Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nice Peter Juggles Eggs In Slo-Mo & His Latest Video "Tru Gangster"

Here Nice Peter explains how he got started in "Show Business" and explains what happened in his Tru Gangster video (see below). Who would have thought he started out doing Irish dancing?!

What do you think about his wicked juggling skills? Not only is he a great guitar player, but he can juggle too. I do think that Olga Kay would probably kick his butt in the juggling department, but I don't think she would do quite as well on the guitar.

Take a look at Nice Peter's Best Spot In The Lot if you haven't seen it. It looks like Shay Carl took down his video but Nice Peter still has his up!

Below is Nice Peter's latest music video - called "Tru Gangster", he wrote it after a run-in with some local toughs. Sounds like he had a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air moment. I wonder if he had to move to California after some guys started making trouble in his neighborhood?

You can download Tru Gangster at: Tru Gangster on iTunes. Actually you can get his whole album Songs For Moms with all 12 songs!

And if you want to send him some stuff, letters, pictures, whatever, here's his mailing address:

Nice Peter
PO Box 341876
Los Angeles, CA 90034

It's always interesting to see what youtubers get from their fans.

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