Wednesday, September 15, 2010

L.A. Times Telling Parents To Beware Of Fred Figglehorn?!

Apparently Fred is getting some notoriety. The L.A. Times just ran a lengthy article about the Youtube star mentioning his upcoming TV movie on Nickelodeon (it's on Saturday) and that he's going to be in a TV series on the network that's a "Mork-and-Mindy-esque sitcom" called Marvin, Marvin in 2011. He also had a record come out for Christmas last year called It's Hackin' Christmas with Fred.

Fred is of course Lucas Cruickshank, a 17-year-old from Nebraska who created the Fred Figglehorn character and who now has 1,984,975 subscribers. Yup Fred will likely have broken the 2 million subs barrier by the time you read this.

The Times article is a bit lengthy, but really informative - especially if you are trying to get known on Youtube and elsewhere online (hint, hint), so here's a link to the article:

'Fred's' Lucas Cruikshank building a tween empire.

Hey, while you're here, why don't you watch one of Fred's latest videos before he becomes a massive celeb and drops Youtube like a bad habit? (just kidding) It features the band Weezer (for reals).

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