Friday, May 17, 2013

Babies React To First Tastes Of Anchovies, Olives And More

Just watched a funny video by TEDxSydney showing the reactions in slow motion of babies and toddlers and their first reactions to tasting food like yogurt, lemons and olives.

Yogurt FTW! Gotta admit that the girl's beaming face after eating yogurt is pretty much the same as my own when I eat the stuff and the other poor girl's suffering tastebuds after getting an olive stuffed into her mouth is my reaction too. My whole family LOVES the green, salty monstrosities but not this guy.

The video was posted on May 4, 2013 and it already has over a million views so I guess you could say this is a viral video but it will likely continue being viewed a lot more in the coming months. TEDxSydney has been posting a fair number of videos since the channel was created about 2 years ago with the bulk of their views coming from this one and their subscriber count has jumped to 1,824 mostly because of this one, but if they keep posting fun stuff like this, they'll easily garner more.

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