of those in your circle (even if it sounds cheesy) just before we all tumble headlong into the holidays with the madness of the Christmas season and New Years. Before you know it, it will be 2011, so take a breath, relax, offer up a prayer to whatever deity you follow and be good to each other.

Taryn also points out three channels that you might want to take a look at to see their inspiring stories:

Nick Vujicic - I'm already familiar with Nick's great story and you should take a look at his wonderful life.
Jorge Munoz
Clay Dyer

Great stories all.

SpeedyReedyTV Challenges You

A youtuber has challenged all youtubers to a contest and I don't think you are up to the challenge. SpeedyReedyTV wants to see if you can beat his time (doubtful) at saying the alphabet backwards.

Me, I have a hard time saying the alphabet forwards let alone backwards. Actually I used to try to do the alphabet backwards because I wanted to be ready whenever this challenge came up, but I'm out of practice. After watching SpeedyReedyTv, I may need to brush up on my letters.

Back in the day when I was in school we were required to take French language lessons (I live in Canada) and our teacher had an annual contest where we had to say a bunch of verbs as quickly as we could. I was determined to beat the record, and show off to the hot girls in my class too, I won't lie.

The verbs are still seared into my brain and will probably be for life:

"Aller, venir, entrer, sortir, partir, monter, rentrer, rester, retourner, tomber, descendre, arriver, naƮtre, mourir, revenir, devenir."

Try saying THAT as fast as you can! I practiced it for a week and set a new record of 3.1 seconds. Of course those who are reading this who have french as their first language (allo!) probably don't think this is very hard at all, but I would like to challenge non-french speakers to try it. They probably can even read the verbs in 3.1 seconds.

But back to the SpeedyReedyTV (aka Chris Reed) challenge. If you think you can beat him or come close to him, send him a response video and subscribe! He has about 650 subs and could always use some more.

KassemG And California On Thanksgiving

"It was the pilgrims dude, the pilgrims were cool man." That seems to be the consensus of those who were interviewed by KassemG as to what Thanksgiving is. Religious zealots who thought wearing belt buckles on their hats and shoes was a cool fashion choice. See what California thinks about Thanksgiving:

"My mom lives in Las Vegas." "Hi mom. Is she a dancer?"

Why was Thanksgiving started Kassem asks. And everyone blurts out "Pilgrims." Yeah, the pilgrims had a date night with the local Indians (Native Americans), got them drunk and took advantage of them, then stole their land.

What should Kassem do the next "California On" about? Zombies? Harry Potter? Zombie Harry Potter? Hermione's Chamber of Secrets?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Agents Of Secret Stuff: A Ryan Higa Film

Here it is - Nigahiga's epic "Agents of Secret Stuff". The film (can I call is a film?) is 35 minutes long, so kick back and relax.

Impressions? It seems lots of youtubers are giving it the thumbs up and the movie is getting tons of views as would be expected of anything posted by Ryan Higa on Youtube. I liked the concept and the story. Ryan is a young agent on the verge of becoming a full-fledged A.S.S. (Agent of Secret Stuff), but first, his mentor (agent Tracy "It's a MAN'S name!" played by HiImRawn) sends his on a dangerous assignment guard high school student Taylor (the lovely Arden Cho) against assassination by the evil agents of S.I.N.

Why is Taylor marked for death? Will "Jose" and Taylor get together? You will have to watch to find out.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cenk Ugyur And The Young Turks Beat Fox News In Ratings

Here Cenk Uygur gets the chance to crow a little bit about MSNBC actually beating Fox News in the ratings. Love it. The Young Turks is huge on Youtube and the show with Cenk and Ana Kasparian is a great source for non-biased reporting, unlike Fox News with their well-known right wing slant. Actually it's more of an overhang than a simple "slant".

Uygur has been a regular guest on The Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC and this past October the network announced he had been hired as a substitute anchor, which is what he was discussing with Ana in the clip above.

