Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Youtube Partnership With Only 17 Subs, Wait, What?!

Just found out that this brand new Youtube channel named Jackinum has been accepted into the Youtube Partnership Program. The channel currently has a grand total of 17 subscribers and 2 videos posted onto the channel.

I took a look at the videos posted and it looks like so far he has posted just a couple, one of which is a gaming video and the first is him telling everyone that the channel is now in the Partnership Program. I've never seen another channel that had been accepted so quickly with next to no videos and such a low number of subscribers. Jack mentions he had applied for partnership on a different channel but had been declined but this one had been accepted fairly quickly. He says he had adsense enabled on his other account. Also, there's an annotation on the video about some troll site telling their visitors to thumbs down the video. I don't know what site he's talking about, but it's not Bradshaw's Blog. No nefarious activity here. I'm just surprised to see a channel get partnered so quickly within meeting the usual reasons for consideration for Youtube partnership.

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  1. Since the highest amount of unique viewers, (which accounts for the highest adsense payouts) watch video game streams, a lot of video game channels have been springing up lately. Forget sxephil, Nigahiga, or RWJ, Machinima received Youtube's third biggest payout (behind VEVO and Time Warner Music) in 2011.

    This kid Jack is apart of TGN, Youtube Partner channel, who is looking to copy Machinima's business model by getting kids to upload game play videos. Go to their website at www.tgn.tv; you to can get partnered too if you have a game channel. They have lower standards than Machinima. So its not that difficult to join.

    Why join Machinima or TGN instead of becoming partner yourself? Well, Youtube will not allow you to become partner streaming video game footage because you don't have permission form the video game companies. You will be unable to gain permission from the video game companies because you won't be able to pay their license fee. So no partner, for you. However Machinima and TGN can pay the license fee. Therefore, if you are with them. You'll get partnered through Youtube because you are given permission to stream video game content via Machinima or TGN.

    Sounds like a racket, doesn't it?

    Who's Doing It Right How Machinima Got 70 Million Viewers on Youtube: http://www.forbes.com/sites/lewisdvorkin/2011/05/25/whos-doing-it-right-how-machinima-com-got-70-million-viewers-on-youtube/
    How to partner with TGN: http://tgn.tv/partners/
    How to partner with Machinima: http://www.machinima.com/directors


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