Thursday, February 2, 2012

TYT Armwrestling: Cenk Uygur Vs Lucas "The Hammer" Lilieholm

I usually watch the Youtube channel Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks because of their different slant on the news and politics in general but I do occasionally watch their sports sub-channel called tytsports because like most guys I'm a sports guy. Here is something a little unexpected. Cenk takes on Lucas Lilieholm, a producer for the show in an epic arm wrestling match. Who do you think will win?

Obviously the smart money would be on Cenk in this matchup but Lucas does pretty good. It looks like Jayar (you see him in the background after the bout) is likely to be the overall favorite and eventual grand champion, but I see a dark horse in this race. I don't know about you but Ana "Mighty Mite" Kasparian just could be the spoiler. It looks like there will be more of these posted on the tytsports channel along with other sports-related news so you might want to see who eventually comes out on top.

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