Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Hillywood Show's Breaking Dawn Parody

I've just seen this video uploaded by JckSparrow, which is the channel for "The Hillywood Show" created by Hilly and Hannah Hindi. Take a quick look and let me know what you think about their parody of the storyline from Twilight.

Personally, I avoid all things "Twilight-related" but I had to watch this because I liked what they did in their Harry Potter Friday Parody. Still, I'm not going to watch the Twilight films and oddly I still know the basic plotlines and characters in those movies so the New Moon parody does make sense to me and many fans of the vampire franchise will love it. Have to give a thumbs up to Hilly Hindi who looked pretty convincing as Bella. The video has already had over 522K views in the 3 days it has been available and it will no doubt hit the one million views mark fairly soon. Hopefully they will also release behind the scenes and "the making of" type videos of the Harry Potter video which were interesting to watch.

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