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Top 100 Most Subscribed Canadians On Youtube

I've been promising to provide an updated Top 100 Most Subscribe Canadians list for some time and finally, here it is. As you may know, I also have made a top 100 list covering the UK, and I will be posting ones for Australia, Ireland and several others because each of these countries deserve to have their best (not just most subscribed) shown some support.

And nothing wrong with getting a backlink on the Internet even if it's from my lameass blog right? That's one of the reason I do this - to give those hardworking folks a heads up that, yes, there really ARE people watching!

So, who are the most subscribed Canadian Youtubers as of January 15, 2011? Here is the list of those Canadian YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers and compared to where they were on the last update (July 2010 - man, I have to update these more often!).

It is probably no surprise that heading the list is Justin Bieber's kidraul channel given his huge fan base. Actually, the first 4 are all on the worldwide Top 100 Most Subscribed List.

First, here's the Top 10 Most Subscribed In Canada:
Now: 904388
July 2010: 684515
Now: 579347
July 2010: 409030
Now: 572388
July 2010: 437486
Now: 495128
July 2010: 395922
Now: 475703
July 2010: Not even listed
Now: 301201
July 2010: 194528
Now: 296601
July 2010: 222663
Now: 255304
July 2010: Not even listed
Now: 253744
July 2010: 136783
Now: 246675
July 2010: 192687

1. kidraul - Surprised? Bieber has been the number one most subscribed Canadian youtuber for a long time now and it is doubtful anyone is going to knock him off the top of the heap anytime soon. I for one am getting a little bit tired of the over-saturation of all things Bieber-related but the kid from Stratford Ontario just keeps chugging along.

2. pyrobooby - Peter Chao just may be the only one who might rival Bieber for the most subbed in Canada, but he has a long way to go before he knocks off Bieber. He would have to get double the subs he currently has and the meantime Bieber continues getting a lot of new subs every week. Choa is known as The Chinese Guy on YouTube with his exaggerated thick accent conbined with massive attitude. Straight outta Vancouver, Chao has a bit of a potty mouth, but he can be very funny. His 2nd channel, The Chao Nationis also doing good and is the 15th most subbed in Canada with a further 182,430 subs.

3. jonlajoie - Jon Lajoie slipped a bit in the top 10, but still has been killing it with his videos. Check out his most recent about Retaphin! Not Just For Those Who Need Retaphin. That Bradshaw's Blog post also includes WTF Collective 2. Awesome.

4. FLuffeeTalks - FLuffee's videos mostly have him sitting in front of his camera (wearing his black toque with "FLuffee" on it) and discussing oddball news items. Better than it sounds like actually. He's number 81 worldwide on YouTube and about to get his 500,000th subscriber. Fluff was just about to get his 400K sub last July, so that's a sweet improvement. Check out his 2nd channel ThisisFLuffee, with a further 100,342 subscribers. That one is up to number 41 in Canada although it's been 4 months since he uploaded to that channel.

5. trailers - This is the VEVO channel for Bieber and it has leapt up the charts and now sits 5th. Personally I don't really like all the various VEVO channels that are encroaching the top of all the different charts. A little too corporate for me. But they are getting views and subscribers, so they have to be included. I would suggest in most cases that you sub to the artist's personal Youtube channels (if they have one that isn't just for announcements or releases).

6. charliejames1975 - This channel features the incredible Zuzana and you've probably found her channel because of the hot thumbnails of Zuzana working out. After actually watching her you realize that she is a serious trainer and in absolutely fantastic shape. Really, you could shred lettuce on her abs. I dare you to stop watching for the hotness factor and try to keep up with her as she does her exercises. If you want a body like that, it takes a lot of hard work.

7. trailers - as it's name suggests, um, trailers. This is the Official Viso Trailers channel. Good if you are looking for trailers.

8. KlassicMaster - This is the Youtube channel of Mike Kalombo, an extremely talented musician/producer. Somehow Mike's channel slipped under my radar, but no more. You need to go check out his tunes. I didn't even have KlassicMaster on my last list of the top 100 Canadians and BOMB here he is dropping in at number 8! I'll be putting up a feature about him channel later this month.

9. ahmirTV - Talented. I am always willing to give channels like this a big thumbs up. If you have not heard them, give this a listen: Just The Way You Are (AHMIR cover). The R&B quartet were signed by Robbins Entertainment in September 2010. Their Youtube account says they are "The Number One R&B Group on Youtube." Yes, yes they are.