Apparently the ratings for a portion of the time Cenk was hosting the show bested Fox News which is hard to do at the best of times. It shows the viewers and listeners of The Young Turks are willing to come out in force to listen to a balanced reporting of the days news events and intelligent dialogue rather than hammering away at their ideological talking points and right-wing hobby horses as their competitors seem to do.

The Young Turks have a large audience that they have grown since about February 2002 and garner as many as 18 million views for their Youtube channel alone.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jussttom: Dealing With Youtuber Haters

This is actually a pretty good little video from jussttom about what to expect when you put up Youtube videos - haters.

Yup, haters be hating. Nothing you can do about what someone who hides behind an anomymous user name who wants to sling crapola. You need to accept that there are going to be comments made just to see if they can get a reaction. It's the same when guys try to slam a pretty girl by making her think the guy doesn't want her. That's an old, old ploy, but girls fall for it ALL the time.

Tom also mentions the video he did a while back that's been getting a lot of views. I watched that one when he originally posted it and almost clicked on it myself after spotting the thumbnail. Good use of the thumb nail tool Tom, like the one below lol.

What The Buck Discusses This Year's AMAs

This is where Michael Buckley (on his What The Buck Show) gets a chance to shine. If you want to know what happened at the latest award show, you tune in to Buck.

Buck slams both Enrique Iglesias as well as Miley Cyrus (no surprise there) and said Miley looked like she had been dressed by Stevie Nicks (you younger folks will have to Google Nicks to find her weird gypsie outfits she was famous for in the 70s-80s). He did like Pink's performance, who I didn't know was pregnant, but it was the part where he mentioned the semi-ovation for Bieber with only the first three rows standing "because Usher had a GUN!"

As far as the re-emergence of the Back Street Boys-New Kids, snore. Those guys need to be forgotten as a bad memory from the 1990s. Didn't care for them then, and no need to re-visit sucky boy-band stuff again.

Phil DeFranco Discusses Justin Bieber Winning The AMAs And "Half-Head Guy"

Not surprisingly (or maybe it was), Justin Bieber took home the bulk of the trophies at the recent American Music Awards and Philip DeFranco has some words about it. Also, he needs to reassure his viewer named "Steve" about his mom.

Best line: "I'm going to hell because the first thing I thought was 'Oh look, another young boy talking about Michael Jackson behind a stand.'"

And yes, Taylor Swift looked quite fetching. I may have to re-assess my rule about country singers. That dude with the mis-shapen head deserves some kind of pass. I sorta shuttered seeing it and was glad that Phil didn't show him again. If that makes me a shallow person, then hey, I'm shallow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

CTFxC: Allie Eats Zombie Chow And Viewer Mail

It looks like Charles Trippy's Movember beard is coming in pretty good in this CTFxC and he is making some headway as far as getting his office cleaned up. Still lots of stuff all over the floor including viewer mail which he and Alli will open in another video.

I think the best part of that video had to be Charles in the wig and glasses and then showing the picture of his Dad all permed out. Of course, the scene with Alli eating the eyeballs and gizzrds or what every it was she was eating. I think I for one will pass on the Zombie food. But the book How To Talk Like A Zombie looked fun.

Next we get to see all the stuff people have been sending in to them. It is always cool stuff that CTFxCers send them and this is no exception. A lot of work went into the art work. Charles always seems to say that he doesn't want his viewers spending a lot of money on the items they send them, but it is always funny seeing how Zoe and Marley react to the toys and dog treats that are mailed.

Ask Lisa Nova? Her New Weekly Vlog

It looks like LisaNova is incorporating something new to her video making, which is a weekly "Ask Lisa" segment. Several other prominent youtubers already do this, so it's good to see Lisa jumping on the bandwagon.

There are others who have been doing this for a while now (iJustine, Shane Dawson) and I'm wondering if this is going to be a thing? Not a Wheezy Waiter kind of thing, but if more and more of the bigger youtubers are going to add this sort of interaction with their viewers. I think iJustine does it best, but more contact with the audience is always good.

