Saturday, September 11, 2010

WasteTimeChasingCars: How Low vs. Walking On A Dream

I know this video by WasteTimeChasingCars was posted way back in April, but I keep coming back to it. It features Ludacris' How Low and Empire of the Sun's Walking On A Dream in an imaginative mix. I always seem to find this video every couple of weeks (yes I saved it to my favorites) and I play it once and then play it again and again. Not really my type of music either which makes it weird. I'm more of a 3-chord type of guy and I'm more guitar-oriented, but this beat just sticks in your head.

In case you've never seen Ludacris' How Low (okay how is you missed this one?), here's the original:

And here's the other part of WasteTimeChasingCars' remix, Empire of the Sun's Walking On A Dream:

Okay, and of the three - which one do you like best? Leave a comment below.

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