10. jeyyounit11 - Jeydon Wale's channel. I don't usually slam too many channels but this is just incredibly bad. Wale stopped posting videos a while back but is posting them again. Personally I think there is nothing wrong with being goofy, but this is really lame.
Wale is 19 years old (almost 20) and he's doing stuff that you do when you are 13-14 years old and that seems to be where his audience is - primarily tween girls as the majority of comments seem to dwell on how "dreamy" he is and asking him to marry them. Hopefully he will mature a smidge and evolve beyond this type of humour. When a guy gets to his late teens and early 20s and attracts primarily very young female fans by acting like a little kid it starts getting a little creepy. He has been getting more subs but thankfully this channel is slipping out of the Top 10 as it was 6th most subbed back in July 2010.

That's the Top 10 for Canada, but there are a LOT of other equally good or better channels the further down the list. With the 3 new channels in the Top 10, 3 channels had to drop out and those are lisalavie1 Lisa is an incredible singer still a solid number 12 overall. I wouldn't be surprised to see her slip right back into the top 10 shortly.

Game channels are all the thing, but somehow TehNoobWorld only increased by about 14,000 subs. Probably because the channel doesn't do game play or reviews but is trying to do voiceover and storylines which is done better on other channels. Only really interesting for those immersed in the game they cover. It gets old really fast unless you are fully immersed in the gamer world, but it seems that these dudes need to get out and gets into the sunlight and meet some chicks. Finally, there's shimmycocopuffsss aka Daniel Shim who dropped to 14th overall in Canada. At first and maybe even 2nd glance you'd think "gay dude", but Shim says he's "just some random straight Asian guy who cares about fashion & looks as equally as a girl or more. Hey folks, it's called being metrosexual." Shim's 2nd channel ShimmyHeartsYou slipped a bit to number 62 but gained 22,000 subs and sits at around 71K subs.

11 To 25 Most Subscribed In Canada

11. NextGenTactics
Now: 240973
July 2010: 75986
12. lisalavie1
Now: 215632
July 2010: 178363

Incredible voice. Just had to add Lisa.
13. ApprenticeA
Now: 197337
July 2010: 149136
14. shimmycocopuffsss
Now: 190757
July 2010: 157288
15. MrChaoNation
Now: 182430
July 2010: 112885
16. TehNoobWorld
Now: 182400
July 2010: 168866
17. MattG124
Now: 177701
July 2010: 151464
18. pbpproductions
Now: 172428
July 2010: Not listed
19. AvrilLavigne
Now: 169433
July 2010: Not listed
20. VeryTasteful
Now: 168029
July 2010: 141727
21. wowhobbs
Now: 163315
July 2010: 149051
22. FlippyCat
Now: 157228
July 2010: 134090

I don't care if you think it is too late for New Year's, FlippyCat usually always has some interesting videos.
23. nayders07
Now: 151336
July 2010: 124785
24. MichaelBubleTV
Now: 147501
July 2010: 96055
25. thewinecone
Now: 145860
July 2010: 139624

One of my pet peeves is that there are some channels supposedly based in Canada (Avril Lavigne springs to mind) that block their content to those who live in their native country. I think that if that is the case they will be blocked from the Top 100 list when it is next updated because it is not truly a Canadian Youtube channel.

MrChaoNation is Pyrobooby's 2nd channel and he's had a big jump in subscribers since last July. Notice that there are a couple more new channels listed in this part pbpproductions and Avril Lavigne) that were not even on the list 6 months ago which shows there is plenty of room for upward movement.

26 To 50 Most Subscribed In Canada

26. PatrickBoivin
Now: 138877
July 2010: 111451
27. Nanalew
Now: 137469
July 2010: 97965

Shawna is very talented and always putting out interesting videos and should have twice as many subscribers as she has for her Nanalew channel.
28. justinbieber
Now: 130834
July 2010: 109809
29. DavidMeShow
Now: 125316
July 2010: 97933

DavidMeShow is an incredible guitar player. If he could just cut done on the mugging for the camera and concentrated on the playing part...
30. PeterChaoTime
Now: 117817
July 2010: Not Listed
31. djy1991
Now: 115234
July 2010: 103440
32. jessemccartney
Now: 112085
July 2010: Not Listed

Why do I feel like I was Rick Rolled watching this video? I guess you could say I was "Jesse Rolled". I have no problem with the dancers, but I think that anyone who likes this song or video needs to watch Jon Lajoie's Pop Star Video. A far better choice would be the video below by greenday3840.
33. klaatu42
Now: 111445
July 2010: 70819
34. Games
Now: 110254
July 2010: 72466
35. rosebud143
Now: 108587
July 2010: 60157
36. DanJT87
Now: 104278
July 2010: Not Listed
37. KevinEdwardsJrShow
Now: 103507
July 2010: Not Listed
38. DrakeVEVO
Now: 102358
July 2010: Not Listed
39. ThisisFLuffee
Now: 100342
July 2010: 89504
40. greenday3840
Now: 100015
July 2010: Not Listed