One thing I noticed was that she mentioned the segment that's on theStation2's channel, which is their weekly "The Station Is Watching You" hosted by Joe Felice, so it is good to see some support there.

What is your opinion on Lisa doing a weekly vlog? Or do you want more "Hot Girls" with her and KassemG?

Positive Reinforcement With SupaDupaFlyGirl

I like this video from SupaDudaFlyGirl (aka Liz) because of the positive vibe she gives in this and just about all her videos. This one was posted on her new advice channel called AskSupaDupa rather than her main channel.

Very nice advice. Be yourself, and if you want to accomplish something, get out there and DO IT! That's actually advice I would give anyone who was feeling low or that they can't succeed in any kind of activity in life. There is no worse feeling than the regretful feeling you get for not having at least tried.

If you are unfamiliar with Liz, you can find more of her videos on her main channel, SupaDupaFlyGirl where she sings, vlogs and generally acts like a nutbar. Highly recommended.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shay Carl And Wheezy Waiter Behind The Scenes

So glad Shay Carl FINALLY made it across the border into Canada and the first half of this video is Shay wandering aimlessly around Chicago's O'Hare Airport before he lands in Toronto and meets up with Wheezy Waiter and Corey Vidal.

It looks like Shay, Wheezy and Corey are planning on doing a Christmas video wearing Santa Claus costumes, but first they stop off at Toys-R-Us to pick up a bunch of toys to use in the video. They mention that they are going to donate the toys afterwards which is cool.

Wheezy of course has to get one in of his patented hand stands on the elevator on the way up to the top of the CN tower (check out the concerned woman watching from the corner of the elevator, lol).

Also, check out this video from Tim Deegan which shows some of the Toronto Youtube meet up with Corey Vidal and Wheezy Waiter.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dan 3.0 Addresses The "Michael Aranda Situation"

There has been some controversy swirling around the Pogotribe and the Dan 3.0 Project and Dan Brown addresses them here. Oh yeah, and he shaved off his beard. Yes, he looks like a 15-year-old kid again. But let's look at what he said, rather than going on and and on about the lack of facial hair.

What Dan says in the video is pretty clear and it looks like the decision to move on has been made by both Dan and Michael Aranda to part ways, but Michael felt putting some post up on Formspring (at airing out his concerns but that post was deleted (I read somewhere), he did reply to a couple of questions about "the situation" (sounds like a they're discussing one of those idiots from Jersey Shore) stating that both he and Dan had "put it behind them" & hoped we would too, which sounds like good advice.

Other than that, what seemed to be on the minds of most of the people commenting on this video was Dan shaving. About 90 percent of the comments were "I miss it" or "I'm glad it's gone", truly mind-numbingly boring comments. Usually the pogotribe can be counted on for witty, intelligent remarks, but I guess Dan's suddenly naked face can induce enough shock to generate innane comments. Knowing the fans of Dan, they'll soon be back to concentrating on the content of the videos and Dan's character rather than obsessing over what he looks like.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taryn Southern Tells You To Keep It In Your Pants

But Taryn, can't I keep it in your pants? Sorry, but I had to say it - it was hanging there like a big old curveball. One of my favorite youtubers has a new video out called Keep It In Your Pants and yummy Taryn Southern gets to sing again!

If you feel the need for more Taryn (and who could blame you if you do), go to her Youtube channel called Hott4Hill. While you're at it, add her on Twitter: @tarynsouthern (if you haven't seen the video where she busts a move for hitting 10K Twitter followers, check this Bradshaw's Blog post: Taryn Southern Dances Because She Hit 10K Twitter Followers) - Let's get her to 20K so she can do more booty shakin'.

Another reason to stalk, I mean follow Taryn on Twitter is because she tweeted about this half nekid picture of herself on a sticker featured on Tim Ferriss' blog. You're welcome.

