Friday, September 17, 2010

How Would You Ask iJustine Out On A Date?

I don't know if you've seen this one from iJustine (actually this one and the next video are posted on her 2nd channel), but in this one a german guy hits on iJustine. She's at the beach and the guy asks her to watch his bag for him and he disappears for about ten minutes or so. I immediately thought he was using the bag as a ploy to be able to strike up a conversation with her and she sees through his game pretty quickly. She may be blond, but even though she acts the part at times, she ain't no dumb cookie.

He comes back and makes some small talk and he asks her out but she declines in a polite way. Can't really blame him though, because she is, as they say, very easy on the eyes. Which of course brings up the question - how would you ask iJ out on a date? I don't know if she does date much (and really it's none of my business) but trying to have a relationship is difficult under the best of circumstances and she does seem to zip around the country a fair bit which is a bit of a drag on anyone trying to be together. Actually I think iJustine would probably be one of those people who you would have to be friends with before any romantic sparks were to happen. How would you approach her? Would you do like the german guy did?

I just read a bunch of the comments and aside from usual crap that she gets, there were some good comments from viewers. Some thought she should have taken a chance and others that thought it was totally creepy. A lot of people don't realize that when you live in a big city such as L.A. you don't get much of a chance to work your charms on that pretty girl you see so you do have to ask or you likely won't meet anyone. But then again pretty girls do have to fend off a lot of creeps and jerks. I think this will be one of those experiences that if she looks back on it she may have some regrets, but it was just a guy on the beach.

Still an enjoyable video and it did get me thinking and prompt me to write this. So she's still single. That means there's a chance guys! I suddenly thought of that scene in Dumb And Dumber where Lloyd Christmas asks the pretty girl, Mary Swanson out and she says she is "99 percent" sure that they will never hook up. And he optimistically says: "Sooo, what you're sayin' is... I got a shot!"

Anyway, moving on to her next video, iJ is playing the new PlayStation 3 with a couple of friends (she looks great in this video - so happy) and with her gamer girl skills she kicks some butt. That looks like fun - I may have to check that out.

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