I should have featured Janick Thibault in that feature on this blog called "Under The Radar". A lot of talent here and he's just 16 years old? Original music written and performed by the artist/singer is ALWAYS better than slick, packaged, bland music that they are always trying to push on teen girls.
41. emilyharder
Now: 99250
July 2010: 55651
42. lights
Now: 97900
July 2010: 68987
43. NHBFilms
Now: 91118
July 2010: 79223
44. AlbinoBlackSheep
Now: 90214
July 2010: 64720
45. DigitalPh33r
Now: 87178
July 2010: 87178
46. JReyez
Now: 87964
July 2010: 43414
47. Lypur
Now: 86393
July 2010: 67278
48. PrankVote
Now: 85671
July 2010: 82809
49. DprydeMusic
Now: 85602
July 2010: 49507
50. deadmau5
Now: 85500
July 2010: 45663

And yes there's yet another Bieber channel? Can you say "oversaturation?" There's so much on Youtube alone beyond Bieber if you'll just open your ears, eyes and mind.

51 To 75 Most Subscribed In Canada

51. ThreeDaysGraceVideos
Now: 84809
July 2010: Not Listed

They upload often and (gasp!) you can access their music from Canada.
52. Pruane2Forever
Now: 81850
July 2010: 73391
53. UnculturedProject
Now: 81908
July 2010: Not Listed

All sorts of awesome. Sub to UnculturedProject just for the good karma.

54. jriceproductions
Now: 79144
July 2010: 30623
55. nickelbacktv
Now: 77062
July 2010: 51382
56. AndrewBravener
Now: 76813
July 2010: 71009
57. SimplePlan
Now: 76202
July 2010: 66744
58. iprincewhale
Now: 73458
July 2010: 52198
59. GoingCrazy201
Now: 71947
July 2010: 61182
60. ShimmyHeartsYou
Now: 71924
July 2010: 49757
61. s2pandapple
Now: 71414
July 2010: 65291
62. LaiYouttitham
Now: 71340
July 2010: 56343
63. NHLVideo
Now: 70553
July 2010: Not Listed
64. juicytuesday
Now: 70112
July 2010: 49624
65. MuggleSam
Now: 68990
July 2010: 50224

Give the kid a lollipop! This is a couple of years old, but still cute.
66. picnicface
Now: 67226
July 2010: 59022

Picnicface is just weirdly funny. I don't know whether to laugh or be creeped out by the video above.
67. Submissions101
Now: 63932
July 2010: 52669
68. ProtonJonSA
Now: 61943
July 2010: 48832
69. fightingdreamerspro
Now: 60548
July 2010: 50498
70. DrummerGuy00
Now: 59378
July 2010: 57027
Now: 59094
July 2010: 50895
72. CityAndMakeup
Now: 59011
July 2010: Not Listed

I am not subscribed to CityAndMakeup but she is getting a lot of new subs and needs to be seen by more people. Also, this is an interesting video.
73. NurdRage
Now: 58455
July 2010: 33435
74. bebexo
Now: 58454
July 2010: Not Listed
75. NGTGames
Now: 57841
July 2010: Not Listed

This is particularly funny if you are a Black Ops player as you get all the action with a parody of 70s Toto music. "Let's bring the pain down in Aricaaaa"

Nickelback's Youtube channel suffers just as big a FAIL just like Avril Lavigne's because their record company doesn't allow access to their videos if you live in Canada. It would be like U2 being denied in Ireland (not that I'm comparing Nickelback to U2), or Katy Perry being denied to UK fans. I think that the next time I update this Top 100 Canadian youtubers list that if the channel content cannot actually be accessed by Canadians the channel will be left off the list.

With NHLVideo, you get exactly what you think ~ all hockey highlights, all the time. As a Canadian male I think you're automatically subbed when you get a Youtube account. Simple Plan's channel has music and stuff, but nothing new for about 7 months. If you are interested in learning Jiu Jitsu, you need to check out Submissions101.

Another abandoned channel? No content on Drummerboy00 since April 2010. Anytime a video starts with the warning that "concentrated sodium hydroxide is very corrosive so wear gloves when handling it", you have my attention. Science experiments are what you'll find on NurdRage.

