Friday, March 9, 2012

Steam Powered Giraffe: Honeybee And Other Songs

I am always looking for new music and interesting content on Youtube all the time and I think this video called Honeybee by the group Steam Powered Giraffe certainly foots the bill. This particular video was uploaded by SpineRaptor, which is the Youtube channel for "Spine", the guitarist for the group. When I found this song the channel had only 950 subscribers (a travesty!) but in the week since I first heard it his subs have grown to over 1,300. I wouldn't be the least surprised to see his subscribers increase to 5K, 10K or beyond. You really should give this song in particular a listen.

Your first reaction might be "What is going on with the makeup and robot moves?" Well, first LISTEN to the song - great harmonies. The band is called Steam Powered Giraffe and the 3 guys are supposed to be robots (automatons actually) that were "built in the 1890s" by a Colonel Walter. They are known as "The Spine" (or just Spine), "Rabbit" (the main singer in the above video) and "The Jon". There once was a female member of the group called "Upgrade" but she left in 2011 when the remaining members decided to focus more on the music.

From what I have been able to tell, they honed their skills doing a little busking at the San Diego Zoo and there are dozens of Youtube videos showing them interacting as well as performing songs and skits. Also there are several videos showing the troupe performing before larger groups that you might want to check out. The song Honeybee is available on itunes as is their first alum called Album One.Also here are a couple more of the group's songs (also available on itunes) called Brass Goggles and Me And My Baby.

The group is made up of twin brothers Chris (Rabbit) and David Michael Bennett (Spine) and Jon Sprague (The Jon). Also there is their trusty humans, Michael Phillip Reed (on a variety of instruments), Sam Luke and Steve Negrete. The group has a website that you can find out more information called which has a lot more info about the band and tour dates. And they will be in Dearborn, Michigan towards the end of May 2012 in support of the new album called The 2¢ Show.

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