Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PSY's Gentleman Continues Where Gangnam Style Left Off

Yes, it's KPOP again and PSY's channel, officialpsy, has another HUGE video called "Gentleman" (see below) to follow up on his massive hit from last year Gangnam Style. Like Gangnam Style, this video has spawned imitators, pretenders and tribute videos aplenty and some have also been receiving tons of views such as the dance group Waveya (shown below) and "D Piddy" with his parody video. In case you haven't seen Gentleman yet, it already has over 325,000,000 views on Youtube since the song's release April 13, 2013 which I think qualifies as something of a viral video in its own right although that pales in comparison with Psy's Gangnam Style which was the first Youtube video to cross the one billion views threshold. That video toppled Justin Beiber's Baby as the most viewed video and is fast approaching 2 billion views (currently around 1.6 billion views). First, take a look at Gentleman if you haven't seen that one yet.


Even if you are not a fan, you have to admit PSY has pretty much hit the jackpot as far as views. Obviously it is difficult to tell how long this success will last but at this time, his music is in high demand and it looks like he's going to be around for awhile. With that kind of success, there are always going to be bands and performers using variations of Psy's music and one of the more noticeable is the nimble-hipped dance group Waveya (made up according to the video: Hyang, Miu, Ari, Doori, and Yuna) who have been uploading lots of videos on their waveya2011 channel since January 2011 but the video below is their most successful to date garnering close to 10 million views.

PSY - GENTLEMAN Waveya cover dance

Hmmm, I wonder why they're gettin' so many views? I have to admit I kinda like this video a bit more that Psy's but I'm a dude, so what can I say? The channel waveya2011 has about 260K subs with about 60,000 to 65,000 people subscribing in the last month and all of their videos have received about 150 million views, so there's that. The scantily clad, shakin' what they got is a surefire draw and although KPOP isn't usually what I listen to regularly, I find this video appealing enough to watch, um, listen to a couple of times and I'm sure that's common for most viewers.

Deadpool vs Gentleman (PSY Parody)

And another version of Gentleman that's getting a fair number of views is D Piddy on his MercWithTheMoves channel. The video below is described as a parody of Psy's Gentleman featuring "Deadpool" and even this one's received over a million views since its release in mid-April 2013.

Another Deadpool video you might want to see parodies Gangnam Style called (surprise!) Deadpool vs Gangnam Style which itself has an amazing 53+ million views. That viewcount just goes to show that if you post something fairly unique combined with a sense of humor, you will find an audience. And that includes Psy himself. His songs are about goofy fun but with good video-making and of course, its the music that drives it all. As I said, you may not like Psy's music but you cannot argue with his success. If you don't like what is being posted on Youtube, music, skits, vlogging or whatever, try posting something yourself. You might be able to do it better.

GANGNAM STYLE @ Summer Stand Live Concert

And finally, below is Psy doing Gangnam Style in front of a throng of fans, singing along with him and dancing and going crazy from a concert video posted in August last year. You telling me you wouldn't want even a sliver of that kind of enthusiasm for your own content?

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