Sunday, November 14, 2010

When Will Ray William Johnson Pass Nigahiga As Most Subscribed On Youtube?

I don't think there is any personal animosity between Ray and Ryan and don't want to promote any ill feelings between the two. I've never asked one of them about the other (I don't know either personally) and I haven't seen any comment, good, bad or indifferent, made by either one about the other guy's numbers either. Both of their channels have their good and bad points, as well as fans who love everything they do. No doubt there are hundreds of thousands subscribed to both guys because they put out interesting content.

All I'm saying is that there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. I don't think they will get into a pissing contest or anything (we used to have those at our family reunions. Grandma would always win, but that's a story for another time). I'm sure they are probably looking at each other's number of subscribers, but they're probably more worried about what they are going to post next week rather than worrying about every bump the other gets as far as subscribers.

Here's the numbers.

This is the number of subscribers each has today (November 14th, 2010):
2,850,649 nigahiga
2,260,115 RayWilliamJohnson

590,534 is the difference in subscribers right now. Last month Ray once again received massive numbers of new subscribers, adding 157K, while Ryan had the 2nd most of anyone on Youtube with 82K. Both are crazy numbers for new people subbing to a channel as it takes other mere mortals years to generate their subscriber base to that number. The actual difference is that Ray got 74,290 more than Ryan. And he's doing that month, month out. That's why he is gaining on Ryan.

If you go back a year to November 2009, Ryan had 1,626,743 subscribers (and was in 1st place overall) and Ray was way back at a still extremely respectable 32nd place on the Top 100 with 335,072 subscribers. As a sidenote, the channel in the 100th spot today, has 351K subs, which shows how much Youtube is bursting at the seams. The site is still experiencing massive growth as seen by the recent announcement of Youtube having one billion accounts. Ryan averaged about 101,000 new subscribers each month over this last year while Ray's channel has had 160,000.

Anyone who works with numbers will tell you one of the 1st rules is that "past performance is no indication of future results." They can only be used as a guide.

Right now, if Ray William Johnson and Ryan Higa continue getting the same number of subscribers each month, Ray will pass Ryan in June 2011.


  1. Yup, it was only a matter of time.
    Now it'll be just over a month before it happens.

  2. Right now Nigahiga is ahead of Ray by 405,347 subscribers.

    Ray is pulling in about 28,000 more subs each week than Ryan is, so it will still be about 14 more weeks until they are tied if those number stay the same, it will be the 1st or 2nd week of May 2011 when Ray passes Ryan.

    But if you count the Ray's Yourfavoritemartian channel in his total (413,936 subs today) he's already there.

  3. Ray is going to over take Ryan in less than a month. My estimate is that Ray is getting so popular 2 vids. a week and in a day, they average around 2.2 Million views Ryan gets that in aprox. 5 days. and The subs.. Ray just hit 3mill and Ryan is at 3.3 Mill. atleast 28K everyday! AND Ryan, 3k pretty good though but estimates are, In order to keep RYAN BALANCED.. MAKE VIDEOS MORE FREQUENTLY :)

  4. you really think that ryan will "cry" if he will be surpassed or something?? or if he isn't the nr 1 on youtube anymore??

    i think that the fans are more curious than my opinion i like ryan best..because he actually shots videos and so on..not just take a funny video and comment based on those pictures.but i like them both..and i repeat i like Ryan more 50 times more.:))

  5. I really don't think Ryan will be upset if he is no longer the most subscribed person on Youtube. He should take some satisfaction in the great job he has and continues to do with the website. He also has a lot of fans who think he is terrific as shown in the previous comment and we are all looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

  6. It doesn't matter if RWJ passes nigahiga. Sure, he'll win by Quantity but by quality? no Nigahiga will be > RWJ through Quality. RWJ's videos are most likely the same all the time. While Nigahiga's creativity is a large variety if thought. In my opinion, Nigahiga should be #1 and deserves to be #1. RWJ is good as #2, even though he lacks creativity. All he actually does is takes peoples videos and talk about it. Not hating him, but he does a great job promoting youtube videos.

  7. nice post, i just started following the "battle" in more detail, i figured it was just a matter of time as long as RWJ kept pumping out videos.

  8. Your assumption & prediction was correct. It's June 2011 now and Ray's closing the gap to only 21k subs difference. I'll bet the day he beats Ryan in no. of subs would be quite a legend in Youtube history, lol, Ryan's have been 1st subbed for so long... I really don't see how Ray can gain so many subs, I've seen a few of his vids, they're not reeally that interesting are they

  9. Ray just broke a world record on youtube... first one to have over 4 million subscribers, and over 1.1 Billion views on his main channel

  10. RWJ uses subxcess just like me to get more subs. Nigahiga, all original..

  11. Nigahiga all the way. He's creative, has a great sense of humor and comes up with his videos by himself. He composes his own music in the videos and has simply so much better quality.
    Ray us sometimes funny as well, but he really doesn't deserve the no.1 spot. He takes other people's videos and just... comments on them, occasionally saying something amusing. sure, he makes several videos a week but seriously, I gave up on him after the first three weeks having watched nothing but a guy stealing other people's videos and just commenting on them.

    Like the other guy said: ray has more quantity, but nigahiga has more quality.


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