Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shay Carl Returns Home To Some Little Farttards!

Lol at the dude in the bank with no shoes and Shay's reaction. I've wandered around barefoot as a kid, but I don't think I've gone into any stores or banks without shoes. Too many "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs out there. I just hope they don't mind my own "no pants" policy. It's funny hearing Shay go on & on about this guy - like he seems to do from time to time. Do you remember the woman with the white van in Idaho a couple of months back? He was fascinated by her and finally asked her about the van and the sign on the side.

It was good to see Joe Felice hanging with Shay at the Station and the cameo from nicepeter. And yet another sojourn to L.A. is over and our man Shay is heading back to see the Tardlets and the lovely Katilette. We'll have to keep an eye out for those promised videos. But Joe Felice eating Beardtard?

Did you see the part where Shay was remembering 9 years back when the planes hit the World Trade Center? Hard to believe it's been so long since that happened. Putting aside the tragedy of that day for a moment, it was good to hear him taking about how he likes that he had Katilette to share those bad times with - he's such a family guy lol.

And of course we have to see Shay touch the outside of the plane as he's boarding it. That's almost a Shaytards tradition - every time Shay gets on a plane he shows himself touching the outside of the airplane for good luck. Lol about the kids not being at the airport and Shay shedding a few fake tears, but if you watch the Shaytards you know the little tardlets love the big bearded man.

And it was nice to see the kids (even if they were little farttards in the van). And poor old Malachi had a run-in with a skunk! I had it when that happens. Even if you wash a dog with tomato juice it still seems to smell oddly like freshly washed skunk.

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