Friday, February 3, 2012

Noir Clone And The Craig With A Wig Trilogy

Just in case you haven't seen all three of the Wheezy Waiter videos explaining the mysterious case of the missing Craig With A Wig from Wheezy's kitchen, here is the trilogy which also introduces "Noir Clone", an intrepid flatfoot or maybe a detective version of himself, prowling the gritty black and white streets of Chicago. In case you don't know about Wheezy Waiter and his clones, the story is partially explained in the first video called:

The Wigged Man

This video introduces the newest clone, who I dubbed "Noir Clone" in the comments section of the video although others named him that too. And he starts off as a regular clone but becomes suspicious of the absence of Craig With A Wig. In case you don't know who HE is, that was another character inhabiting the Wheezy apartment who glumly sat at the kitchen table and spouted off about everything he hated - then turned to the camera with a pained smile while you heard "He's Craigity-Craig! Craig with a wig!" This character (I always thought he was a clone experiment that had gone horribly wrong) was shown almost from the beginning of the Wheezy Waiter videos. But now the game is afoot. Where did Craig with a wig disappear to and why did he leave behind his wig? Watch parts 2 and 3 of the videos and all will be explained, well maybe not everything...

Tick Tock

Bingo! Our suspicions were correct! Craig with a wig was a downcast Craig all along and it took Noir Clone to bring this to light. My thoughts revolved around Craig having a hot new girlfriend it turned out it was just the clock that triggered Craig to turn into Craig with a wig.

The Wig Sleep

Then it turned out that it wasn't just the clock, but his new chair (by the way that's an awesome new couch) which "beckoned slumber like booze to Snooki". Then it looks like Noir Clone is going to leap into the alligator pit to meet his maker (actually I guess if Craig cloned him he already has "met his maker", but I digress) when he notices the wig sitting forlornly on the table and puts it on. After Wheezy retrieves his missing alarm clock we see Noir Clone sitting at the table in his own personal hell. Forever relegated to impersonating Craig with a wig.

Will this be the end for Noir Clone? Or will we only see him periodically as Craig with a wig? Only time will tell. All I know is that I enjoyed this bit of film making from Craig and hope to see more.

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