Friday, September 17, 2010

CTFxC: Random Thursday & Punch Bugs By Phone

Teasing poor old Zoe with Silly Bandz? Charles, c'mon! Everyone knows she likes squeaky toys. It was funny seeing that Alli has been trying out her signature for after the wedding (no I don't know when they're going to tie the knot yet). She'll be Alli Trippy soon enough. Lol at the Batman part. You could see it in his face that Charles does NOT want to make another Batman fapping video (shown farther down the page) but maybe he can do a Batman video like his Barbie Sex Tapes video.

Gotta agree with Alli about the vlogging thing. If you're walking along by yourself holding a camera, it feels kinda weird. Even for people like Alli it weirds them out when people see them doing it - though I don't think Charles cares a whit lol. He does seem totally comfortable. Especially in his car like in this video.

Here's a link to Later Days on MySpace. they have a bunch more videos uploaded over there if you're interested. Also, if you want to check them out on iTunes, here's a link to download them Later Days on iTunes. But here's the band doing the song Charles was listening to:

And Charles of course had to play Punch Buggy via his phone with Alli. Never thought of that! If you have an iPhone (or any camera-phone I guess), you should do this - take a picture of a Volkswagon Beetle and send it to some friends saying they've been punch bugged. It's a "CTFxC Interactive Mission Game" or something. Check out his blog over at their Internet Killed TV website.

Loved the staring contest between Charles & Marley. Thought for sure she was going to stare him down this time lol. And then there's CTFxC Viewer Mail segment which is cool. I for one always like watching that stuff too. If you want to watch that video, click the link: CTFxC Viewer Mail.

And that was one mother of a bug that tried to mug Alli for her keys!

Here's the Batman Fapping Video:

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