Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sxephil DeFranco In The News Again

"Sexy Phil, he's not sexy, sexy Phil he's S-X-E..." How many of you remember that little tune from back when Philip DeFranco was known as "Sxephil"?

His channel was one of the first that I subscribed to and I still check out his latest videos almost as soon as they shown up in my inbox on Youtube. Well, Phil was just featured in yet another newspaper article titled: YouTube’s Phil DeFranco building an empire in the San Francisco Chronicle (that link will take you to the online article) and they discuss DeFranco's latest venture on Youtube called SourceFed as well as his beginnings on the website. They also cover how he sees this latest venture progressing and what may be in store for him and his various channels in the future.

SourceFed now has 244,820 subscribers and will probably break the 250K mark by the time you are reading this. So far, most of SourceFed's videos have featured three main hosts, Joe, Lee and Elliott (along with Phil of course) and a Saturday show called Curb Cash with Kevin Brueck. In the article Phil mentions that in the next month or so they will be working a few more people into the mix which should be interesting to see, although I like what I've seen so far from Elliott, Joe and Lee. They usually have two of them on each video discussing a current event and each seems to bring different strengths and perspectives to what is being discussed.

One of their most recent videos is shown below where Elliott and Joe talk about the contest being run by Maxim magazine called Maxim's 2012 Hot 100 List (that's a link where you can vote for your favorite beautiful woman) and they talk about some of the past winners and who is in the running this year.

What I liked about this video is that the guys are pushing SourceFed's Lee Newton's name for inclusion in the contest as a "write-in" candidate because there were so many comments saying that Lee should have been included in two other lists mentioned in videos posted on the channel about the Top 99 Most DESIRABLE WOMEN of 2012 (over 300K views) and The 99 Hottest FICTIONAL WOMEN of 2012 (about 250K views). So they mentioned that, hey, if you guys think Lee is hot you might want to go to the website (at the link above) and cast a vote for Lee Newton. And the website crashed because of too much traffic. That is awesome. Obviously it is impossible to say it was because of the sudden influx of SourceFed viewers but that is possible. A new Youtube channel creating so much traffic it crashed a website for a huge magazine? That's publicity you can't buy and shows why more and more old school media types are taking notice of what's going on with Youtube and other Internet stuff.

Like I said. I've been following DeFranco for some time, and writing a little about him and others in the Youtube world on Bradshaw's Blog for a while now and I'm impressed with what he has been able to cobble together after starting out with just a camera, a Youtube channel and his own slant on the news and what interests himself and those who subscribed to him. You may not agree with everything that comes out of his mouth but you have to agree he is someone to watch.


  1. As a follow up to this, SourceFed just released another video asking people to vote again, and once again maxim has crashed.

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