The song "Keep It In Your Pants" was also written and produced by the multi-talented Ms Southern and is available from iTunes, so grab a copy of that. She was also on 4 episodes this season of the television series Rules of Engagement, so keep an eye out for her on that too. This girl is EVERYWHERE!

I just read on her blog (yes, she blogs too) and she mentions she appreciates all the support she gets and thanks all for passing along her videos on all the blogs (hey that means she thanks me! Sorry, I went all giddy fanboy there) and that she does all this stuff, videos, songs etc, on her own dime, so if you want to see more of Taryn (not like that Pervy McPerv), make sure you download her songs and check out more of her videos. Personally I would be posting this here even if I didn't spot that blog of hers (it's because she's funny. And hot. Mostly because she's funny though.

Philip DeFranco Blooper Reel

This is side of Philip DeFranco that we don't usually get to see: Phil interacting with the guys behind the scenes. He has done some of that in a few recent videos and in this one he attempts a serious discussion with Matt (Matt the Intern?) who wants time off to see his mah.

Rachel spits like a velociraptor!

Matt wants to skip out on work with Phil planning on heading down to Florida, but they just can't seem to get it together. I guess Matt shouldn't have skipped rehearsal. And yeah, Phil, it's the dilophosaurus, not the velociraptor, jeez! (That last sentence should be read like total Jurassic Park irate fanboy).

This video was outtakes from today's Philip DeFranco Show as shown below. Looks a little more polished by still wanna see more of this behind the scenes stuff!

Hank Green Sings "This Is Not Harry Potter"

Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers comes up with another great song with his "This Is Not Harry Potter" and though the video screams MysteryGuitarMan at the start when he uses the book as a musical prop.

I always look forward to Hank's highly original songs and he doesn't disappoint with this one either. Some of his viewers may disagree with his assessment of the Harry Potter books being among the highest quality, but they can't say Hank doesn't do interesting songs. And I liked that he worked his brother John's books in there too.

The only thing missing was some sing-a-ma-jigs.

Hank also mentioned that he has a new channel called hankgames which will appeal to all the Nerdfighters who are diehard gamers. He has only 3 videos up so far but it is funny hearing Hank's clumsy play-by-play as he relearns the game Assassin's Creed and complains about the slow uploading speed etc. If you are a gamer (and especially if you haven't played the games Hank will be playing) you should get a kick out of his new channel as it develops.

Wheezy Waiter And Explosion Wednesday ~ Canadian Style!

Wheezy Waiter is still in Canada (and will be for the reainder of the week apparently) and he and Corey Vidal are just waiting for a large bearded man from Idaho who is currently enroute. There may be another meetup in Toronto according to Shay Carl.

Interesting fact about Canadian scientists inventing the carbon dioxide laser and shame on Corey for telling everyone that all Canadians have one. We're not supposed to tell anyone outside of other Canadians about that! Next thing you know he'll be telling Wheezy about our super-secret time machine that runs solely on maple syrup and back bacon. And a thumbs up for working a plug for Tim Hortons into the video.

Wheezy Waiter: ACTION STAR?!

Hard as it may be to imagine, but Wheezy also has a burgeoning film career (take that Ryan Reynolds! Maybe Scarlett Johansson will now realize the error of her ways) and appears as a kickbutt action hero in the clip below. Oh, and there's a dude dressed like a giant tongue.

That's Morgan the Orabrush Tongue Guy in an episode I like to call Wheezy and the Tongue. In case you couldn't tell, one of the best youtubers at special effects, Freddie Wong helped out on this "Black Ops" episode.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nigahiga In Agents Of Secret Stuff

So THIS is what Ryan Higa has been working on! Below is the trailer for Agents of Secret Stuff which is scheduled to be released November 24, 2010. I need to see more before offering an assessment, but parts of it look funny from what you see here.

