Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Case You Missed It Wheezy Waiter Has Some New Digs

I have been subbed to Wheezy Waiter since back in the day when he actually was a waiter so I have grown somewhat accustomed to see him in his apartment lavishly furished with an alligator pit, whale tank, clone machine and automatic coffee maker. So it is a sad day when he announced he was moving to a new place. First, we find out that he's staying at his parents' house.

Also, it's his 500th video, so a hearty round of applause to Wheezy.

And finally, we get a peek at Chateau Benzine, the new apartment where Wheezy will be living and filming from.

Lame Ass Blogger Is Lame Ass

Apparently I have been neglecting my blog and I figured I should get back to writing. I could give you one of those lame excuses that people on Youtube give when they haven't posted a video in a while. Sort like "Sorry guys, I have been sooo busy with (fill in the blank) and I promise I won't disappoint you and I will be uploading a video every (insert lie about when they will put up another video)..." And about at this time you're wondering "When did I subscribe to this loser?" I can't even claim to have been lost in the arms of a lovely young woman because I am unemcumbered right now by female companianship although I am of course hoping to become, um, "encumbered?" And no, I wasn't whisked away by the angels during that so-called "rapture" back on May 21st although I have my fingers crossed for this October. Camping just can't be a fraud can he? Can he?!

The truth be told I have been working at a new job and doing other shite online that have eaten up a lot of my time. Every few days I would look at this lame blog and think I better get at that and then I would do other stuff. But no more. You don't have to believe me but my two month hiatus is now over and I am back. I have to get back into the groove.
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