Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wall Street Journal Claims Ray William Johnson Makes "Over A Million Dollars A Year"

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article (by Emily Glazer) called Who Is RayWJ? YouTube's Top Star. In the article, RWJ is described as "a foul-mouthed performer working on his own to carve out a very lucrative business". Ray? Foul mouthed? The article goes on to say that he makes about a million dollars a year from various Youtube channels, selling t-shirts and all the other stuff he has available.

According to the what Ray said to the WSJ in an exchange of emails (because he refuses to do in-person interviews) is that Youtube is "a hobby". Well Ray, we all have hobbies, but not to many that pay a cool $1,000,000 per year. Now I obviously don't have access to what Ray William Johnson makes just from Youtube but there are websites that are kind of accurate in projecting what those who are making money actually make. Personally, I don't care what Ray makes and I don't think it really is my business, but there are others who are deeply interested. Maybe I should make a video saying "How Much Does Ray William Johnson Make A Year Off Youtube?" or one of the other top youtubers. There are some already on the website, but I wouldn't bother watching them.

Obviously, I would suggest you read the Wall Street Journal article and watch the two videos below and make up your own mind about it. The link to the article is above and below will be Ray's response on his Equals 3 channel and the video showing Glazer discussing him with Gwendolyn Bounds (which Ray includes in his video below). Ray's video starts off like most of his others but about half way through he starts talking about the Wall Street Journal story.

You'll notice Ray sort of dismisses the whole "he makes one million dollars" part and says he has all these other people he has to pay and in the article he talks about animation costs for his MyFavoriteMartian channel and other associated costs. There's really no way of telling exactly what Ray makes each year, unless you're his accountant, but even Ray probably can't give you an exact figure because it likely fluctuates all the time. But - I think he is probably very comfortable as far as money is concerned.

Next is the interview Glazer had with Gwendolyn Bounds which I thought was interesting. Both seem to have an outsider's view of what goes on with Youtube partners and calling Ray William Johnson a "recent phenomenon" when his main channel became the most subscribed on the website mid-2011 as well as all the success he has received leading up to that moment seems a little short-sighted. It's like both were discussing "those crazy kids and the Youtube" which is kind played out.

One thing I noticed was that they said that if content creators had two or three million views, they received anywhere from $2,000 to $9,000. That is a point they should have clarified a bit more because there is a misconception that Youtube Partners are paid according to the number of views their videos receive. Like all in the Adsense program, getting money depends on the clicks on advertising and very little on the simple display of those ads.


  1. I don't really think that how much money RayJ makes is important. It doesn't affect how funny he is, or how he makes his videos or You or anyone else.
    In my opinion the only people who would be seriously "concerned" with how much money he makes are the people who are either jealous or insecure with their own meager earnings. If you're going to write an article about Ray William Johnson write it about something that freaking matters.

  2. You are all a buch a retards who don't have a clue what your talking about. Emily Glazer didn't get to the bottom of cr*p.

  3. So you only need 2 sources to the 5,000,000 million plus subscribers to his channel that likes him. Wow that is steep critisim for a professional journal. Looks like i have to find two sources and comment on WSJ ability to come up with the facts.

  4. No mather what he makes he will still be the king of youtube. He took a great idea and his personality and turned it into a goldmine, I would call him a entrepreneur! Some makes money of selling wepons and some buy entertainment. He have deserves this couse he built it, be jellus becouse he know his shit.

  5. This is the worst article i have ever read,they do not know how to do research at all...

  6. This has to be an embarrassing article for the Wall Street Journal. They might lose readers, seeing as their reporters can't do proper research.

  7. obviously this lady didn't do enough of her own research..... that is why there is more followers of his channel than the wall street journal. So why would the wall street journalist go and low blow some body on YouTube such as Ray William Johnson you may ask??? Because this journalist Emily glaze, cannot come up with a decent report... You cannot compare someone else to a similar situation, if you clearly look at the his channel he puts in bold letter that he is not interested in any media deals or commercial work, so why go ranting on ray for doing something that he likes to do to entertain other people on YouTube???? Because this reporter emily glaze obviously is and epic fail at being a successful reporter in life and has to come up with bull crap on people to make herself to look half way decent.... but the jokes on you because he already destroyed your image on YouTube.... And that is my two sense on this subject

  8. ray isn't allowed to say how much money he earns from youtube. in the conctract he signed with google adsense it says that. if he were to say how much money he makes he'd probably lose his youtube partnership which would suck.

    just wanted to add that even though i know this topic is pretty much long forgotten.


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