Ryan Higa is cast as a super-secret agent given the task of guarding the incredibly lovely Arden Cho from some fiendish bad guys, led by HiImRawn it would look like.

Wong Fu Productions is credited with directing this 40 minute epic that will premiere on the Nigahiga channel. They are also listed along with Ryan as co-writers and co-producers and the motion graphics are the work of Derrick Lee of rikognition. The music is very ably done by George Shaw who is a rising musician/composer in Hollywood. Check out his website for more about him and for some samples of his music:

Ass Vs Syns

An interesting play on the word assassins? Ass (Agents of Secret Stuff) vs Syns (Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff) = clever. Sorta reminds me of that old television series Get Smart with the good guys: Control versus the bad guys: Chaos.

Ryan is a good choice as the good-looking, cleancut good guy going up against Rawn (who will tower over Ryan) who is like six foot five. I can almost picture the scene where Ryan has to battle Rawn and will be nose to bellybutton with him, but Higa will undoubtedly kick some major buttocks when they have to throw fists.

Some of the usual suspects make up some of the smaller roles, love seeing KassemG cast as the school teacher and the boys from Smosh. D-Trix (thedominicshow on YouTube) is one guy I'm subbed to that you may not know, but you have to see this hilarious video he did a while back called Mother's Milk.

But like I said, it looks like it may be good, but until I see more, I can't give it the thumbs up or down. I will say this though, this is a very ballsy move to make a 40-minute film even if you are the numero uno and most subscribed Youtuber. This is really stretching the envelope by Nigahiga, so definitely a hats off to him and the people who worked on this. There's already a lot of hype from what I can see and I for one look forward to seeing the full movie. And did I mention that Arden Cho was totally hot and an excellent choice for the love interest/damsel in distress that Ryan (or is it "Jose") gets to rescue?

You will be able to see the film in its entirety on November 24, 2010, but for those lucky few who can make it to CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles for the 23rd, you can get a sneak preview at a special screening. For more details, you'll need to jump over to

Wheezy Waiter Takes Toronto By Storm But Where's Shay?

There was a Youtube Gathering in Toronto on November 16, 2010 and those Canadian fans of Wheezy Waiter were able to see him live and in person (unless that was actually a clone and original Wheezy stayed home). He does appear to be on Canadian soil as evidenced by the Celine Dion music playing when he rolls into view:

It was good to see Wheezy made it to the gathering and giving fellow youtuber Corey Vidal a shout out in his video. Just to clarify, yes there was a War of 1812, yes, Canada and the U.S. fought each other (mostly to a standstill) and Ontario at the time was called the Province of Upper Canada, while Quebec was named Lower Canada. The States did invade and got whupped something fierce and the Canadians (not the hockey team) invaded Washington D.C. and torched the White House. After peace was declared (the treaty of Ghent: I knew that without looking it up), because it took so long to for news to travel British troops landed and attacked New Orleans and got their butts handed to them (there's an old song called The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton).

But enough of this dang history lesson. You've probably skipped that paragraph out of boredom anyway.

Looks like a pretty good crowd showed up and there should be some videos being posted by Canadian youtubers getting all giddy about meeting Wheezy. Shay Carl was supposed to come too and that would have been great, seeing Shay and Wheezy, the 2 most famous beards on Youtube together, but I guess that will have to wait until VidCon 2.0 (possibly this summer? Ask John or Hank Green about it).

Shay was having problems getting his new passport in order and had to re-schedule his meetup but in the video below he has some good news about heading to Toronto this coming weekend.

So, good news! Shay Carl will be coming to Toronto after all! But we do see Wheezy actually doing a handstand outside (like he promised) while at the YT Gathering. What I like is that we get to see a bunch of others trying to show off their handstanding abilities, like Corey Vidal, but no one can match the wicked stills of Charles Ni. Good job Charles!

And CTFxC FTW! For the dude named John at 0:35 who tries and almost body slams himself for the CTFxC shirt!
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