76 To 100 Most Subscribed In Canada

76. lolbisante
Now: 57704
July 2010: 53782
77. SunnyChoiMusic
Now: 56919
July 2010: Not Listed
78. elshaynez
Now: 56249
July 2010: 38776

Another multi-talented musician. Shayne Orok was one of those I wrote about last November in the Bradshaw's Blog post: Under The Radar: 6 Musicians On Youtube You May Not Have Heard About.
79. PiinkBeautyy
Now: 52980
July 2010: 47037
80. PCWizKid
Now: 52313
July 2010: 40745
81. PaulTelner
Now: 52219
July 2010: 50423
82. Tiffyiffyiffy
Now: 50068
July 2010: 34999

This is Tiffyiffyiffy who has been on Youtube for about 3 years now and has a bunch more great tunes uploaded. Why she has only 50,000 subscribers is beyond me. An awesome talent.
83. Mr360Games
Now: 48920
July 2010: 32107

Hardcore gamer. Says he will be playing a little Black Ops on his channel.
84. thisOnionRing
Now: 47767
July 2010: 46673
85. VancouverFilmSchool
Now: 47416
July 2010: 41077
86. ProdigyJoey
Now: 45403
July 2010: Not Listed
87. KyleBoland
Now: 44513
July 2010: Not Listed
Now: 43530
July 2010: 35505
89. bryanadams
Now: 43024
July 2010: 30595
90. pr3ttykitty1337
Now: 42534
July 2010: Not Listed
91. LinusTechTips
Now: 42288
July 2010: Not Listed
92. the401drummer
Now: 41963
July 2010: 31377

Kevin Figueiredo aka Figs. Excellent drummer. Much better than you think.
93. Rafem
Now: 41863
July 2010: 38545
94. BobbyCrispy
Now: 41578
July 2010: 33251
95. PurchaseBrothers
Now: 41365
July 2010: 39192
96. TheThirdShift
Now: 40397
July 2010: 31139
97. iBashTV
Now: 40153
July 2010: Not Listed
98. Unforgiven11
Now: 39552
July 2010: 38774
99. montagical
Now: 39547
July 2010: 34180
100. pincstuff
Now: 39544
July 2010: Not Listed

Nothing new on number 81 Telner's channel in 9 months and counting. It is not really my thing, but pr3ttykitty1337 seems to be getting a lot of subs with videos about the family cat. With LinusTechTips (number 91), it is just like the name says - tech tips from Linus. He knows his stuff. And check out Bobby Crispy's channel if you have any interest in learning to play the guitar. Crispy knows his stuff and posts new content all the time.

It's a shame about PurchaseBrothers abandoning their channel. Another account that has not been updated for about a year. It has only 5 Videos, but awesome content. Unforgiven11? No new videos for 2 years, but he gets new subs? His last video was about stalkers. Makes you wonder what evil fate befell him.

As you can see, to make the Top 100 in Canada, you need to have at least around 40,000 subscribers. Just 6 months ago, all it took was around 30K so the bar keeps getting raised. That shouldn't discourage you or anyone else from trying to get in the Top 100 and becoming a Youtube Partner. Just upload unique interesting content. People are watching and the Youtube website is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds and there is a place for you on it.

Also, I should mention that there are lots of people who don't make that cut, but who are making great content and need to be seen. Even though this is a Top 100 List, I still review youtubers with just a few subscribers too.

Most Subscribers This Past Week

There are the channels based in Canada that have received the most new subscribers. Of course the ones that seem to have received the most are the ones concerning Justin Bieber. You may notice that Bieber's VEVO channel received 2x the number that his personal channel "kidraul" received. Usually I suggest that people sub to an artist's personal channel because they get all the benefits from getting more subscribers to their own work rather than one of channels owned by the record companies, but since Bieber's channel is already the most subscribed in Canada, it doesn't matter really in this case.

But, here are the ten channels with the most new subscribers this past week.

JustinBieberVEVO 23,886
kidrauhl 10,744
jonlajoie 6,763
pbpproductions 6,145
NextGenTactics 5,836
pyrobooby 4,232
FLuffeeTalks 4,159
charliejames1975 4,133
JReyez 3,820
DrakeVEVO 3,506


  1. You forgot EpicMealTime!!! they have about 135k subs and they're definetly from Canada

  2. Whoa you're right! EpicMealTime has 136,912 subs and they are 26th most subscribed in Canada.

    I'll give them props in another article. Don't know how I missed those guys because food is like my thing lol. Loved their Thanksgiving video about cooking "a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig."

  3. You should review JeimusuJones

  4. Just took a quick look at JeimusuJones' channel and I will definitely do a review. Thanks for the heads up.


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