Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shaytards: Logantard's Football Game & 600th Video

It was cool seeing Logan's football game and then later Shay shooting hoops with Sontard. One thing I notice all the time is that even though he's got the tubbiness factor, Shay is athletic. He can handle a basketball. But then he's out of breath. Babytard trying to do the "hula-poop" was too cute.

What do you think about Shay not spilling on what their post office box address is? I do agree with Shay that viewers would be sending stuff for the tardlets like crazy, so probably a good decision not to tell everyone their mailbox address. And poor Mommytard with no iphone case ("It's sparkly!!") - such a girly-girl lol.

Have to agree with Shay on the privacy issue - the family needs to have some aspects of their lives out of the Youtube spotlight. But I do like the thought of a Shaytards BBQ! C'mon Shay! Invite us over! Honest, we won't drink your booze and eat all your food and leave a huge mess in the backyard.

Hard to believe it's the Shaytards 600th video. That is a lot of video. Let's see - that means their 1,000th video should be some time in October-November 2011 if they keep going. I have no doubts that you'll be seeing more of them til their 1,000th and beyond.

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